Friday, March 31, 2017

Don't keep it to yourself - Same as a hit and run

"We know something you don't know and if we don't share then we don't grow
unabomber will set the whole world on fire!"

In life with your experiences, time spent in, school, college at your workplaces,
hearing others personal experiences and seeing it in action in others, pointing what
they said as true.

You tend to see much in your life to the point you know you can not keep your
knowledge a secret because that is like you seeing a hit and run and you walk
away also. It makes you bad as they are because we need each other!

Depending where you are in life you might tend to know it all and be called
a know it all, or called a braggart. But when like me you have some relating
experence to something or anything you know I can't pretend to be stupid I
won't start being like that people rely on me as others rely on others.

Otherwise it's like the dark ages or secret knowledge.
Like seeing a hit and run and keeping it to yourself!
Or the people that live for today can't make it to tomorrow. 
It leaves no room for growth! Gives no one help!

The point is to give knowledge on something that would give someone a light.
To get them to look into it themselves. Empowerment!

~~~~There’s no point in knowledge if you don’t share it: collaboration and generosity
in the social age What’s the point in knowledge if you don’t share it? Collaboration and  
generosity are what drive innovation and engagement and yet organisations are often
obsessed with hiding things away, with tucking their stories out of sight behind paywalls
and firewalls, behind layers of impersonal websites and corporate comms that lack content
and impact. We sit courses on ‘data protection‘ and ‘data security‘, but never on
generosity‘ and ‘collaboration‘. This is kind of odd because, unlike gold or silver,
we can create more knowledge easily: we can literally print money, but only by using
the knowledge that is out there already.

In the social age, knowledge itself is no longer power: your ability to synthesize meaning
out of multiple sources, your ability to add value, to reinvent yourself and effect change,
your generosity of time and expertise, these are the things that add value.
These are the things that make you influential, that give you authority around a subject.
It’s not about what you know and hide away, it’s about the conversations that
you get into and how generous you are (and how willing you are to learn).

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Archaic Revival and my Machine Elves

Being that Terence McKenna died in April 3, 2000.
And as a respect I have to note April 3, 2000 is a corresponding
month to April 3, 2017 not the year!

So that is sort of like "Chaos' is an interdisciplinary theory stating that within the
apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems, there are underlying patterns,
constant feedback loops, repetition, self-similarity, fractals, self-organization,
and reliance on programming at the initial point known as sensitive dependence 
on initial conditions. The butterfly effect describes how a small change in one state
of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state, e.g.
a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas."

Believe me me I know! A small change in one state, can result in large
differences in a later state. But the point is on the Archaic Revival part.
This relates to having the good from the bad. In psychology it's said...  
The idea that the "bad is stronger than the good" 
comes from research showing that: it is only through negative life events that 
people develop the capacity for goodness and achieve health and happiness.

Being the Republicans seem to be in power wanting to take
America backward to a small town view, not good for life
as it would be a de-evolution. We all can not make it if
we are against our own species. So we roll on and live our lives,
in a new growing world. GLBT, Polyamory, Monogamish,
and in the future, threesomes in line with psychotherapy view points!
Or what ever it is that puts you into the light, not a de-evolution
into the dark ages!

Really I would call this what is going on the Archaic Revival!
And like in Chaos Theory this is as I see it is a unstoppable event!
"When meaningful predictions cannot be made, the system appears random."
And it's point is noted it looks random but it's running!

Going from random to ordered! Also like the double rod pendulum in view!

Yes I am saying, it's good to have those Republicans in office.
It will make the world stand up against the de-evolution because
the world is going forward!


Archaic revival

One of the main themes running through McKenna's work, and the title of his second book, was the idea that Western civilization was undergoing what he called an "archaic revival".

His notion was that Western society has become "sick" and is undergoing a "healing process", in the same way that the human body begins to produce antibodies when it feels itself to be sick, humanity as a collective whole (in the Jungian, sense) was creating "strategies for overcoming the condition of dis-ease" and trying to cure itself, by what he termed as "a reversion to archaic values." McKenna pointed to phenomena including surrealism, abstract expressionism, body piercing and tattooing, psychedelic drug use, sexual permissiveness, jazz, experimental dance, rave culture, rock and roll and catastrophe theory, amongst others, as his evidence that this process was underway. This idea is linked to McKenna's "stoned ape" theory of human evolution, with him viewing the "archaic revival" as an impulse to return to the symbiotic and blissful relationship he believed humanity once had with the psilocybin mushroom.

In differentiating his idea from the "New Age", a term that he felt trivialized the significance of the next phase in human evolution, McKenna stated that: "The New Age is essentially humanistic psychology '80s-style, with the addition of neo-shamanism, channeling, crystal and herbal healing. The archaic revival is a much larger, more global phenomenon that assumes that we are recovering the social forms of the late neolithic, and reaches far back in the 20th century to Freud, to surrealism, to abstract expressionism, even to a phenomenon like National Socialism which is a negative force. But the stress on ritual, on organized activity, on race/ancestor-consciousness – these are themes that have been worked out throughout the entire
