Monday, August 31, 2015

It's alright

We all have those days where you are madly in love with someone.
But you also know it's like a tanker of gas going boom, boom because of her stature.
Love sick! Like her walking down the stairs dressed well and with dark sunglasses on.
Talking to me for a short time and almost driving to me to my knees!
She had power! Who wheres dark sunglasses in the building anyway,
it about killed me but I made it. Challenging me was appreciated!
Like her cornering me talking to me for about 5 minutes with constant eye contact.
Again almost driving to me to my knees but I made it. 

It's clear she is not getting the support she needs as most women don't.
They are Poly by nature as men have a one track mind mostly.
And clearly she is not getting support shown as in when I was
not knowing what I was saying that day and as she was leaving the
room she said to lock the door when you leave and I had a Freudian slip
and told her ok sweetie! She then stopped turned around and looked at me
with a big smile! I just called her sweetie for the first time and she was happy! 

Going boom, boom like the time lately I went to Applebee's with my family and heard
some lady tell her husband a ways behind me "Thats the guy that's dating Mrs... "
I heard her name and I turned around it's some people I think I've never seen before
talking about me and her. Funny, it made me smile. Thank you!
So to note I am only like her emotional support! Nothing bad!
I'm not dating her! I want to. But I just want her to smile being supported.
People seem to "know about me and her" so I have to say it's nothing bad.
I am just respectfully in love with a married woman and only supportive!
It's like a realistic self-actualization point of loving.

I just love her. She is married but my heart is hooked
on a different PLANE, something like through space and time!
Plane (esotericism) "In esoteric cosmology, a plane other than the 
physical plane is conceived as a subtle state of consciousness that transcends 
the known physical universe." Quantum Entanglement?
She has stature, she's a alpha and that's ok I need that, it fits me! 
About me? Plasticity! I change to needs and I'm entertaining in a challenge. 
I earned my way that's why I had a $1.5 million dead peasant insurance 
on me in the 90's, correcting for inflation it might be $3 million if 
I was still working there. I'm worth keeping, I am a value!

And I am always willing to be supportive if needed.
If wanted she could take me home with her, I am willing for that talk.
A willingness for the wife to take me home with her to have that talk with her
husband. Who, is who to who, what are you to her? Supportive, stable, long term!
But if not then I'm just happy to be.
I want the best for her! I support her regardless of her being
married. I make it alright for her, that's who I am!
I take away her bad and give her a smile. Balance!
She is, who she is and I am, who I am.
We need each other I see it. Yes or no it's ok it's alright!, just want her to smile!

I love her and don't want her to be one of those crazy old ladies
that are 65+ and stare at all their degrees on the wall and say 
"I worked 35 years and it's just a paper with a date on it, no one cares about it but me!"
"Maybe I should of took him in, he wanted to take me to the burning man to 
ride bikes naked. He wanted to be a great equalizer to me!"
"To let me know there is more to my life than I am living"
It's always good to have one that will make life better for you, crazy or not!

All I can do is throw myself at her feet. 
All I can do is tell her I love her! I have to be real about it.
I would like better for her get a quality of life you will be 65+ in no time!

If you knew the lady I fell for, you would know we would of been 
a good pair! Her actions toward me touches my heart. Actions are louder than words.
Loved and supported she is, or potentially could be like:

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Info and Complaints from many Wal-Mart Employees

I have to note if you are new at working at Walmart or old timer.
They don't care about you at Walmart they are pushing the $500 billion sales.
$485.65B Sales/Revenue and $120.57B Gross Income.
and note it's going up, up, up! That is good if you are vested.
But you need to know to make life better for you.

They have something called the "CNGC." That stands for,
"Compensation, Nominating and Governance Committee"
They are the ones that are more likely running Walmart and
messing with you. You need to know this and remember it!
"The basic responsibility of the members of the Committee is to exercise their
business judgment to act in what they reasonably believe to be in the best interests of
the Company and its shareholders"

And they only care what they can get out of you! Need proof?
What is Walmarts Revenue Per Employee? About $220,737
Really that is what you make for Walmart!
Tarded people saying "If you are NOT doing your job at the level expected,
then your job SHOULD be in jeopardy." Should note for the time the workers
where making $6.88 after taxes an hour vs $220,737 per employee revenue!
Wage slave thinking and need to note:  

So knowing that if you have a big issue going on call the NLRB in DC, not
the one in your state! Because of how big Walmart is!

And what other it might be:

And many others at: ( ( ( ( WORKER RIGHTS, WORK RELATED ) ) ) )

There can be issues with Walmart managers getting into city politics.
Either in city Chamber of commerce or others influencing lower pay in town.
That ends in what I say is natural selection as lower pay is slower growth and
resolves it's self as the pay having to go up as many do without being broke
killing sales. People spend what they earn, more money is better sales!
If there is a issue that is clear and noted, with the background of
the manager working for Walmart and is in the web of local politics contact:

So I hope you see the need to stand up for yourself because they won't!
Information is power and it takes power to back up the things you say!

Many workers are not happy and it's real they vent!
Go do some reading!

