Saturday, October 28, 2017

The mystery object and the green fireballs

What is a green fireball? Defined as what? To me I seen a green fireball
in 1989. A round comet ball shaped thing on fire green as hell!

~~~~~In December 1989, when I was driving up this hill
and from my right going left a green fireball went across the sky.
The time it took me to say to myself, what the hell is that Kryptonite,
because I was really expecting to see superman there also.
The windshield started to crackle and pop and it started to get really hot
in the car. Then a glowing round mass the size of a basketball started to appear
on the windshield . Then it got really hot in the car and the mass turned white.
I was thinking what ever was doing that could get in the car to me,
so I reached over and turned the AC on the defrost and started to blow
on the windshield to keep it from melting.

What saved me was a 70's Chevy has lead in the glass and I ended up not having the
AC on the heat was on so it was better at cooling through the radiator.
As the fireball got farther away things cooled off. It was gone and it was still hot so
I put my hand outside and the air was hot, like summer 100 deg and as I drove along
I hit the cool 25 deg December air. So I was thinking the fireball aimed at my car!
People seen the green fireball, other than me in 1989!

Other green fireballs have been seen in history!

~~~~~The scientists speculated that they were extraterrestrial probes "projected
into our atmosphere from a 'spaceship' hovering several hundred miles above 
the earth."

I don't know but... It points to the government knowing but not saying but also
government is big so leaks would of came out earlier if there was a ship out there.
And so the question why hide? Humans are stronger! We could kick their ass!

Also the fireballs not moving as a comet. I think might be a OBE
from past, present or future as something of that nature would be
in a quantum physics nonlinear effect so I would judge it as that.
But limited by mass and energy or...

~~~~~Now, physicists are unmasking a more fundamental source for the arrow of time: Energy disperses and objects equilibrate, they say, because of the way elementary particles become intertwined when they interact a strange effect called “quantum entanglement.”

So those are questions to think about! Think Tank about.

But the mystery object that may be our first visitor from another solar system?
I was wondering about that! As in the past big earth quakes we had that tightened
up the earth moved us out of place from that mystery object, or effect of?

"I used a model of the elastic properties of the Earth along with the seismically determined source properties of the earthquake to compute the change in the distribution of the Earth's mass caused by the earthquake, and hence its effect on the Earth's rotation, including the change in the length of the day and in the Earth's wobble," Gross told Explainer in an e-mail. "This calculation predicts that the earthquake should have shortened the length of the day by about 2.7 microseconds, and caused the Earth to wobble by about another 1 inch."

This stuff is just unknown so say for sure it's just unknown!

~~~~~This mystery object may be our first visitor from another solar system
Astronomers around the world are trying to track down a small, fast-moving object that is zipping through our solar system.

Is a comet? An asteroid? NASA's not sure. The space agency doesn't even know where it came from, but it's not behaving like the local space rocks and that means it may not be from our solar system.
If that's confirmed, NASA says "it would be the first interstellar object to be observed and confirmed by astronomers."