20th century, and the archaic revival is an expression of that."

I do see a running Archaic Revival Terence McKenna would of loved this time
being the point to have a revolution and it growing world wide! It's on!!!!!!

So what about the my Machine Elves part. Well there is a lot to me!
Back when I was 7+ I think, a homeless guy gave me something like LSD
or something. Well I tripped out and saw the Machine Elves.
They attacked me with knowledge and I mean attacked! I was taking the
knowledge in when they started to question and hold back when they
stopped and asked me if I could take this it's a life time of knowledge / advanced.
I was upset that they stopped and wanting to know why they stopped being
concerned about my well being when they attacked me with knowledge
in the first place. We went on.

Keep in mind I was 7+ I think, so to me I see the point Terence McKenna
was talking about. So to me I see it as having a better OS!
And from where I have been I just burn catnip now I have been there 
already at 7+ and from my past loves of my High School girlfriend being 
a EX teenage prostitute pimped not of her will! A hair dresser that barfed
on the first date taking me to a gay bar because she felt safe there after 
testifying against a biker gang that made her sleep with a frozen pig I think!
A college girlfriend who saw her last boyfriend blanking her mom in
the blank and saw it like a plunger going back and forth. Blacked out
and walked all the way to the middle school to get her younger sister
only to wake up in a fetal position in her sisters gym not knowing how 
she got there! On and on... Do I need LSD? No not really!

I am a lover of life and I know it's worth it! That is the point of all!
So to me I would say trust Yourself and take me home!

“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.”
– Terence McKenna

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The good from the bad let it roll

In psychology it's said... The idea that the "bad is stronger than the good" 
comes from research showing that: it is only through negative life events that 
people develop the capacity for goodness and achieve health and happiness.

Being the Republicans seem to be in power wanting to take
America backward to a small town view, not good for life
as it would be a de-evolution. We all can not make it if
we are against our own species. So we roll on and live our lives,
in a new growing world. GLBT, Polyamory, Monogamish,
and in the future, threesomes in line with psychotherapy view points!
Or what ever it is that puts you into the light, not a de-evolution
into the dark ages!

The point is that I am pointing to the fact Trump and folk wanting
to push with the small towns ethics. Small towns have nothing.
Make nothing you have nothing and that is a flat nothing for all!

There are issues with not wanting people to be educated by the
Republicans. Like in human evolution making you wonder
why they seem to want to kill it by killing education?
When it can't really be stopped pointing to Chaos theory as in
dynamical systems that in the big picture corrects itself and moves on!
Well the Republicans sure don't like education! I believe all the educational 
TV channels, cable, satellite etc should be free to any TV for the people! 
It will kill the dark ages! Sort of like saying "How do you know 
if you don't know? Because they didn't tell you!"
So I need to point to the not falling for the fear mongering!
Fear is a way to control people and all I see is a over push to control!

Whatever it is with all the bad Trump and the Republicans wanting to make
life stupid does not work as people see all they are loosing and stand up
to keep what they need! All the things that is good for you as I see it is
getting it's head to light more than ever there are more GLBT things popping up
more in TV, movies and life. I hope the others will push ahead also!

To push forward to where people get treated fair, be fair!
It's ok for a married lady to have another or both just be open about it.
Or hook up with who is good for you, go find a Nissan mechanic if you drive
a Nissan, just make the effort because the effort comes back in both
because "No man is an island. No one is self-sufficient; everyone
relies on others." The two makes a whole. Life is short so do 
what is good for you and don't stay in the dark!
Live, Love, regardless of the stupid going on! Let it roll!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Obligate versus facultative or working to death

Life is short... I know but really it is! For me I have been there did that.
And seen it with my own eyes if I did not do that then all I ended up with
was just wishing I did. All because of something like a false fear!

Why get caught up in the fear mongering of some paranoid beliefs
and miss out of the best things of your life. Life does not grow in the dark
so being in the dark ages makes no growth! In life we all would be better
without the things that keep us in the dark. Or being a lone in the dark!

To me I see it best to have open conversations about things.
I see it as growth, happiness and all that makes life!

A Protocooperation, more of a Obligate versus facultative issue!
"Symbiotic relationships can be obligate, meaning that one or both of the
symbionts entirely depend on each other for survival. For example, in lichens,
which consist of fungal and photosynthetic symbionts, the fungal partners
cannot live on their own."

True and should be noted as it should be known anyway.
"No man is an island. No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others."
This saying comes from a sermon by the seventeenth-century
English author John Donne.

So being open and talking about it points to a better life!
We all could be lonely in our separate buildings thinking about
how our lives are, not looking at how they could be!
A Protocooperation would be irate and needed but you can't be
that way if you work to death not being open about things!