And as a note to Walmart managers everywhere please speak up and
do the right thing! Walmart is too damn big to not say anything!

~~~~~The current assistant store manager was compelled to share his own
experience after reading several accounts written by store associates.

The author describes in detail how the company has systematically slashed employee
benefits over the course of two decades. “Walmart has been hacking on its benefit and
pay structure for years to save on cost,” he says, including merit-based raises,
profit-sharing programs and full-time hours. The company has also initiated new programs,
such as pay caps for certain positions. “I have many associates who have not received a
raise in nearly nine years,” he claims.

Many of these changes came directly from the home office. Walmart has increasingly
centralized its employee policies over the last two decades, including hourly raises.
Whereas store managers used to be able to provide raises, “now all pay is controlled by
home office.”

Walmart has also imposed new restrictions on the number of full-time employees at
each store. The company previously required 60 percent of employees to be full-time
and has now cut that down to 40 percent full-time, 40 percent part-time and 20 percent
temporary workers who are not entitled to any benefits.

I need to note the pay for a store manager is close to $100,000 plus the sales bonus
and bonuses! Total Compensation $142,978. 
Around 2007 the sales bonus was 136% of the store managers pay. 
I don't know about the sales bonus info now.
This is needed info because the bottom line is to push the workers so a manger
can get his sales bonus. Or to make the store better for his bonus.
There is a line of how much do I make an hour vs working for the bosses bouns
that you will never see any of it! It's worth knowing when I was working at Walmart,
so I don't work so hard at work.

Also to the Managers if you are pushing the do more with less with the workers.
Many of them know you have failed. That way of thinking means you can't manage!
It shows your lack of ability to manage. You should not have to get the workers
in a position where they panic to get the job done! They know you don't know
what you are doing!

The bottom line is I can't talk for you. It takes you to talk if you have an issue you have
the power to fix it. I can only give info, who to talk to, stuff you didn't know etc.
It is correct for a worker to stand up and say BS! I would not do it at work but
still it's correct and needed! If wanted I could pop in and do it for you, but still!
Whats that PA extension on the phone? #69 right? "BS!"

Humanist Approach, Self-Actualization, McKenna

You need to ask yourself. How do I live in the world?

