Friday, May 12, 2017

The red string of fate

In my life there are a few people I have met before I met them,
and like some situation will repeat itself, with the same people at different times.
It scares the crap out of me being I have no control over those things.
Facts because it happened, value in it happened for a reason!
Sole mates, lovers connecting? What is the odds of it?

I met three women that all lived in the same town I am in and I met all of
them in Vinita at different times! To note 1990 was a important time
for the Vinita McDonald's! 

"Another World's Largest McD's appeared in Moscow in 1990, which some believe 
may have brought about the fall of the Soviet Union. Vinita's response to the 
situation was to post a memo listing points of comparison between the two 

With me it's like on a road trip playing Daft Punk in the car with my friend with a
brown hat in 1996 stopping in Vinita when boom! Meeting a lady in the
McDonald's she was sort of devastating to my normality it's point was noted like
boom you cant stop staring at her! You can try but you can't stop! It was to the
point when she was walking out she passed a wall she popped back to see if
I was still staring at her. It was love at first sight for me.
She told me to stop staring at her. I told her "I worked at many hotels and
she was the best looking lady I seen. People dress up at hotels."
Then the next day I found myself in St louis looking out the arch and it all was trivial.
I was looking for where that town was with that lady I saw. Love sick!

Coming back I had to stop back at that McDonald's again.
I looked for her everywhere wanting to see her again. Yes I looked in the ladies
bathroom I knocked on the door of course before I went in. I got it bad!
I was looking for the lady in the ladies bathroom!
Really that happened to me so it was imprinted in my memory 20 years ago.

Funny is my old lady "Annie" worked in the same town at the mental hospital.
So my old lady the one that brought me to this town in the first place,
lived and worked in the same town that the 1996 lady lived and worked,
where on the highway in the town I passed the 1989 lady!
My old lady and me are connected as the string is connected down the road.
We where going toward my car and I tripped and soon after I did
she did also. It was like the string pulled her after I tripped making her trip also.
I met her kids before I met her! We also both came from Ohio and where
born in the same Hospital in the same town at different times. 
Same room? Don't know!

And I also met the 1996 lady in the 90's at the Oklahoma play
"Annie get your gun", she was helping with the play.
I remember it was a full moon that night and they had a after party back
in the woods. But I remember I felt the attraction, I couldn't keep my eyes off
her back then. It was not just a full moon!
My old ladies name is also Annie, strangely relates to the play?!
Past life lovers me and the 1996 lady? Don't know, need to know!

Then in 1989 I met my girlfriend before I met her when I was driving my 
white 1982 Toyota corolla SR5
to Joplin Missouri because, I wondered what was there, I kept seeing the signs on
the highway saying this way to Joplin. So the road pointed me to there so I went there.
Well on the way back I passed a white GEO METRO packed stuff going from Missouri.

She was a one of a kind because her car was packed full of stuff with kids in the car
and it was a small GEO METRO. She was magnetic also I passed her but I had
to slow down to see her again.

Really I met both of them for the first time around the same area at different times,
being my old lady also worked and lived in the same town.
Like in quantum entanglement is timeless so is the red string of fate.

Time is eternal! Then like 20 years later I ended up working with them also in
different times and places. You would call it luck of the draw if I didn't meet them
far away and all ended up in the same town together. My old lady brought me
here first then I met the others down the road as we all crossed paths!

We all worked in the same town that I am in now and I worked with them at
different times. And worked in the same building and the same room with one.
And by her room are markers, screws embedded in the floor by her door that
point to what would be called a bus stop. As I have one in my office also.
It's only where I work nowhere else! A bus stop is a final destination, 
all paths meet at that spot! I recognize it for what it is!