~~~~~The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death
Mary’s story looks different to different people. Within the ghoulishly cheerful Lyft public-relations machinery, Mary is an exemplar of hard work and dedication—the latter being, perhaps, hard to come by in a company that refuses to classify its drivers as employees. Mary’s entrepreneurial spirit—taking ride requests while she was in labor!—is an “exciting” example of how seamless and flexible app-based employment can be. Look at that hustle! You can make a quick buck with Lyft anytime, even when your cervix is dilating.

Lyft does not provide its drivers paid maternity leave or health insurance. (It offers to connect drivers with an insurance broker, and helpfully notes that “the Affordable Care Act offers many choices to make sure you’re covered.”) A third-party platform called SherpaShare, which some drivers use to track their earnings, found, in 2015, that Lyft drivers in Chicago net about eleven dollars per trip. Perhaps, as Lyft suggests, Mary kept accepting riders while experiencing contractions because “she was still a week away from her due date,” or “she didn’t believe she was going into labor yet.” Or maybe Mary kept accepting riders because the gig economy has further normalized the circumstances in which earning an extra eleven dollars can feel more important than seeking out the urgent medical care that these quasi-employers do not sponsor. In the other version of Mary’s story, she’s an unprotected worker in precarious circumstances. “I can’t pretend to know Mary’s economic situation,” wrote Bryan Menegus at Gizmodo, when the story first appeared. “Maybe she’s an heiress who happens to love the freedom of chauffeuring strangers from place to place on her own schedule. But that Lyft, for some reason, thought that this would reflect kindly on them is perhaps the most horrifying part.”

It does require a fairly dystopian strain of doublethink for a company to celebrate how hard and how constantly its employees must work to make a living, given that these companies are themselves setting the terms. And yet this type of faux-inspirational tale has been appearing more lately, both in corporate advertising and in the news. Fiverr, an online freelance marketplace that promotes itself as being for “the lean entrepreneur”—as its name suggests, services advertised on Fiverr can be purchased for as low as five dollars—recently attracted ire for an ad campaign called “In Doers We Trust.” One ad, prominently displayed on some New York City subway cars, features a woman staring at the camera with a look of blank determination. “You eat a coffee for lunch,” the ad proclaims. “You follow through on your follow through. Sleep deprivation is your drug of choice. You might be a doer.”

Fiverr, which had raised a hundred and ten million dollars in venture capital by November, 2015, has more about the “In Doers We Trust” campaign on its Web site. In one video, a peppy female voice-over urges “doers” to “always be available,” to think about beating “the trust-fund kids,” and to pitch themselves to everyone they see, including their dentist. A Fiverr press release about “In Doers We Trust” states, “The campaign positions Fiverr to seize today’s emerging zeitgeist of entrepreneurial flexibility, rapid experimentation, and doing more with less. It pushes against bureaucratic overthinking, analysis-paralysis, and excessive whiteboarding.” This is the jargon through which the essentially cannibalistic nature of the gig economy is dressed up as an aesthetic. No one wants to eat coffee for lunch or go on a bender of sleep deprivation—or answer a call from a client while having sex, as recommended in the video. It’s a stretch to feel cheerful at all about the Fiverr marketplace, perusing the thousands of listings of people who will record any song, make any happy-birthday video, or design any book cover for five dollars. I’d guess that plenty of the people who advertise services on Fiverr would accept some “whiteboarding” in exchange for employer-sponsored health insurance.

At the root of this is the American obsession with self-reliance, which makes it more acceptable to applaud an individual for working himself to death than to argue that an individual working himself to death is evidence of a flawed economic system. The contrast between the gig economy’s rhetoric (everyone is always connecting, having fun, and killing it!) and the conditions that allow it to exist (a lack of dependable employment that pays a living wage) makes this kink in our thinking especially clear. Human-interest stories about the beauty of some person standing up to the punishments of late capitalism are regular features in the news, too. I’ve come to detest the local-news set piece about the man who walks ten or eleven or twelve miles to work—a story that’s been filed from Oxford, Alabama; from Detroit, Michigan; from Plano, Texas. The story is always written as a tearjerker, with praise for the person’s uncomplaining attitude; a car is usually donated to the subject in the end. Never mentioned or even implied is the shamefulness of a job that doesn’t permit a worker to afford his own commute.

