Friday, September 11, 2015

Heaven does turn on the light for ATHEISM and

Atheism is really a farce more like fake. Believing that there is no afterlife that
this is only it, there is nothing else is not true when you look around.

Many have heard their grandmas spooky ghost stories.
Then others and others stories the mass of people saying they same kind of thing.
There is a point of light that is not being recognized.

The many people are out there being Atheist is in my view keeping many in the
dark ages, being in the dark. I think Atheism was made to suppress people!
Atheism is like conservatism, they hear something that really does prove there is
a afterlife, god, the system of god, they will just turn it off.
You can tell them but it's never good enough for them.
Won't take your word for it, or even others and others words for it.

I think they just sort of turn it off like they are better than everyone else like others are
stupid because they have no merit, they are judging them on their false beliefs
their world of kool-aid as it is running today.

I don't know if they are looking for a huge sign when it is really just a small thing

Sort of like the Gnostic parts:
~~And he said, "Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will
not taste death."
(I think because you find out about reincarnation so you don't really die.)

~~Jesus said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find.
When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they
will marvel, and will reign over all. [And after they have reigned they
will rest.]"

~~Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from
you will be disclosed to you. For there is nothing hidden that will not
be revealed. And there is nothing buried that will not be raised."

~~~~~So I do say it, the justification to be Atheist is based on false information!
Because the Religion, Church today is wrong! Of course you will be Atheist as it is!

~~~~~Your unhappiness is from a lack of being enlightened, you don't know what to do!
That's what I see!

~~Where does the part of "Heaven does turns on the light" parts of the
stories comes from?

There is a neurosurgeon that found himself in a coma, he experienced
things he never thought possible a journey to the afterlife.

"It took me months to come to terms with what happened to me.
Not just the medical impossibility that I had been conscious during
my coma, but more importantly the things that happened during that time.
Toward the beginning of my adventure, I was in a place of clouds. Big, puffy,
pink-white ones that showed up sharply against the deep blue-black sky."

"Higher than the clouds—immeasurably higher—flocks of transparent,
shimmering beings arced across the sky, leaving long, streamerlike lines behind them."
( OOBE - "Out On a Limb" - 1987 )

"Birds? Angels? These words registered later, when I was writing down my
recollections. But neither of these words do justice to the beings
themselves, which were quite simply different from anything I have known
on this planet. They were more advanced. Higher forms."

You would think he was just, not all there being in a coma.
But being who he was a neurosurgeon, "There is no scientific explanation
for the fact that while my body lay in coma, my mind—my conscious,
inner self—was alive and well. While the neurons of my cortex were
stunned to complete inactivity by the bacteria that had attacked them."

~~The repeated last words of Steve Jobs.
On his deathbed, Apple founder Steve Jobs stared into the future as he had
so many times in life and uttered these final words, "Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow."

His finals moments were captured by the late Apple CEO’s sister Mona Simpson in her
eulogy that was provided to the New York Times.

No one will know for sure if Jobs has suddenly had another great idea as he passed
on or was commenting on where he was about to go.

Simpson said Jobs’ labored breath "indicated an arduous journey, some steep path, altitude."

~~That brings the light on the UFO footage NASA has, the one from 1991!

~~Also in view the part of the movie "Brainstorm."

~~And Edgar Cayce also had a view.
"Cayce predicted that the so-called "Battle of Armageddon" described
symbolically in the Bible would begin in 1999. Cayce foresaw that this
"battle" will not be a war fought on Earth. Rather, it will be a
spiritual struggle between the "higher forces of light" and
"lower forces of darkness" for 1000 years of Earth time.

The reason for this struggle is to prevent souls from lower afterlife
realms from reincarnating to Earth. By preventing souls from the
lower afterlife realms from reincarnating to Earth, only enlightened
souls will be permitted to reincarnate.

The result will be 1000 years of building a world of peace and
enlightenment. After 1000 years, souls from lower afterlife realms will
be permitted once again to reincarnate to Earth.
By this time, the so-called "kingdom of heaven"
will have been established on Earth."

"There's more to life than what we have known
And I can't believe, I've spent so long
Living lies, I knew were wrong inside
I've just begun to see the light"

Even seen with what happened in Utah with the cops that discovered
a child who survived after the mom drowned.

~~~~~The officers who rescued a Utah toddler from death’s doorstep in a
submerged car on Sunday said their adrenaline-fueled heroics were triggered by a
mysterious plea. “We could see a person in the front seat and then we heard a voice
saying, ‘Help me, we’re in here.’ It was clear as day,” said Officer Tyler Beddoes
of the Spanish Fork Police Department, one of four men who pulled an unconscious
18-month-old from a car which had been submerged in near-freezing water for
14 hours as her mother lay dead in the driver’s seat.

Beyond that there is some relating info the Peacock Angel belief.
I need to note that on my birthday a rainy day I was talking to someone
about it and as I was driving the car talking I seen a rainbow bright as anything.
I really only see them like once every 10 years or so. Is it a sign?
A rainbow relates to the Peacock angel. I also seen a halo rainbow, well 95% there
when I was a kid. (That is like a Judgment day thing in the Peacock Angel belief!)
It is a rainbow at like 12 noon with the sun right over your head it makes a round rainbow!
It was not all the way there when I saw it.

I get those a lot! I also meet people before I meet them like a red string of fate thing.
Reincarnation? I see that as a point to the afterlife. I see myself in the Cambrian Period!

Also need to sub note. "According to Chinese legend, the deity in charge of
'the red thread' is believed to be Yue Xia Lao."
"He appears at night, and "unites with a silken cord all predestined couples,
after which nothing can prevent their union." He is immortal and is said to live either
in the moon or in the "obscure regions"
(Yue ming), the Chinese equivalent of Hades.

"In the Yazidi belief system, God created the world, and the world is now in the care of a
Heptad of seven Holy Beings, often known as Angels or heft sirr (the Seven Mysteries.)"
Note the part "is now in the care of a Heptad of seven Holy Beings."
That sort of points to the story about a doctors experience in the afterlife.
Talking to angels, seeing where god is. There, but not there, not being seen.

Also sub noted in the point of Theistic evolution. Like the snowball going down the hill.
I have always said it as the snowball going down the hill,
as in god might of started it down the hill then it gets bigger from there.
With everything it is a good point noted!
"Theistic evolution or evolutionary creation is a concept that asserts that classical religious
teachings about God are compatible with the modern scientific understanding about 
biological evolution. In short, theistic evolutionists believe that there is a God, 
that God is the creator of the material universe and (by consequence) all life within, 
and that biological evolution is simply a natural process within that creation. 
Evolution, according to this view, is simply a tool that God employed to develop human life. 
According to the American Scientific Affiliation:"

And note about the Pyramid Double Helix that I see as the force of god,
or god him self? The helix is also in the Peacock Angel belief.
Also helix like the Caduceus.

Is that Pyramid Double Helix what made our DNA what it is?
When in space I could see that force putting our DNA in position in zero gravity.
That is why I said it might be god or a force of god. It made us all!

*Note The Peacock Angel is an Angel not a devil!
And I see the Peacock Angel belief noted from them as a prehistoric religion
as possibly the missing parts of the Gnostic.
It's from the same timezone and would fit into the Gnostic.

****So really this story is to turn on the light to say there is a afterlife, there is a god
there is just too much to say there is not a god. So many things say so!
They might be small things but they are there!