Sunday, May 28, 2017

Here in my car, Protected Destiny

I had a few cars in my life. My first car in 1989 was a cursed car that I think tried to kill me
four times. In the 90 Toyota Corolla I was driving I turned left and just hit the curb the
tire went boom, and I broke the axle, I didn't know it but knew the car would drive like
the front tire was sliding back and forth, because it was. I would turn sharp left to put it
back in place. My 82 Toyota Corolla had a issue with the break line being close to the
exhaust, so it carbonized and to use the breaks I had to hit them in a 5 sec, advance.
Also when I drove the car to trade it in, as I drove up some salesmen saw me drive up
when they where smoking in front. I parked and turned off the ignition when the timing
chain broke. The engine made a cling, cling, cling noise as the engine stopped.
I didn't know what it was so I went in and got my new / used car signed the papers
and when they went to start up my old car it wouldn't start.

The other car salesmen said they seen me drive in so the car was working until that point.
The owner of the dealership was amused about it so he was ok with the trade but he
wanted me to pose next to my old car with a story of what happened.
He later added photos of the scene of the Blues Brothers movie where the car falls apart.
He framed it and hung it up on the dealership wall. I don't know if it is still there?

I also had a white Subaru that I blew the engine. My car now has two gears left.
Im not talking about all of my cars I had just the strange or fun ones!

I can just hear everyone tell me, you don't need a car, you had plenty cars
in your life, they are not working with you. You need to get a bike it will do you good!
If it's not a moped, because in 1985 I got hit by a car on my moped.
I was stopped in the street making a left turn when a car doing around 45 mph
going down the road didn't see me because he had something on his dashboard
blocking his view. He hit me the bike went forward and I glided with the car grabbing
hold of the hood hanging on until he stopped hard and I couldn't hang on no more and
I hit the road and skidded with the car holding on to the air dam to not go under the car.
All that happened to me in the end was I bruised my kidney so I turned yellow and
it pulled all the ligaments in one leg because my leg got pulled up too fast as I
went over the hood of the car. It took me months to walk again.

Yes I got hit by a car with me on a moped and survived.
Not as bad but like.

In my high school days. At a Votech school I was going to during High School.
There where some guys I hung out with "stoners",
I did not smoke with them.

During lunch they took off in my friends car to his parents house to
get some of his pot, I was in the back of the car.
They went there smoked at the house then drove back to school.
We where driving along when all of a sudden they slammed on the breaks.
I hit the back of the front seat. (a)-Only the second time in my life that
happened. We all got out of the car to look at a cow on the side of the road.
It looked at us like it had something to say, but it just mooed!
They where on the ground laughing. Funny but really, it's just a cow!

We got back to Votech, then we went back to our class, but it was late and they
ran to class but it was the wrong class they ran into! They got in there sat down.
I was in the hallway looking at them saying wrong class! Dudes!

The teacher knew and the kids in class knew they where stoned, all but them,
they thought no one knew! It was clear the pot made them stupid.

(a)-I hit the back of the front seat of a car once and rotated as I was pined
to the seat then my legs went over the seat and I softly floated into the front seat
as the car stopped, just like I meant to do that. With me in the back seat a friend
was going fast then slammed on the breaks for some reason and
I ended up in the front seat.

And I also for some reason I sat by the curb and I put my foot under the school
bus tire and the bus ran over my foot. It didn't hurt, it just ran over my foot like a
big marshmallow went over my foot! It was kind of cool!

I was riding my bike once and saw one of my friends so I wanted to
show off, so I flew fast down the road at them then I slid the bike sideways to
stop. But the bike catapulted me in the air at them as they where standing there.
I was coming at them but they did not move they just looked at me and I landed
right with in a inch, face to face with my friend and said "HI!" Like I meant
to do that. He hit me in the nuts!

So I had been out there! I guess I have a protected destiny as I am still here
and not ran over by anyone yet! I might fly a bit but it's all ok!
Anyway, Mucho gusto, lets talk about my cars!