There’s a painful distance between the chipper narratives surrounding labor and success in America and the lived experience of workers. A similar conflict drove Nathanael West, in 1934, to publish the novel “A Cool Million,” which satirized the Horatio Alger bootstrap fables that remained popular into the Great Depression. “Alger is to America what Homer was to the Greeks,” West once wrote. His protagonist in “A Cool Million,” Lemuel Pitkin, is an innocent, energetic striver, tasked with saving his mother’s house from foreclosure. A series of Alger-esque plot twists ensue. But Pitkin, rather than triumphing, ends up losing his teeth, his eye, his leg, his scalp, and finally his thumb. Morris Dickstein, in his book “Dancing in the Dark: A Cultural History of the Great Depression,” notes, “The novel ends with Lem as a vaudeville clown being beaten nightly until he simply falls apart.” A former President named Shagpoke Whipple gives a speech valorizing Pitkin’s fate, extolling “the right of every American boy to go into the world and . . . make his fortune by industry.” Whipple describes Pitkin’s dismemberment—“lovingly,” Dickstein adds—and tells his audience that, through Pitkin’s hard work and enthusiastic martyrdom, “America became again American.”

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Minimum Wage Around the World vs Walking with no Car

Well in America here there is a push to kill healthcare to those that can't afford it.
"The cost is too high!" So lets kill it but if they made more they could just pay for it,
not the kill Obama Care because they can't afford it. And watch them drop their
insurance for a bigger paycheck! They don't want to raise minimum wage because
Obama Care would not be a problem with the higher wages.
They want it to fail, so the pay won't go up!

There are 180 million working class people with insurance but out of that
I see 60 million children waged adults. And with the people all over that
walk with no cars, or drive the bad cars with no bumpers. Just hang an extra
$190 + money in front of them. They have insurance but can't afford to use it anyway.
They will drop their insurance for a bigger paycheck. Why have it if you can't use it?!
The labor force is looking to be uninsured. A liability a lone having workers that might
get hurt at work with no insurance! Working easy to not get hurt. Down in productivity!
Well if the insurance places where failing at 45.7 million what is 60 million going to do?

ObamaCare it was the point around 45.7 million uninsured and
without setting a mandate to have insurance and the lack of subsidies
to help people afford their healthcare they will drop their insurance for a bigger
paycheck and drop because they just can't afford anything at all.

"From the moment President Obama and the Democrats began pushing for healthcare
reform, they repeatedly emphasized the notion that approximately 45.7
million Americans—roughly 15% of the country's population—lacked insurance."

"The implication was that the existing system, based on private insurance companies,
was failing, and that the government could do a much better job of regulating and
administering healthcare."

So the issue is the children wages in the US!
Make children wages = live like a child. Kids don't pay rent, car payments, healthcare.
And with Trump cutting the funding for the poor, food stamps, help paying the rent etc
and not making enough money to live on, things are looking bad!

But it's ok it takes care of itself in the lack of income for sales.
They have to raise the pay sometime you can't have people living in their 90 degree
apartments in the summer because they can't afford to use the AC all the time!

Walking with no car all over town. Cut back your cost because of the wages!
In America small towns they make nothing that's why there is nothing there!
They can't afford it anyway so you can make if but we can't afford it!
You would think the better option is to raise the pay to get more people
in town with money to burn... No, even if they did there would be businesses
that would lay off all but one cashier to cover the cost but end up with crowds
of people waiting in line to cash out! They would rather have people with no cars
doing without all the high dollar shit in town! Killing off Applebee's because
"There's no value there!" would be better off at a all you can eat buffet!

Making $3.75 after garnishment with kids. That also is a big issue in America
It's not from not paying the bill it's the fees, fees, fees then the fees that is after
adding up to like $100,000 bill in the end being paid off by the other half of the
paycheck $3.75 at a time! Added to the fact of the amount of minimum wage
retirees in town points to the many working hard and making the same wages for
most of their life only to retire on it. Added to the garnished wages with retirement
at $3.75 an hour?

