Monday, July 25, 2016

Kmart bankruptcy and closing stores or shake up

If you been at a K-mart lately you might of noticed how bad the place looks.
It's I dead giveaway of a failing business missing stained tiles lights bulbs not
working! And the workers know also, there is a real concern!

Many places are going down not just Kmart, stagnant wages by the mass of people
is taking many places down. I do without myself and it's clear the mass of poor
takes people down with them.

The pay has to go up there is no choice about it. The worst thing to do is cut
the wages, you should know people spend what they earn. So how is that going
to help if you are broke and stay home. And how is it fair for businesses owners
to lower their prices to match the poverty wages. That is less money for businesses!

The wages are going up because it's effecting businesses forcing them to close
because of the people with no money. They are losing money they are closing!
So in that it's best to vote for your best interest being you need to buy things,
feed your family. Trust that the pay has to go up or have nothing because you
make nothing! Nothing, is nothing when you need something!

See that light that the pay is looking to go up!

K-mart I do believe is holding for the better pay going up to make better
sales. I see that, it's obvious! Many other businesses are holding for the same.
There are other places that are dust in the wind to the lower wages.
In that it's ok for businesses to go out it's like burning down the weeds to make
room for the grass to grow, better places... Grass will rise, It will rise! Have no fear!

To the Kmart workers be aware but then it's no surprise. I worked there for a time
I was surprised it held up when I was there. Changes are changes but better days are
on it's way. When your pay goes up shop at K-mart!