Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Past Life Memory's, Really!

When I was a kid I kept having this dream
that I was in the ocean being chased by a fish thing.
I was a sea creature, swimming up and down, but my eye sight
was looking straight on as I was swimming for cover.

I did not think of it until the 2000's when I seen
a TV show about the Cambrian Period and seen a fossil
& animation of what it swimmed like. It was ME!
That was what I looked like. A Pikaia!

I knew what I looked like in the dream.
As I was being chased it was like my sight could jump
from fish to fish, until the thing got the body it was chasing.
This points to a Collective consciousness between same
type species kind of thing.

A primeval memory could be what this dream was.

But also relating is my personality trait is plasticity! I change to needs and 
I'm entertaining in a challenge. Might be the same as the Cuttlefish
relating to my past life into today?

So if fish could do that, why not a caveman etc.
There was story about cavemen having powers, like
controlling the weather etc. Strange?!

Really how would I know about the Cambrian Period, what
I looked like being a kid that never seen stuff like that before?

I do have to add another dream I had also in the same
time zone. Relating but too far out there to not be told.
The dream was that I was a fish that came out of the
water and took a breath of air for the first time.
It hurt like hell! It felt like a ripping of my innards.
Same as the pains of child birth I guess! It's a dream
I clearly remember today!

My past like goes back to the Cambrian Period!
Prove it. I can't, but it points to interesting things

Also I have one other being it's kind of bad or from another dimension.
I was in the bible days and I was a worker that just got off work and I was
walking with my cleaning supply's when I saw this house with blood around
the door. So doing a good deed I cleaned if for them. As I walked away,
all of these locus came flying in the door and I heard people scream!
I know I really did no bad intently so don't blame me for it!

Anyway... I'm a very old man! Really!
I look at myself as way back from the Cambrian Period
and issues today correct themselves. Life is not the end and will
go on long after us!

*I need to note "Clear Blue Water" is a Cambrian Period religion or
something of the sorts. The point is getting out of the dark salt water full of
death, ocean predators into the Clear Blue Water where the waters are safe.
Aka heaven! A Cambrian Period fish religion? Don't know!