~~~~Theories of Personality Second Edition
Maslow: Holistic - Dynamic Theory. Concept of Humanity:
In Maslow's view, people are not inherently evil, hostile, or destructive, but
rather neutral or good. The basic needs that motivate us are not negative or
pathological, but precisely those which ultimately result in positive growth
and health. Human nature is structured in such a happy way that the basic needs
are exactly what people desire most. For example, children first want food,
then protection, love, praise, and finally self-fulfillment.

~~~~Humanistic psychology
Humanistic psychology is a psychological perspective which rose to prominence in the
mid-20th century in response to the limitations of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory
and B.F. Skinner's behaviorism With its roots running from Socrates through the
Renaissance, this approach emphasizes individuals' inherent drive towards
self-actualization, the process of realizing and expressing one's own capabilities,
and creativity.

Maslow, the term's inventor, says that  "peak experiences are sudden feelings
of intense happiness and well-being, possibly the awareness of an "ultimate truth"
and the unity of all things ... the experience fills the individual with wonder and
awe....he  feels at one with the world, and is pleased with it ...."
They are moments when you feel more at one with yourself and the world,
more integrated. You feel happy, even ecstatic, interconnected and in harmony.
Peak experiences are one type of mystical experiences, and perhaps one of
the most interesting in that Maslow aims to talk about mystical experiences in
non-supernatural terms.

****In my life and in the many places I worked I seen much, and know
you should not take life seriously, take life as happy!
It's about the pursuit of happiness, not the pursuit of un-happiness!
You don't buy a couch made out of sand paper, so why sit there
to make the world happy on a sand paper couch?

A willingness for the wife to take me home with her to have that talk with her
husband. Who, is who to who, what are you to her? 
Supportive, stable, stabilizing, long term, adaptive to her needs.
One should grab a great equalizer, lover, a value in ones life
and go ride a bike naked together at the Burning man!
To learn there is more to life than they are living!

Or the morning after like being hit in the head with a ton of gold!
In the 90's realizing your date, a lady hair dresser, barfed that night then took you 
to a gay bar and there she is next to you sleeping. All on the same first date!

It's all nothing new. Just look into your family values in your past.
"Every man and boy wanted to have one last fling before the real war got him. 
One shot at it in a real house before he went off and maybe was killed. 
I’ve noticed it before, the way the idea of war and dying makes a man raunchy, 
and wanting to have it as much as he could. It wasn’t really pleasure at times, 
but a kind of nervous breakdown that could only be treated with a girl and a set-to." 

"I think that people don't understand. As the Firesign Theater used to say,  
'Everything you know is wrong.' But that is a very liberating understanding,
because if everything you know is wrong, then all the problems you thought were
insoluble can be framed differently. And there's a way to take the world apart and
put it back unrecognizably. We don't really understand what consciousness is at the
really deep levels. With some of the tryptamine hallucinogens, you see into possibilities
where questions like, 'are you alive?' 'are you dead?' 'are you you?' seem to have been
transcended. I think people have a very narrow conception of what is possible with reality,
that we're surrounded by the howling abyss of the unknowable and nobody
knows what's out there."

"Progress of human civilization in the area of defining human freedom is not made from the
top down. No king, no parliament, no government ever extended to the people more
rights than the people insisted upon."

Also you do need to ask am I going or living in nothingness.
Where like in the dark ages the many poor died in a corn field and no one ever
known they existed. Having no self-actualization / human experience
in a dieing world.

I lean with Terence McKenna! But I have to push more responsibility on the use
of drugs. The drugs did not shorten his life. "McKenna was worried that his tumor
was caused by his 35 years of smoking cannabis, although his doctors assured him
But still know how and if you are developed enough to use them.

I would say to take what Terence says to heart, but also note there is more
information now since he died in 1999, more is known now.
There is more to Christianity than the holy rollers then and today!
Proof of afterlife, reincarnation, angels running things etc. It's a different world,
in religion, it is changing, what people think it is.

Religion is more non linear I see these days. The old rules don't seem to apply
with points like reincarnation. Also no religion should be pointed to suppress anyone.
Religion is to free you! To trust yourself. Pointed like the Gnostic:
3. Jesus said, "If your leaders say to you, 'Look, the (Father's) kingdom is in the sky,'
then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,'
then the fish will precede you. Rather, the (Father's) kingdom is within you and
it is outside you. When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will
understand that you are children of the living Father.
But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty."

"McKenna was opposed to Christianity and most forms of organized religion or
guru-based forms of spiritual awakening, favoring shamanism, which he believed was
the broadest spiritual paradigm available, stating that:"

"What I think happened is that in the world of prehistory all religion was experiential,
and it was based on the pursuit of ecstasy through plants. And at some time, very early,
a group interposed itself between people and direct experience of the 'Other.'
This created hierarchies, priesthoods, theological systems, castes, ritual, taboos.
Shamanism, on the other hand, is an experiential science that deals with an area where
we know nothing. It is important to remember that our epistemological tools have
developed very unevenly in the West. We know a tremendous amount about what is
going on in the heart of the atom, but we know absolutely nothing about the
nature of the mind."

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hardship exemption exempt from the mandate to obtain insurance

Get Covered By Medicaid or CHIP Now

You can sign up for Medicaid and CHIP 365 days a year.
You may qualify for free or low-cost care through Medicaid based on income 
and family size ($16,105 individual $32,913 for a family of four in 2015). 
If you think you are eligible for Medicaid, you can sign up for Medicaid now 
(you can even get coverage retroactively if you qualified but didn’t enroll). 

If your state did not expand Medicaid and you have been denied Medicaid coverage, 
you are exempt from the mandate to obtain insurance and won’t owe the fee. 
If you apply for a hardship exemption at HealthCare.Gov, you will qualify to 
shop for catastrophic coverage.

*Links and information to apply for a hardship exemption is at site!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Everyone has a secret life, and that's ok

I guess it's just to the fact people don't want to know, or are clueless,
or put their nose in people's personal lives! People do have secret lives.
Like if years ago you where ever since in love with a Nurse Diesel.
And being true if you are single and you see her around somewhere you
would still hit on her, seeing her as a keeper! But then that is the TMI going into
private life! And others at work said you two would be good for each other.
As like her having a bad day and others at work wanting
to lock you in the closet with her. "Don't come out till your done!"
Funny but really that did happen to me once with a Angie Dickinson lookalike
I been in love with ever since the 90s.
(She was trying to quit smoking had a bad day!)
The boss threw me then her in the closet I cushioned her, the boss held the door shut.
Nothing happened, but I did say "We can't do anything with you standing there!"
She was married herself and I was only supportive to her,
but going there would be like TMI.
I love everyone timelessly, no hate! And you love who you love. Love and support!

So peoples secret lives are to their own! And the point is do you really want to know?!
Like what if I say I'm writing this story naked at home! Would you really want to know?
(Depends on the type of lady reading this but mostly no! And I'm not anyway!)

So the secret life people have is probably a bunch of TMI!
But that is ok it's called being human! And for others they need to ask
do they really want to open that can of worms?

It would be best to treat others with respect and to put it out there as
it's best said IT'S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!

ObamaCare doing good thank you

The Affordable Care Act is doing good. But if you are in a
red-state that has been fighting it then you are more likely
going un-supported without help to cover the cost.
And you are on hard times paying your premiums
without medicaid expansion to help you.

But the other states that have medicaid expansion are doing
well. Things will get better in red states more will get expansion
to help lower income people that fall in the cracks.
That's why many are hurting, they have no help!
Give it time everyone else is doing good it will get to
your red-state!

~~~~~'Obamacare' opponents fall on hard times
If you’re desperately waiting for the Affordable Care Act to fail,
and for the entire Obamacare-based American system to collapse,
this week must be crushing.