"Up to 50% of your disposable earnings may be garnished to pay child support if
you are currently supporting a spouse or a child who isn't the subject of the order.
If you aren't supporting a spouse or child, up to 60% of your earnings may be taken.
An additional 5% may be taken if you are more than 12 weeks in arrears."


~~~~~Minimum Wage Around the World
The after-tax wage takes into account the difference in the cost of living in Australia and the United States, according to CNN Money. For a full-time worker, that’s the difference of $366.40 a month, or $4,396.80 a year.

Perhaps this is what makes Australia a hot post-graduate destination for young people looking for a gap year to make money while traveling. Not only is Australia a great place to make money because of the high and livable minimum wage, it also has many opportunities to work in its growing economy, according to GoStudy.

"You Might Be Surprised How Long It Takes to Earn a Big Mac in ...
You might be surprised how long it takes to earn a Big Mac in different countries."

There is a caveat in these comparisons. “Other countries have set higher hourly rates, but they also tax minimum wage workers more, leaving them with less in their pockets,” CNN Money reported.

The United States ranks 11th on the OECD's list. But some states have minimum wages that exceed the federal level; the highest is Washington, whose before-tax minimum wage is $9.32 per hour.

Instead of requiring a higher minimum wage, the U.S. government spends $152.8 billion annually in aid to support working families in need, Myles Udland reported in Business Insider.

Wages in general have not increased much for the average American. “Real hourly wages of the median American worker were just 5 percent higher in 2013 than they were in 1979, while the wages of the bottom decile of earners were 5 percent lower in 2013 than in 1979," Udland reported, based on a study by the University of California, Berkeley. "Inflation-adjusted wage growth from 2003 to 2013 was either flat or negative for the entire bottom 70 percent of the wage distribution.”

While it’s difficult to compare wages among different countries, it’s clear that the United States does not take the gold medal for “kindest minimum wage.” That award can be shipped Down Under.

Paranoid Republicans, Leprechauns and the Kool-aid Enema!

Just wasting time! That is the best way to say it about the paranoid Republicans!
You can't go forward if you go backward!

It's like hearing there are leprechauns that live in Walmarts
so the Republicans get funding to tear them down with bulldozers
as they have their Kool-Aid enema. And after all of that nothing was there
and now there are no Walmarts to get food because of their paranoia and
crap everywhere!

Leprechauns and the Kool-aid Enema? Well I had a dream once
that my brother and sister caught a Leprechaun in a jar.
It had a hole in the lid so it could get air. They told me to watch it
while they went to get the news over to look at it.
Well it talked me into letting it go in return for gold, so I let it go,
and it said fuck off sucker and took off!

Did I believe that really happened? No! Like if I did I would be wondering
why my sister and brother didn't say a word about it the next morning...
Just pretend they knew and just go with it! WTF is that thinking! 

As a kid I seen a jar with a coin in it at someones patch of clovers
before. Later I found out it's a Irish folklore about catching a Leprechaun
in a jar! In reality it's a folklore work of art!

But the point is the same all of this BS is just as it is a bunch of paranoids
getting Kool-aid enemas chasing after Leprechauns believing every word of it
bulldozing Walmarts thinking they live there so now there will be
no place to get food for everyone as there is their crap everywhere!
There is no "be in the now" as it effects everyone down the road.
What it is... Is not what it is because there is more!

That is the basis of a Conservatard! And should be noted that just because
they are willing to cut off their leg to save their toe does not mean you have to!
"A person who is politically conservative to an extreme degree, often with no sound
intellectual basis for his or her beliefs."

"There’s nothing fake about that. Please stop it with that stupid talking point that it is a
fake news story. If you don’t want to participate in the news stories on this network,
then don’t come on and participate. But don’t call them fake because you don’t
agree with them."

It's always the same BS over and over!

"Clinton’s election in 1992 was the first clear sign of this, and it was met with multiple
forms of denial. One form this took was the development of Clinton conspiracist
narratives aimed at denying his essentially centrist, pragmatic political orientation
(also characteristic of Obama) and recasting him as a shadowy anti-American
“other,” perhaps even an outright Marxist." Here’s a short list of baseless accusations:

As governor, Bill Clinton murdered many rivals. Hillary Clinton was involved.
As first lady, Hillary Clinton was involved in Vince Foster’s death.
As governor, Bill Clinton trafficked drugs through Mena, Arkansas.
Bill Clinton was himself a major coke user. It’s why his nose is so red.
As a graduate student, Bill Clinton visited Moscow because he was a Soviet agent
(or something). The Clintons decorated the White House Christmas tree with
condoms and drug paraphernalia.

Paranoia, for example, simply reflects an attempt to locate a frightening or painful
thought outside the self, to get rid of threatening feelings, project them onto others,
and then turn an internal struggle with bad feelings into an external struggle with bad
people. For example, if I’m suffering from feelings of weakness or worthlessness,
the belief, however false, that someone else is causing me to feel this way can
temporarily help restore my sense of innocence and self-respect.
There’s nothing wrong with me that getting rid of you won’t cure.
In fact, in this paranoid version of reality, I’m a good or even great guy defending
himself against an external danger. What emerges in the therapist’s consulting room
is that paranoia solves an internal problem by making it an external one,
even at the price of denying reality.

There is truth out there mixed up in the BS. But as I see it there seems to be such
a push to put fear into people it's just stupid. Fear is a way to control people.
If they believe in the BS then they are not free thinkers.

Also noted Trump blames the media for a lot of fact checking as it seems
facts are the cure for fear mongering. The media is a global community
and it is not ok with fear mongering. Fear is control.
And with no media is like no education and more clueless people not
knowing what is going on. That also is being controlled not knowing! 

Being a isolationist without media / community is on the same point
like Hitler killing the Jews because the media / community not knowing!
Knowing what is going action would of been taken sooner!

Also keep in mind the people that believe Trump sort of reminds me of the
mantra of the morons!

And you should know the truth sets you free. It does not control you!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Time to drop Insurance for a bigger pay check

What is GOP Care / Trump Care going to be like? Giving power back to the states
that have no funding. "No man is an island." So expect less!

It's sad to kill healthcare just because people make children wages
and to say "Obama Care hurt so many people!" Pushing to kill it, why?
"They have insurance can't afford to use it!" LOW PAY... SO RAISE THE PAY!!!
Or having Obamacare enrollees sick but should point why did their states
not provide healthcare / higher wages to these people so healthcare 
would not of cost so much? The Government should of had a lawsuit on the 
states for damages to healthcare!

"Australia has the highest minimum wage of all developed nations: $9.54 an hour
after taxes. That’s $15.96 an hour before taxes. Compare that to the United State’s
$7.25 before taxes, with a typical $6.26 after taxes." Problems with the cost of
healthcare? No problem I will just write a check for it! VS the US well lets get rid of it
because it cost too much!

The GOP released a bill replacing the Obama Care overhaul.
And yes they are getting rid of the mandate. And as I see a flood of
people dropping their insurance for a bigger paycheck.
All of that lost funding with no other funding to replace the losses
to cover the cost of running Obama Care is no care at all for all!

There is no mandate but if the insurance laps a 30% surcharge will be on
their premium for the year. But if they could not afford it in the first place...
After the 30% surcharge? Well yes if they plan to not have insurance for 10 years.
That is just how it is in the world of low pay just start using more homemade
healthcare! AKA Superglue and get your full paycheck so you can afford it!

"It would replace income-based premium subsidies in the law 
with age-based ones that may not provide as much assistance to people with 
low incomes. The payments would phase out for higher-earning people." 

Well if you make nothing you pay nothing in taxes so the Tax credits or 
income-based premium subsidies won't help the poor!
The poor would be better off dropping their insurance for a bigger paycheck!

So really I expect healthcare to collapse as the insurance companies to go out
because of the loss of paid consumers paying in! Really in view there are around
60 million children waged adults that will drop insurance out of 180 million working 
class people with insurance.

Also Indian healthcare is tied into Obama Care as it seems.
They will also be effected as there is just no funding to run it without
Obama Care!

