Saturday, May 20, 2017

Stuck in a career as a Walmart employee

Working at Walmart in these days will seem as a trap.
For me it was in a time after 9-11-01 working in a hotel. 
The hotel business tanked like it does in January after 9-11 for a bit.
And I ended up in a small town... Small towns have nothing because
they make nothing so my pay was $5.15, $4+ after taxes.
Then by 2009 minimum wage was at $7.25 and that pay still is today.
That is a final paycheck of $1000+ a month pay at Walmart pay.
But by then 2006 I was working at Walmart and the pay was $7.35
going up to $8+ in something like 4 years later.

Being Walmart doesn't accept work releases I missed
too many days being I was sick. Didn't matter!
I went to a better job, through a temp agency.

These days are bad because everyone is a victim of bad
ran, red states that are against it's own people. 
Or the people that vote in a sadomasochist way
like to cut off their leg to save their toe! 
Expecting you to do the same!
The ones that voted in Trump because he's for the 
working class people. Like after a hard days work at
the coal plant they would go play golf!
Because of all the stupid around it's harder to get to a better job.

Education is needed to move on. And or to make it on the pay,
attitude is also a big helper! And knowing that the workplace
won't take care about you, you have to take care of yourself! 
Many workplaces help and work with you going to a college or
trade school. The corporation might have grants or point to grants
for their workers. Just call and ask!

To old for that shit? Well I would start getting vested. Get some stocks
as fast as you can. Walmart makes almost $500 billion a year in sales!
I would join the stock party soon as you can. 
So you know that $500 billion is bigger than you. Noting if things get
bad talk to the union if you have one. Or the NLRB if no union.
Hang in there! Or not move to a better ran Walmart if you have to
but find out about your vestment in the company before you move!

If you are stuck get a partner... Well no one is a island!
Polyamory or not. Why? You would get more support along
with two peoples more income in the house! 
Everything is just the agreement you all would make. 
Just see it as room mates to help with the bills and food and mental
state. Everyone knows Walmart sucks... Well it depends on the Walmart
also there are bad ones and good ones! But support helps!

Living within your means does help also.
If I have no money this month I cut my food down to eating
four at a meal healthy, things! Four tostadas with beans on them with 
kale and ranch or salsa or cayenne pepper on them.
Or some of the small package of Bee Pollen in with yogurt or in a salad 
with ranch and cayenne. You won't notice it!

I don't eat out no more and am not eating meat right now.
I am loosing the pounds that I need to. And if they wanted me to buy
something then they should of paid me better! I save money
and feel better loosing the pounds. 

But really being trapped in a Walmart job is just sort of norm.
It takes you to make the push to something better.
Because Walmart's don't give raises or let you go up the ladder.
Work hard make the same pay! It's OK, just do something to get to better

~~~~~$6.40 an hour for nine years: how I got stuck in a career as a Walmart employee
When I was hired by the company at $6.40 an hour, I believed I would only be working there for a few months before I landed a cool gig at a non-profit in Denver, or had my manuscript discovered by Random House. I had dropped out of college to pursue my dream of becoming the next Stephen King. I thought I was wise beyond my years and looked down on many of my new co-workers: soon I would be living in Denver, Santa Fe, or even New York City while they would still be stuck at the local Walmart.