The number of people without health insurance has declined by 15.8
million since ObamaCare’s coverage expansion took effect, according
to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The National Health Interview Survey finds that the number of uninsured
people has declined from 44.8 million in 2013, before ObamaCare’s
coverage expansion took effect, to 29 million in the first quarter
of 2015. The uninsured rate fell from 14.4 percent in 2013 to 9.2 percent
in 2015, according to the CDC.

To be sure, it’s an arbitrary threshold, but the fact that the uninsured
rate has dropped to single digits is both encouraging and historic since
public officials began keeping track, it’s never been this low in
the United States.

Looking closer at the data, note that the CDC data is based on surveys
conducted between January and March. In the five months since then,
it’s likely the uninsured rate has improved a little more
Charles Gaba pegs the figure at about 8.8%.

And this wasn’t the only bit of good news. NBC News reported that the
latest figures from the National Center for Health Statistics pointed to
fantastic news on expansion of the availability of coverage, and a
new report from the Rand Corporation research group found
similar results.

Also this week, new evidence makes clear that the ACA has not undermined
job growth, further disproving one of the key Republican talking points
on health care.

At a certain point, at least some opponents of the law should probably
say to themselves, “We fought the good fight, but the darn thing
is working.”

The Affordable Care Act’s principal goal was to bring health security
to those who lacked it, and on this front, Obamacare is a great success.
it’s not the only metric that helps prove the system’s efficacy.

Customer satisfaction rates are excellent. Medicaid expansion is on track.
The ACA is becoming more popular. Even the ACA’s price tag is lower
than expected;

At last week’s big Fox News debate for the Republican presidential
candidates, Obamacare barely came up – which only helped reinforce
the fact that the controversy surrounding the law has lost its
political potency.

When conservatives condemn the system as some kind of horrible failure,
the appropriate response is laughter, not scorn.

~~~~~Despite GOP opposition, ‘Obamacare’ continues to expand
For much of the year, policymakers were in a holding pattern when it came to the 
Affordable Care Act. The health care system continued to improve, and consumers 
continued to benefit, but officials were hesitant about adopting major changes, unsure 
what the Supreme Court might do to the law.

That period, of course, is now behind us. The court case is over; the system is intact; 
and “Obamacare” expansion is back on track. Take yesterday’s developments in Alaska, 
for example. The NBC affiliate in Anchorage reported:
"Gov. Bill Walker has announced unilateral plans to expand Medicaid in Alaska, after the 
state Legislature stymied his attempt to pass it during this year’s regular session and a 
special session he subsequently called."
Ordinarily, when a state legislature balks at a legislative proposal, governors can’t simply 
adopt a statewide policy unilaterally. But Alaska’s Gov. Walker a former Republican who 
ran as an Independent with a Democratic running mate told reporters that state law
empowers him to move forward with Medicaid expansion, with or without lawmakers’

“This is the final option for me – I’ve tried everything else,” the governor said He added, 
“Thousands of Alaskans and more than 150 organizations, including
chambers of commerce, local hospitals, and local governments, have been waiting
long enough for Medicaid expansion. It’s time to expand Medicaid so thousands
of our friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family members don’t have to make the
choice between health care or bankruptcy.”

The Alaska Dispatch News added, “Walker’s decision to expand Medicaid without
legislative approval is not common but it’s also not without precedent.”
Barring a reversal in the courts, Alaska will be the 30th state to accept
Medicaid expansion through the ACA, and while estimates vary on the number of
beneficiaries, the move will reportedly expand health security to roughly 42,000
working-class Alaskans.

As for health care opponents, the KTUU report added, “Online opposition to Walker’s 
announcement came quickly, in a harsh assessment from the Alaska branch of 
conservative organization Americans for Prosperity.”
That’s not surprising, though it’s clear the Alaska governor was more concerned with 
state finances and health security than whether or not the Koch-backed group was
pleased with his policy.

The same thing happened in Montana a few months ago AFP did everything it
could to derail Medicaid expansion in Big Sky Country, but the policy prevailed
anyway. The right probably doesn’t want to hear this, but conservatives should
prepare for similar defeats soon. There will no doubt be some holdouts and
dead-enders, but in time, the arithmetic and common sense in this debate
are undeniable.

As we’ve discussed before, those who continue to argue that states should reject the
policy out of partisan spite regardless of the benefits for families, regardless of the needs
of state hospitals, regardless of the effects on state finances are facing headwinds
that are only growing stronger.
States can only hurt themselves on purpose for so long before the madness ends.
~~~~~This map shows the stark difference between states that have embraced 
Obamacare and those rejecting it  
Overall, the seven states with the biggest drops in their uninsured rates both expanded
the federal Medicaid program and chose to run their own insurance exchanges or have
a partnership with the federal government.

Meanwhile, there's only one state where more than 20% of its residents remain uninsured:
Texas, where Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Rick Perry (R) has made his
opposition to the law a key part of his campaign plank.

"Collectively, the uninsured rate in states that have chosen to expand Medicaid and set up
their own state exchanges or partnerships in the health insurance marketplace has declined
significantly more since 2013 than the rate in states that did not take these steps,"
Gallup's Dan Witters wrote.