~~~~~Replacement healthcare plan would cost poor and older people the most

Older Americans would likely pay more
The proposal introduced by Republicans would allow insurance companies to charge older adults five times what they charge the young. Analysts call this an “age band”. At the same time, the bill would reduce subsidies to all Americans, giving them out by age to everyone who earns less than $75,000 per year individually or $150,000 for a couple.

That may sound like a philosophical difference, until you get into the arithmetic. Young Americans would be eligible for up to $2,000 in tax credits, and older Americans would get double, topping out at $4,000. But with just twice the tax credit, and five times the charges from insurance companies, older adults could be left to foot the bill.

So would the poor
Republicans have long sought to upend Medicaid. This bill would accomplish just that. Proposals in the bill would give less incentive to states to cover people by limiting the federal contribution.

The law would transform the current system from an open ended entitlement to a per capita block grant (stick with me here!). Medicaid relies on the federal government and states splitting the bill. Currently, the federal government pays a percentage of the Medicaid tab, no matter how big or small. This allows the program to be flexible in times of economic turmoil, when more people come onto the rolls.

But Republican changes to the ACA would transform Medicaid into a system that pays states based on the number of people in the system in 2016, even if more people become eligible for Medicaid in subsequent years. Critics say that would leave states with the bill if a wave of people become newly eligible for Medicaid, such as during a recession. That could lead states to cut services, enrollment or both.