My first car a green 1975 Chevy Impala was a hand down from my
brother and sister. My Mom and Dad went to get a
car and we where not with them. So we where waiting in the front
yard and watching every car coming around the corner,
nope not them, maybe it's a sports car? We didn't know.
Then this big green thing came down the road. It pulled into the
driveway we all started to cry.

They would have to drive it to High school the green ugly as hell and safe as a tank car!
But... My brother crashed it and when it was fixed on the same day it got picked up my
brother crashed it again.

With me well... It almost flipped over on me going around a sight corner I 
got it on two wheels. It felt like someone was like lifting the car up.
I did not want to put the breaks on two wheels so took the foot off the gas
and the car slowly came down.

Then the trim came loose and stuck out about two feet and I was scraping peoples 
cars from mid town, down a busy road, riverside drive all the way to home in rush hour. 
I kept hearing this "da, da, da... da, da, da" noise. 
On the car radio the song, Men at work "Down under" was playing.
Listen to the song, it was funny as hell when you think about it! 
Kind of a
The songs beat matched the sound of the trim scraping peoples cars.
At the time I didn't know what it was so I cranked up the radio to block
out the sound the car was making. Do, do, do ,do, dooo, da, da, da, da, do, do, do, dooo.

So it was something like that. I got home and when my dad came home and saw the trim 
sticking out with all this paint on it, he asked what happened!. 
I didn't notice it when I got home. And soon the trim disappeared! 

I was teaching my high school / college (Red string of fate) lady I was dating how

to drive in it. We ended up in a field. 

Also I was going to her place in December 1989, when I was driving up this hill
and from my right going left a green fireball went across the sky. 
The time it took me to say to myself, what the hell is that Kryptonite, 
because I was really expecting to see superman there also. 
The windshield started to crackle and pop and it started to get really hot
in the car. Then a glowing round mass the size of a basketball started to appear
on the windshield . Then it got really hot in the car and the mass turned white. 
I was thinking what ever was doing that could get in the car to me, 
so I reached over and turned the AC on the defrost and started to blow
on the windshield to keep it from melting

What saved me was a 70's Chevy has lead in the glass and I ended up not having the
AC on the heat was on so it was better at cooling through the radiator.
As the fireball got farther away things cooled off. It was gone and it was still hot so 
I put my hand outside and the air was hot, like summer 100 deg and as I drove along
I hit the cool 25 deg December air. So I was thinking the fireball aimed at my car!
People seen the green fireball, other than me in 1989!

Then the next thing that happened was a freak micro burst. I was going to my church
youth group and I was at the intersection waiting making a left turn. The light turned
green and off I went, as I was going around the corner I heard and felt wind blow on
the back of the car. I had the car floored as I was going so it was not doing anything
to my car. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a small car being blown over
across the road. A transformer box sparking and a big power line popping in the
street, the kind that is powering a small town. It was popping away exactly where
I was a few seconds earlier.

When I finally traded in the car to a dealership where my dad got the car from they
where not happy to see it. A car sales man yelled to the others "It's back!" and I saw
people peeping through the blinds. I don't know who it was but I think it was a sales
man there told me a story about the car, that the original owners of it said they where
sitting on their porch and said a portal opened like a garage door with a bright light
inside it, in their backyard and the car rolled out of it then the portal closed.
Hell if they didn't want it! Really that is what a guy told me there!

I think I know what they did with the car! When I seen the plane crash in China on TV.
The one where the plane hit the taxi, the first thing I thought was the car was scrap
and it ended up in China!

Moving on... One of the most fun cars was my 1995 Subaru Impreza with all wheel drive.
An electric supercharger etc... I took it off road, did donuts in the parking lot in the winter
and got chased by the cops and got away driving through the berm getting on the main
icy road. Took the car to a abandoned park driving it sideways.