"The uninsured rate declined 7.1 points in the 22 states that implemented both of these
measures by Dec. 31, 2014, compared with a 5.3-point drop across the 28 states that
had implemented only one or neither of these actions."

The National Center for Health Statistics also reported on Wednesday that more than
7 million people who didn't have health insurance last year gained coverage this year.
About 9.2% of people of all ages, the report said, still do not have health insurance.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The scret life of a Adjunct Professor

I don't know if it's that the fact you get what you pay for is lacking in
peoples thinking. The push for more part time workers, usually pushes
a part time business, being the workers won't care being they are in lack,
more like unsupported and with a view of why should I work hard if I
have to be on food stamps. If they can't pay for my living with my paycheck
why do I work like I'm living, I need to work like a zombie!

That is the reality out there in the labor force.
Wages are going up, but not with inflation, so you get a drop, as
many put the "People that work don't know fishing." bumper sticker
on their car and cut all their bills, stop consuming to match their income,
to make a better life with less stress. I never needed it anyway!

Having, and living with two part time jobs is not worth it these days!
It's like a dog chasing it's tail, always coming back to where it started!
The light bulb comes on and you learn it's not about the pursuit of

So the part time worker issues also push to all part timers,
Adjunct Professors!

~~~~~The Cost of an Adjunct
Adjunct professors earn a median of $2,700 for a semester-long class, according to a
survey of thousands of part-time faculty members. In 2013, NPR reported that the average
annual pay for adjuncts is between $20,000 and $25,000, while a March 2015 survey
conducted by Pacific Standard among nearly 500 adjuncts found that a majority earn less
than $20,000 per year from teaching. Some live on less than that and supplement their
income with public assistance: A recent report from UC Berkeley found that nearly a
quarter of all adjunct professors receive public assistance, such as Medicaid or
food stamps. Indeed, many adjuncts earn less than the federal minimum wage.
Unless they work 30 hours or more at one college, they’re not eligible for health insurance
from that employer, and like other part-time employees, they do not qualify for other

Over the years, the number of tenured professors has dropped while that of adjunct
professors has risen, as colleges attempt to rein in costs. Public colleges in particular rely
on adjuncts.

Much of these issues have been widely reported on, but what’s often missing from
coverage is the impact that this shift is having on students.

Adjuncts readily admit they cannot support students outside the classroom, such as
when students need extra help understanding an assignment, general college advisement,
or a letter of recommendation for a graduate program. And even if they had the time to
provide these services, many colleges don’t provide their adjuncts with office space,
so they meet with their pupils in coffee shops or at library desks.
Olson for her part said that in the past she’s had to meet with students by the trunk of
her car, where she kept all her books and papers as she commuted between different
college campuses. Without formal meeting spaces, students may find it difficult to locate
their professors when they need assistance on their classwork.

Meeting space aside, adjuncts often report that they simply cannot answer common
questions from the students about the requirements for the major, course sequencing,
or related classes at the college; to get this information, students instead have to track
down tenured faculty on campus. Same with letters of recommendation for admission to
graduate programs or post-college jobs: Some adjunct professors may not be willing to
write them because they aren’t paid for the time, or students may find it difficult to locate
former teachers who are no longer employed at that college. Even if they are willing,
colleges might not provide adjuncts with institutional letterhead for the recommendations.

Students may not be aware of these behind-the-scenes discrepancies.
College brochures and course registration websites don’t distinguish between
their adjunct and tenured faculty, and popular college guides and rankings fail to provide
adjunct data for specific schools. Olson said, “students don’t know the difference.
They think if you teach college, then you’re a professor. They think we make a $100,000 per
year.” Maisto echoed Olson’s concerns, arguing that parents are focused on
“cost and prestige” and aren’t as focused on quality.

Some adjuncts are determined to make this information more transparent with
public rallies, crowd sourced data, and walkouts. Both Olson and Maisto also urged that it’s
up to students and their parents, too, to include the status of adjuncts in their criteria when
shopping for colleges.

~~~~~Adjunct professor: This is why part-time professors are walking out today

Monday, August 10, 2015

Ferguson a turning point

What is going on in Ferguson is not going away!
To me it's the main issue of low pay, unless you are a conservatard
Mostly known with a Tea Party sticker on their truck,
and in that makes a good point of who is running things in small towns.

City council meetings closed to
the public and for the rich only
like they where doing in my
town until the last 6 years.
The Chamber of commerce,
also for the rich only no
inclusionary zoning there
pushed! Also in those meetings
there are other meetings that
get to the point. How to clean
up the town etc. Small towns
are the most corrupt.

Look into the past! Like why the rich wants small government like having
less security cameras around!

The poor in Ferguson are getting arrested for issues with low pay being
you don't see the rich getting arrested for driving with no insurance and etc.
It's clear to me, rich people don't shoplift at Walmart by the masses.
Also like in many small towns in the past they want to push the
poor out, like magical thinking like they will just disappear, they don't!