It would also roll back the Medicaid expansion by 2020. The ACA paid states to expand Medicaid, with the federal government picking up 90% of the bill. That led to 15 million more Americans gaining insurance, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Thirty-two states, including 16 with Republican governors, expanded Medicaid.

In fact, House speaker Paul Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin pioneered a partial Medicaid expansion in 2008 before the ACA was in place. If you live in Wisconsin, you can get “Badgercare”, which the state pays for.

One last Medicaid provision – if you win the lottery, you can’t have it. A provision in the Republican bill bars jackpot winners from getting the public insurance program. We’re not sure how many people this applies to, but call us if you are one of them (seriously).

For people who don’t qualify for Medicaid, and don’t get insurance through their employer, individual subsidies will be smaller. One analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation estimated that a 27-year-old earning $20,000 per year in Mobile, Alabama would receive $4,522 in subsidies under the ACA. But the same individual would only receive $2,000 under the current Republican proposal, leaving that person to make up a $2,522 shortfall.

Will it pass into law?
Although Republicans control both the House and narrowly the Senate, there is a significant minority of Republicans who have voiced their opposition to the plan. Some think it goes too far. Four Republican senators have publicly stated that they cannot support eliminating the expansion of Medicaid. Other Republicans think the bill doesn’t goes far enough, such as Senator Rand Paul, who described the plans as "Obamacare-lite" and Representative Justin Amash, who called it "Obamacare 2.0". Just three Republican defections in the Senate would be enough to defeat the bill, assuming all Democrats vote against it.

~~~~~Trump supporters in the heartland fear being left behind by GOP health plan

For Medicaid to say, ‘We’re going to spend X amount of dollars on you, and that’s all
we’re going to spend’ we’re supposed to just roll over and die because we can’t pay it
ourselves?” she said. "X-rays, and MRIs, and CT scans, surgeries and stuff we have no
control over how much that is ... I would not be able to pay that out of my pocket,
and I have to pay that to live ... to put a cap on it is uncalled for."

Things just don't happen for no reason at all! Obama Care was set up to have
a mandate to keep people in healthcare so the cost would be down.
Like crashing your car with no insurance someone has to pay the bill.
So a bill means more money spent!

One part of Obama Care would pay for another. You can't just come in
and make something nonlinear to a linear system! Things rely on others things!
It's like having backward thinkers working on healthcare!
Going back to the western days!

It's sad the life of low pay is to that point you have to kill your healthcare over
getting more money. When asked "What about the people that need healthcare?"
Response "They don't put food on my table!" 
Just a victim of low wages... 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Why I got into Psychology - Defense Mechanisms

This story is needed for others to know they are needed in life!
If you are on drugs, drunk or whatever turns it off, it helps to know why
so you can ask do you really need to do it because people really depend on you!

Well... I am talking about the bad drugs that take you away not the ones
that help you to grow!

But anyway it depends on why you use the drugs!
And why do you want to turn off. People need you!
So all of the bad that might be dragging you down
has no value to where you need to be pushing ahead!

This story has TMI, with no names said, but is needed to point to others that
might think they have no value!

So why did I get into Psychology when I was in college?
My girlfriend in the 90's had some problems. She was paranoid that
I wanted to have sex with her mom! Why?
Before she was my girlfriend her mom was smoking a lot of hash at the
time and her younger sister was getting into it also.

My girlfriend back then was in High School at the time and had a boyfriend.
Well one day he did not pick her up after school. So she walked home.
When she got home she heard a bang, bang noise so she thought it
was the washer out of balance but when she got there, it was not running.
The sound was coming from her moms bedroom. So she thought it might be
some water pipes loose in the wall banging on the wall. So she opened the door.
What she saw was so horrifying it caused her to have a blackout.

Her mom was on the bed with her boyfriend going at her in a bad place.
She saw her mom naked and her boyfriend's thing in the bad place and
it looked like a plunger, ok!

That was the last thing my girlfriend remembered because she blacked out!
Her defense mechanism turned off her brain so she could black it out!
She ended up walking all the way to her sisters middle school to get her

Her sister told me she walked all the way from home crying and by the time
she got to the school she had black eyeliner down her face she got in the gym
and was standing in the doorway breathing hard and looking bad.
She said it looked like the Carrie movie the prom part of the movie with the  
bucket of pig's blood. It was freaking out the kids in the gym.

My girlfriend I believe said out loud what she saw then collapsed on the floor 
in a fetal position. Her sister all of a sudden realized her older sister needed her 
so she had to take care of her. 

That is what knocked the drugs out of her knowing that she 
was needed for her older sister.

My girlfriend snapped back not knowing how she got there.
That was why I got into Psychology because of the brains defense mechanism.
So to say down the road it effected me also so I also needed her!

Her mom said she was smoking too much at the time and all she remembered
was her boyfriend asking her if he could have a piece of her hash!
And she said ok, then turned around and bent over to get the hash out
of the bottom drawer. And...

Also my girlfriend was paranoid I wanted her mom so I had to deal 
with that even though I was not ready for such a relationship with my girlfriend.
You go to college to learn things! I didn't know! It pushed me into
Psychology so I would know!

But the point of this is to know that you are needed and what you do effects others! And my past girlfriend can say she had a blackout! Cool, she earned it, never doubt it!

Friday, March 3, 2017

School vouchers and food stamps for payment

Really I do not know why people keep pushing things that don't work.
Albert Einstein : "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing
over and over again, but expecting different results."

School vouchers really don't work so why push it so much?
To kill off education!? It's easy to control the masses by having them like
zombies! But really it's not! Shown in time and time again the masses of
stupid people having riots over trivial stuff like a doorknob ending in burning
down something like Alexandria's library because it was some high
dollar shit! "How am I to know if I don't know?" Don't know now!

I remember back in 1985 in high school there was just a hand full
of kids that where going to their senior year because the voucher ran out
and there was not enough money to cover the cost.
A school voucher saves money by kids doing without having to make up the
loss. But the poor can't so they don't. And with many Republicans
being in the now can't look ahead to ask what is that going to do to the labor force?
Who are those rich kids going to hire when the most can't afford their education
and get lower?

Well... You didn't think they where only lazy did you? The poor can't afford education!
It's like culture, many poor can't afford that as a ticket to a play is like $140 for two
people etc... Well it's true! So to point the poor can't afford a school voucher!

But luckily a School voucher program was stopped in Oklahoma!

