Saturday, September 12, 2015

Paths In Life and Boom

Everyone has that time in their life of what path they need to go.
The fork in the road. I had my own and it really is to big to not talk about it.
I had many of them but this was a big one.

With my path I need to say I'm not back tracking my path.

In the early 2000's I met a lady online, that's what many did in the 2000's!
And in time we got married and in time we divorced as the norm these days.

After the divorce! I was free and so I went for a lady that I was connected to.
The red string of fate, met her before I met her kind of thing in my life I get.

It was on again and off again for a time. So in that time zone I was living in three places,
off and on. In with my mom, then moved back to my girlfriend, in with my EX, then back
to my mom's, then to my girlfriend, then my mom's etc...

It that time I ended up at my moms when my EX's daughter called me freaking out
that she can't get a hold of her mom. I called my EX with no answer, so not knowing
if she died or not I drove to her house 50 miles away. My car was a used car but
ran good but had a bug in it I was working out.

I found out what the bug was it was the crankshaft it was wobbly.
I found out because my engine blew in a fork in the road.
To my left would be my girlfriend and to my right was my EX!
And I was sitting there in my car on the side of the road on the phone with the cops.
Seeing that they check on my old lady, if she was dead or not.
It turns out she was ok she could not hear the phone her ears where
messed up at the time.

So where do I go? I love both, I love all timelessly even a girlfriend from 1988!
I ended up with the EX and with that here I am here now, if I was with my girlfriend,
I don't think I would of had a foundation to be where I am now, even that I met her
before I met her once in 1989.

And even though the right turn also took me down other roads also more than I can
say here it was a better road. And comes the wherever you go there you are, view.
And my mass, might tend to effect the current nature, of where I am. Can't help it!
But if something is meant to be it has meaning it's just where that path takes you!

I love my girlfriend at the left turn it just was not to be, not our time, I don't know!

So what is your path left or right? Both? Make your own road! 
Just do something! Life is too short to be just sitting there.