And I think we all more likely crossed paths ourselves being one
worked at Walmart with me at the time with the other more likely went shopping there
time from time. So all of us crossed paths sometime! Not that I can place but I
do remember seeing one in the Walmart parking lot with my other as we ate dinner in
the car. We did that a lot at the time! So I do remember seeing one going to
Walmart as I was with my other eating dinner in the car but also don't know!
Me and her also had the same sort of the same. In like she would rinse meat after
she cooked it to get the fat off. Also when she was a kid she remembered
doing the dishes and putting her stomach on the metal strip that was the trim
around the sink and getting a shock from it. I did the same things!

I have to also note both grew up in Missouri. Crossing paths is crossing paths! 
I'm sure it happened all of us crossing paths! And that is not a bad thing!
I am glad there is some kind of light pointing in life!

And also one of them kind of almost ran me over.
Mucho gusto, a married gypsy, a keeper!
I have a protected destiny I was in no real danger of being ran over!
She stopped in the fork in the road looking in her mirror at me as I was 
begging her to come back I patted my heart and I did get on my knees
because she ran over my toes and they burned. I was hot for her!
She looked at me out her window with her crazy lovable smile after 
realizing she didn't kill me with me on my knees begging, but she 
made a right turn! "Why Don't You Stay?"

That is love to be begging someone that kind of ran me over!
After all that then to beg afterward... True love regardless!!! It's clear!

Only for me to work with her years later and only for her to quit years after,
for other reasons. I told her I loved her and I wanted to go with her.
Me being, love sick even today, remembering, her crazy smile as she said
people called her crazy being I heard about it I have to say she's not!  It's ok!
But her smile got me as she told me what people called her!

And the appreciated time she almost pulled down her pants in front of me.
Sort of tired she did and trusting with me enough to do that, then caught
what she almost did pretending like nothing happened.
Her looking out the window of her door as I came around the corner me seeing 
her and me written on my face the I love you look and her written on her face 
oh he's good for me look as she pretended to not be looking for me as 
I came there. 

But again ended up even now singing "Why Don't You Stay?"
I regret not being more torrid with her, she was the best
lady for me, a pair, flames that need each other...
I need to note. It's ok for a married lady to have a boyfriend or whatever.
It's the point to support the queen bee making all balanced.
She looses nothing and gains more support as it's about her!

A woman by her nature is the queen bee it's best to accept it!
I accept it! I got upset over her and made a post venting upset!
And my PC ended up getting hit by lightning because of it!
Meant to be! My PC crackled with me still on it. I didn't have time
to unplug anything anyway! Lightning in a bottle can't let it go now
that I got it! 

But still I say now that's crossing paths! I'm not kidding you!
That is the weird red strings in my life both pointing to this town I am in now.
Still in love from way back then! I accept my destiny like a screw embedded 
in the floor. This stuff is bigger than me so I accept it! I'm ok with it! 
My heart tells me so! Accepting who we all are is worth it... It is!

Need proof? I'm not the only one! Meeting people before you meet them happens.

I met a girl near the end of high school. Where ever I went I would always see her
in the background. So I went to a part of the school where I never been before and
there she was. After high school and in a JR college I was thinking about her
at the time when in my class with me missing her she came walking in,
we had the same class together. All I knew she was in Chicago at a college because
she told me at our high school graduation when I talked to her. She told me her plans.

There was a drunk lady I met in the hotel I worked at in the 90's she was sitting on my
coat check table talking with me, she had a good job in the town I am in now,
I pondered what if I hooked up with her back then I am sure I would of stabilized her
more but back then I was in my late 20's who knows what they are doing at 20,
I had no clue! I did not work with her, but I would say the red string is there because
of how I met her and her working in the same town as me now back then.

security comp and during a bike race in CA for some reason 
I forgot, he told me that he ended up jumping his Jeep over a ditch close to the finish 
line and it was on TV. 

And years later when he said he did that in his past, I said "What the Hell!" Life is funny!