Small towns in Missouri has always been bad on the poor, like noted how
people like in the City council might of came from another small town like a
con artist. It has been a common thing in small towns for a long time.
Or it's like the reality of low payed jobs by the numbers adding up, you get
the most of the people that can't get a job anywhere else and they end up at
the low payed jobs (You get what you pay for, and thank god that brings up the pay!)
It's the same for city council, in that way and just because it's easy money.
It's harder to skim money if there are smarter and more looking eyes around!

Missouri is bad on the poor as noted the recurring issue of the poor locking up their
kid in a child proof room with food, drinks and a TV on up out of reach.
And the parents going to work checking on the kid at lunch then off to work again.
Because the poor can't afford a baby sitter. It's a hell relating to the pay being low
making parents not act normal. The end of that road, the question to ask is why does
that happen? Then it ends up to the lack of pay.

What is happening in Ferguson will grow outbound as towns like mine get more
divided, the road out of poverty is higher wages that match inflation.
Gas prices are going down but you need to note the poor don't drive around
like the rich guys do. The poors view is it's to far to drive, why burn up $2 of gas
to go to a Q.T and get a dollar drink when that is all I can afford!
Or even if you have a car! The point is noted!

And that is going up the pipeline, the City council.
The Chamber of commerce is more likely acting like con artist to the poor!
And what the poor is doing is justified, but needs to go to the point, not the cops!
Who is telling the cops to do this? Also the cops need to stop. It would be within
their better interest, to have the City council looked at!
And the poor needs to get up and make that call!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Side Gapping - Spark Plugs

There is just too much to say about what to do to your spark plugs.
For the most part you will have to do the reading.

But for here I am talking about side gapping your spark plugs.
I also have to note if you side gap your plugs it's best to index them also.
Indexing the plug is having the open end of the plug facing the intake valve.
And with all that done you should run a higher octane to slow down the
combustion that might be going on far too fast being the plug modification.
It's worth it!

SOLUTION: First, obtain a high quality over the
counter version that carries an economical price.
Motorcraft and Autolite come to mind for their
performance and safety features of inherently melting
before the piston does. Then carefully shorten the
electrode arm by taking a die grinder with a small
cut-off wheel and remove a small portion from the end.
*Do not* nick any part of the center electrode or
porcelain! As seen in the photos below, nearly the
entire center electrode can be seen from the bottom
of the plug as compared to the standard version being
completely shrouded from view. This modification will
expose more of the generated spark to the

combustion chamber, there by more completely igniting the air/fuel charge instead
of the spark being forced to propagate in a sideways direction and not directly into
the majority of the combustion mix. This procedure of exposing the electrode is called
"Side Gapping", and has been a well kept secret for many years in the racing circles.
While some may debate the amount of Horsepower, Torque and Fuel economy
increases, there is no disputing that side gapped plugs significantly improve spark
propagation as well as reduce plug fouling and loading up, with no sacrifice to
your wallet.

The sharper edges also encourages the spark to ignite quicker and stronger, much like
striking an arc with a welder on an edge rather than a flat surface. However, there is one
minor drawback, and that would be the center electrode will wear one side sooner due
to the spark now being directed to one specific area on the plug edge, rather than a
random path all around the electrode point. Even though the plugs may wear slightly
quicker, since your home-modified plugs can cost up to four times less than that of
"premium" versions, they can be more readily changed, leaving you with fresh new plugs
during your engine's operation more of the time than with the costly premium versions.

As the photos show, the side gapped plug exposes more of the spark path to the open
combustion chamber than the Standard version, as well as even the
Splitfire or Bosch+4 types. And this can be done to any of your favorite brands of plugs
you already like, to make them better!

To gap the new plug, slide the feeler gauge in at a 45 degree angle to read the tightest
clearance between the center electrode and the arm. Slightly tighter than OEM
recommended gaps can be taken advantage of, measuring the actual space between
the closest surfaces of the two electrodes. Reduce gaps by approximately .010".
Closer clearances will yield the same if not more of the spark front, and at the same time
resist the flame from being "blown out" when using Nitrous Oxide injection or
supercharging. The closer "sharp edged" surfaces will more easily propagate the initial
spark while the main mass of surface area being farther away, will increase the
spark travel (volume). Re-gap periodically, as the accelerated wear on the
electrode edges will increase the gap sooner.

I use side gapped plugs in my car also. Luckily I have many options for my kind
of car. The standard plugs is a NGK BKR5E-11 or BKR6E-11 types.
Also you can use NGK ZFR6F-11 They are projected into the combustion chamber.
And because of being able to use the "ZFR" types you can also use NGK BKR6EK
being they are the same size!

But with those plugs you will need to go up to a colder plug. Standard in my car
is a "5" type heat range so with the "EK" type you need a "6" or else!

So really the "EK" types are better off not used unless you know what you are doing.
Heat range is everything! And that is also a good tip to use in your personal life!
Life gives you a huge wave of amplitudes sometimes, so just get some cooler spark plugs,
or else!!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

The world of Rock,n Roll

I tend to be endless, I know, but it makes good reading I hope.
We all have those days or days, days etc. It's just a point of learning.
If you had a sheltered life how much of a shit hole would that make your life today?
It's good to get out there and do something. It makes a brighter tomorrow.
It looks like Lenny Kravitz is going to get more female fans now.

