Thursday, May 18, 2017

Shes a woman hear her grunt

Grunting women? Well this is heard from women more in ALPHA women but
they do grunt when upset or scared. It's the prehistoric female coming out.

At work once I was talking to a lady I love. I was talking about something that
hit too close to home to her. I forgot about it at the time so I was talking away
when she grunted at me. She grunted my name telling me to stop.
The ALPHA grunted and the male backed down. Timeless, a beautiful thing. 
God I love her!

But it is true a grunt is a primeval response. And that is not a bad thing!
If she didn't grunt what kind of life would we all have!

~~~~~Psychologist David Moxon, who conducted the study commissioned by motor insurer Hiscox, said: 'We saw significant peaks, particularly in women. The roar of a luxury car engine does cause a primeval physiological response.
He added the sound of an average car engine actually led to a decreased level of testosterone.