But also at the park a lady almost ran me over! She didn't see me!
It's sort of a destiny thing in my life I met her before I met her... I love her!
She came within a inch of hitting me I sort of skimmed off the side of the car.
I did not fear for my life when she drove by me it was like a "Oh there it is again!"
the acknowledgment of being protected. I was not hurt and as she was stopped
looking at me to see if I was hurt I ended up dropping to me knees begging her
to come back. She looked at me out her car window to see if I was hurt
because I was on my knees but she realized I was ok because I was patting
my heart at her telling her I loved her and was begging her to come back!
Being how close she came to me it was clear a destiny thing going on
and she was attractive. She was my type so that was why I got on my knees!
She smiled with a Cheshire cat smile with sunglasses on! Stole my heart!
She made a right turn! I still love her today! Comeback!
I should of played dead to get her to come back to me! Damn!

Also back in the late 90's I also took the Subaru way out at the end
of Kenosha road in Broken Arrow to the verdigris river. As seen in the bottom
of page with the Subaru in the mud! It was like a dirt track and a park sort of place
where I got stuck once on a tip of a hill all tires did not touch the ground so
the tires where spinning with the car, kind of teeter totter on the tip.
It was funny at the time being I was wobbling in the car trying to get it loose!

And as destiny has it I ended up blowing the engine a few months later.
A lady at work was coming to work and she heard my engine blow a mile away as
she driving her car coming toward me down the road. Only to get to me with me on the
side of the road! "I'm not coming in to work today!"

The car I had for the longest time. During the crash of the housing crisis
and gas being up to $4 a gal. With the car that MADMAXED and got it up to
152 MPH once. And could backfire on demand. Had 140,000 miles on it with
plastic parts epoxied, no inside door handles and had only two working gears
with the sound of a V8 and thought it was a Lotus Omega had died.
That was a car that got me far and was the longest time I had a car.

I have a little Nissan now and I plan to not MADMAX it as much.
But might drive in the woods off road like the Subaru!
But it's good to have a car with more than two gears.
I was so used to opening my door from the outside by opening the
window, I found myself looking for the window crank to open the window
but realized I had power windows so I opened my window and
realized I had door handles! Dang!

I also should note when I worked in a hotel in the 90's I had a
$1.5 million dead peasant insurance policy on me.
The second highest in the state. I knew because HR talked
to me about it wanting to know why they where spending so
much on me, My co-workers called me "Dead Man Walking!"
Like the boss would kill me and claim the $1.5 million!
I'm still here!

In 1987 our Church youth group went to Colorado, Horn Peak.
We hiked up the peak a 13450 ft hike and climb.
I almost fell down the peak as I free hand climbed on the 
side of the trail on the top. The rock I had a hold of came out
of the mountain. Believe it or not the wind blew me back in
balance where I could grab another rock.

In the 90's my friend's ex lover hired a hit man to kill him.
She had bad problems. Me and my friend was talking in 
a Church parking lot while we noticed this guy sitting in his car
So after a while he finally took off. He met us later at my friends place 
and told us he was going to kill us because of my friends ex hired 
him to kill us. He figured out she had issues when we both seemed 
too normal as there was no reason to kill us.
He told us he was at Vietnam so he knew something was not right
and he said saw his friend get blown up as he got on the helicopter. 
"His friends bones are sill in his face!" "He was tired of death!"
This stuff is sort of normal for Oklahoma but more of a Hillbilly issue

In the 80's I almost got hit by a car as I was on roller skates.
I was on a bridge that went over a creek as the car came at me.
I jumped off the bridge and sort of landed in the mud instead of the 
hard rocks. It was like I floated toward the mud like it was a 
magnet pulling me in.

And because of all that is in my life, I have earned it to be like I am.
Keep that in mind, I got hit by a car doing 45 mph with me on a moped 
and made it! So I may not take things people think as serious, seriously!
It's not serious to me! Life is too short really to be serious!
Like Dusty Springfield I would drive and get lost then find my way back
home. "She enjoyed reading maps and would intentionally get lost to find
her way out."
Live before you miss out on everything life is short!