When I worked in a hotel there was a male stripper that worked there.
He told me a story about this old lady 70ish that kept coming with a change jar.
She was not getting any attention so he knew he had to get it over with so
during his show he went over to her and put his ass towards her and let her shake
the cold quarters in his Brazilian Back underwear. There was so many he said when
he was shaking it you could hear all the quarters shaking around all over the bar.
That made the old ladies day, and in return more women tipped him more
he made more money. So he had a brighter tomorrow.

~~~~~Lenny Kravitz? When I heard about this I knew my old lady would tell me
about it. She likes his old music. I was to move out if George Clooney knocked
on her door so...

Earlier this week, the 51-year-old rocker made headlines when he split his pants
and flashed the audience, showing a lack of underwear and a prominent penis piercing,
while performing in Sweden.

~~~~~David Bowie? Back 10+ years a go I was going to base my hair style on
David Bowie. But ended up with a type of style a Carolina Duck that I seen on
a plate when I worked in a restaurant in a hotel.

Back in the days he was so far messed up with the drugs he
did a record and didn't know it. Not until he had a meeting with the record label when
they went over his works.

At the height of cocaine psychosis, Bowie was so addled and paranoid from drugs,
he allegedly stored his own urine in the fridge in case a wizard stole it.

It’s become a well-worn rock tale, but it’s worth repeating – at a gig in Oslo in 2004,
Bowie was struck in the eye by a lollipop hurled from the crowd. It became lodged there,
before being removed by a member of his road crew. Like a trooper, Bowie then continued
with the show.

Bowie's mid-70s drug use wasn't exactly joyous hedonism. "I didn't really use drugs
for hedonistic purposes," he explained in 2000. "I didn't go out very much. I was really
just working. I'd work days in a row without sleep."

At the height of his cocaine addiction, during the 1974 ‘Diamond Dogs’ tour, Bowie
weighed just 95 pounds and supposedly lived on a diet of peppers and milk.
All the major food groups covered, then.

~~~~~Cooper? Alice's version of the infamous "chicken" incident at the
Toronto Rock n Roll festival in 1969 was that someone from the audience threw a
chicken on-stage and Alice, thinking it could fly, threw it back over the audience
expecting it to fly away. Instead, it fell into the crowd and the audience tore it apart.
However, the next day, the headlines read: "Alice bites head off chicken and
drinks blood". Frank Zappa told Alice not to deny this story because he said you
can't buy this type of publicity!

~~~~~Wasnatch? Need I say more OMG!

~~~~King Kobra? The singer Mark Free became Marcie Free. And was commendable for
taking such action being from a Rock, band!
Suffering with gender dysphoria all her life, Free came out to the world as Marcie Free in
November 1993. In 1995, Free retired from the music business and moved back to Michigan
to be close to her family.

~~~~~Ratt - Robbin Crosby? Sad times! And I hope to put a light, why to not do that!
It would be like another Ratt EP in life that way with the drugs!

Friday, August 7, 2015

VINNIE VINCENT Tribute C.C. Banana, Ted Poley Song

I don't know if it's just not well known where I am, but
I wanted to do this story. For me I thought it was hilarious.
About a song that got squeezed in to the tribute album
The Point of how it got there points to treating people fairly.
That is really what the music industry should run like.
Like a non zombie music industry!

If your in the music industry you should never take life serious!
You learn what is BS with your experiences, so you would now
know it's BS and not take it serious.

Or also with family members of famous musicians should
not take things serious and know BS! Like if you have a famous
family member that used cocaine in the 80's and was well known for it.
Then in the 90's You learn to literally jump out of a car of a first date
when in her car she hits a curb and her glove box pops open and a little bag
of cocaine lands in your lap, with the date wide eyed looking at you.
This date did not make it out of the parking lot!
The first thing that pops in your mind is getting pulled over and a cop
finding out your related to a past famous cocaine user and it
might be a backward thinking cop being Oklahoma!
So you say BS and you run!

But the main point of this story is to treat people fair, not to take things serious and
know what the BS is! And understand life has the greatest moments of your life!