I dated a lady I met on the internet but I also met her before I met her.
I first met her when I was on the school bus in high school.
Her and her kids where going backward into a intersection in their car with a
T-top after doing a burnout. It was a cloudy day and when they went flying
backward they stopped in the middle of the intersection when there was a
opening in the cloud and a beam of light shined on their car and only their car.
She put her hands in the light and waved them around before they took off again.
I am glad I dated her but I didn't know if we where meant to be. I never thought
of these things like that before. On the bus I knew it was like a spot light on her
but I never understood.

I dated a hair dresser that barfed on the first date at a restaurant and took me 

to a gay bar. Nervous and drunk, high and barfed because she had a death threat 
from testifying against a biker gang in federal court against them. 
But there was a lady I worked with at a hotel. I worked with her before I dated
the hair dresser lady. She was a juror for that case. But also the lady I worked 
with at the hotel, I met her husband back in the 80's before I met her, before 
I met the hair dresser!

So with me I ponder what made me come to this town in the first place.
My old lady. If the strings all cross in one town would of they crossed in
some other town or time. I don't know what to say, it blows my mind.

"The red string of marriage, and other variants, is an East Asian belief originating
from Chinese legend and is also used in Japanese legend. According to this myth,
the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet
one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way.
Often, in Japanese culture, it is thought to be tied around the little finger.
According to Chinese legend, the deity in charge of "the red thread" is believed
to be Yue Xia Lao often abbreviated to Yue Lao, the old lunar matchmaker
god, who is in charge of marriages."

48 Quotes About Red Thread Of Fate.

It's like I am emotional glue, band-aid toward whoever it might be with the red string.
The girl in High school it was clear I had to teach her to drive and be self sufficient.
all the others, I don't know! When I was in High school I was the one you went to
if you had a problem I gave you a answer or talking to me a light bulb comes on.
So it's probably the same sorts.

I have to add a freaky note, there is some freaky out there.
And to note all of this stuff is not surprising! 
In the early 80's when I was a kid, my family went to the Ripley's museum we
parked in the back parking lot and I swear I saw the "man with double pupils
in each eye - Liu Ch'ung" walk past me he smiled at me, showing me the corner of
his eye then he walked to the back door of the museum it opened and he walked in
then it closed behind him. He was Chinese like Yue Lao, strange.

Also me and my friend met a ghost council Indian Chief
when I was a kid. We where in the boy scouts in 1983, we all where hiking,
on this hill in Tulsa when me and my friend sat on a rock looking down at the
Arkansas river. The rock was was shaped like Oklahoma.

Me and my friend was talking about Cowboys and Indians when all of a sudden
This guy said something behind us. We did not hear anyone coming behind us.
There are leaves around and a bunch of skinny trunk trees.
So there was no place to hide and leaves to make noise.
He told us to respect and for each feather he had on his headdress
he killed a Buffalo! Smiled at me. I guess he looked into our future and
decided to let us go. Looking back at it. I don't know!

Me and my friend looked at each other and
when we looked back at the Chief, he was gone!
He could not of ran that fast without making any noise, with no trees to hide!
I found out in college it might of been one of the Council Oak Chiefs!
There might be some Blackfoot in my family line.

My past life goes back to the Cambrian Period!

Might be unrelated but I have sort of a recurring song.
Like if I go into a store or restaurant I will hear it from time to time!

So meeting the Chief and Liu Ch'ung, 48, the song, Past life points to some
real fucked up shit, so I do understand there is an destiny bigger than me.
And I know to follow my heart!

It's about whats going on, why? To give more of help in ones life? It's all I see.
All you can do is go with your heart turn off your mind!
Like in physics looking at something non linear vs linear the red string is non linear
so do the Zen thing empty your mind etc and go with the heart!

Turn off the TV put down your phone your happiness or the answer
is found in the heart. Free yourself!
Kind of noted in Terence Mckenna vs today's thinking.

"Welcome to the quantum physics lab called my life!"
Love has weird huge wave of amplitudes sometimes!
All you can do is just go for the ride and wait!