Friday, May 26, 2017

Work off welfare, 10 years no minimum wage increase

This is just another light to the lack of reality with the Republicans!
"Trump appears to want at least 6 million Americans off government 
aid and into full-time jobs."
"The problem is: Companies don't want these workers. Why? 
They don't have the skills to do those jobs."

But also it's the fact of most towns /small towns are full of unhireable people.
And they are for many reasons. Also of they are not adapt to the changing
workplace or have a shoplifting past from being pushed to get food for the family. 

A big one in is garnished wages. Businesses do not want to hire those people
because of the lack of productivity lack of customer service because they
only make $3.78 after taxes and garnished wages. They don't care!
And being stuck at work for 8 hours a day at garnished wages is crap.
The work is seen as no value so they don't work. Why let their kids run around
at 12am with mom at work making $3.78 an hour for 8 hours!

All of this is just a result of low pay. Minimum wage has not been increased in 10 years!
And as you notice prices are going up. The wages are not matching inflation.
This ends in the lack of sales as people cut back their spending.
And with the Republicans wanting a food stamp cut in a food stamp economy
because they don't make the money to buy something so others have to buy it 
for them from the cost of food stamps. It takes money away from business owners
in the lack of food stamp money coming in their store and from the poor cutting back
because they have less food stamps. Aka, stop eating out now, no Netflix cut back etc.

~~~~~That local evolution has made it easier for national lawmakers to get on board. 
Plus, inflation over time continues to decrease the purchasing power of workers' wages."

"Today marks the day -- 10 years since the last time the federal government raised the minimum wage," Schumer said on Thursday shortly after Sanders spoke. 
The Raise the Wage Act of 2017 would incrementally raise the minimum wage
to $15 an hour over the next seven years. 
The federal minimum wage would be indexed to the median wage beginning in 2025."

All of this mess will bring up the pay. Well they have to bring it up of just let it
fall down in a lack of sale hell! And it is ok it's expected with low pay!
"They can raise their prices all they want I still won't buy it!" it's true it's just
consumer based pricing on $7 after taxes or $3.78 after garnishment.

We all are over due for a poverty crusade! I still push on the point to bring up 
the poverty you have don't hide. Bring up the need for better pay go out looking poor.
Go to the Red-lobster looking like a homeless person and just get biscuits and tea
nothing high dollar! Go to a grand opening of a store and yell out about the high prices!
Flood those places or just walk buy the place seen by all.
Make Walmart look Impoverished dressed homeless!

All of this is like a protest over low pay but not at work so you won't get fired!
Sure these paranoid Republicans will think your paid for doing it or you are lazy
like most of the town is lazy bringing up the point of bad labor force unsupported
pushing a change. The poor will still be poor they don't magically vanish,
but whatever! The paranoid Republicans  burn themselves out over it in time,
keep doing it and have fun doing it!