"I don't care if this sounds lame, but that was one of the greatest moments of my life!"

~~~~~VINNIE VINCENT Tribute Adds C.C. Banana, Ted Poley Song
From: SplitScreen Entertainment
Posted: August 12, 2008

Below are statements from C.C. Banana and Ted Poley himself, explaining the
unlikely series of events that led to the inclusion of a Ted Poley tribute song on a
VINNIE VINCENT tribute album.

Ted Poley: "In 1992, Danger Danger was opening for KISS on the UK leg of the
Revenge Tour. One night after our set I was backstage walking down the corridor
toward our dressing room, when suddenly PAUL STANLEY entered from the other end!
Paul has always been one of my heroes and it was a tremendous honor to be out on tour
with him and KISS. When I saw him approaching, I really wanted to say hello and
introduce myself... but I got starstruck and lost my nerve! So I ended up just looking down
at my shoes and walking past without saying anything. But when I got to the other end of the
hallway, I heard Paul belting out my name at the top of his lungs... to the tune of their
new single "Unholy!" The words and melody just fit perfectly. "Ted Poh-laaaaayyyyy!"
I don't care if this sounds lame, but that was one of the greatest moments of my life!"

C.C. Banana: "Immediately after I heard Ted's story, I knew I had to write the song parody!
Even though he is known for being a fairly levelheaded guy, I thought it would be
funny to paint a picture of a Ted Poley whose rock star ego is completely out of control.
A man whose sense of self-importance became overinflated at the peak of his fame
and kept right on growing. In other words, what if Ted Poley were more like
GENE SIMMONS, the man who sang "Unholy" in the first place?
That, my friends, is the circle of life."

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Quantum Entanglement Wedding

Quantum Entanglement is really like communication, in ways I don't even know.
So this is the perfect concept for a wedding in changing times.

~~~~~Instead Of A Wedding, Couples Can Now Opt For Quantum Entanglement
A Las Vegas hotel is experimenting with a different kind of marriage ceremony:
Instead of hiring a justice of the peace, you can now be married by the power of
quantum physics.

"Marriage is such an incredibly fraught topic," says Jonathon Keats, the experimental
philosopher behind the project. "So much is invested in it.
So much of what people want out of life is put into this legal contract.
seems to me like we really need to investigate other possibilities in order to think
about whether there are other ways we can connect."

The new ceremony is based on the concept of quantum entanglement a somewhat
magical sounding phenomenon where two particles remain connected in their physical
state even when they're far apart. Whatever happens to one particle will instantly
happen to the other.

"Quantum entanglement is so incredibly romantic, when you think about it," Keats says.
"Two or more particles that become entangled behave as if they're one and the same,
even if they're a universe apart. To me, it just seemed like what more could you
want in a relationship than what those particles share?"

He sees it as a state to aspire to. "I don't think of it as a metaphor I think of it very literally"
he says. After studying the science behind it, he tried to come up with a way to bring the
phenomena to the masses.

At the Art Motel, a nonlinear crystal a special type of grown in a lab will hang in a
sunny window, entangling the photons that pass through. Mirrors and prisms will
bounce the light through the room, and onto the bodies of anyone who wants to
become "entangled" amongst themselves.

It isn't guaranteed to work, but Keats swears there is a real possibility that as you and
your partner (or partners—Keats believes in opening up marriage to multiple forms)
( ( ( ) ) )
are bombarded with entangled photons, some of the electrons in your bodies will also
become entangled. And because of the mysterious nature of quantum physics,
there's no way to know if it's happened.

"The fact that it's ultimately sort of a black box that you can't measure it makes it so
that this very real physical phenomenon becomes a very real psychological phenomenon,"
Keats says. "There's a way in which it transfers from a physical law into a state of being."

The paradox is that any attempt to measure entangled particles automatically disentangles
them, something that Keats sees as fitting for a relationship.
"It seemed to sort of contain within it the essence of trust, that really makes a relationship
sustainable," he says.

He and his wife went through the ceremony themselves, because he happened to have a
nonlinear crystal and a beam splitter handy. "We're happily entangled," he says.
"I think it was certainly more meaningful than going down to City Hall and having
some kind of contractual arrangement made. Marriage becomes in some ways a pragmatic
thing, and yet there obviously was and remains something much deeper to our
relationship than that."

Because quantum entanglement leaves it up to participants to define meaning for
themselves, Keats sees it as a way to help people rethink the institution of marriage.
"To have some other means by choice to be able to engage in this crazy experiment
of being together with someone, and being together forever, it requires that we think
beyond what marriage has become," he says.

The project, part of the Life is Beautiful festival, will be hosted at
Las Vegas' Art Motel from September 25 to 27. But Keats is hoping it can become a
Vegas institution complete with quantum entanglement suites and hopes that the idea
may start to spread. Now he's working on a design for wedding bands that can entangle
people who can't travel to an official entanglement site.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pro Thunderball

In my life I been everywhere, seen a lot, so I don't take life serious.
Looking around me sometimes I see the need for Pro Thunderball to put the
missing pieces of the puzzle together. I know I've been there myself!

I don't know it's like soccer, soccer, soccer... zzzzzzzzzzz! I agree!
Even golf, bowling, for god sakes is boring!
Give it when I was in middle school they had bowling for kids and the time
my finger got stuck in the ball once and when I threw the ball the ball took me
with it thus making all the other kids laugh at me. Sometimes the ball made a
champagne cork pop sound after I threw it because my finger came out of the ball.
Cool when you are 14, but really, what it is, is what it is, boring!

It is boring these days! It's like trying to watch DR Who on PBS in the 80's
only to fall asleep before it came on because NOVA was on before DR Who.
The blah, blah, blah put you to sleep all the time making you miss DR Who!

So really I do hope to see more fun in sports to lighten it up!
Kids need more fun these days!