~~~~~School vouchers bill pulled by author in Oklahoma Senate
“I believe I had the votes but I didn't want to take the risk of not doing this for two years when we should have done it yesterday,” Standridge said.

Standridge, R-Norman, said public education lobbying groups spread misinformation about his bill. SB 560 would allow students who qualify for the federal free or reduced lunch program in Oklahoma City or Tulsa to use 90 percent of their state per-pupil funding to go toward private school or other education resources.

However, the proposed amount would only cover a portion of the tuition charged by most Oklahoma City-area private schools, according to an analysis by The Oklahoman.

With the state-only funding at $3,050 per student, a 90 percent voucher would give a low-income student $2,745 to use for private school tuition. However, the bill allows the student to also take their various funding weights, which add more money for grade level, economic hardship and bilingual status.

Altogether, that means an eighth-grade student who is low income and bilingual could put $4,667 toward a private school.

In an analysis of Oklahoma City private schools accredited with the Oklahoma Private School Accrediting Commission, The Oklahoman found the average annual tuition was $8,477. Some small church-based private schools had tuition rates below $6,000 and offered discounts to church members, but the voucher amount would not cover the full tuition for nearly all accredited private schools in the region.

While some voucher advocates still believe covering a portion of the tuition would be beneficial, there is also a belief that vouchers could inspire new private schools to open offering lower tuitions aimed at the state funding amount in a voucher.

“I'll agree it would be hard for say a single mom with an elementary child to use this,” said Byron Schlomach, director of the 1889 Institute. “But I think you would see entirely new private schools open that are moderately priced.”

Schlomach said he ran the numbers on various scenarios of students and agreed some of the lowest-income families would not be able to cover the full cost of private school. But he said it could be beneficial to low-income families who might want to cover other educational costs, such as online education that is based at home.

“This would cover possible tutoring services and it could also cover an online school,” Schlomach said. “This is plenty to have a child covered by online.”

Critics of school vouchers reject the idea that impoverished students will benefit and claim affluent families will use it as a discount for private school.

"What I see happening (if vouchers come to Oklahoma) is what is happening in other states like Arizona and Indiana, where predominate movement is from upper middle class students who never went to public schools to begin with, where they are now just subsidizing private school tuition for students who were already going to go to private school," said Shawn Hime, executive director of the Oklahoma State School Boards Association, which has been a vocal opponent of various voucher bills attempted in recent years.

Indiana has one of the nation's fastest growing voucher programs where half of the 32,000 students served have never attended a public school, according to a 2016 report by the state's Education Department.

Critics point to Indiana as an example of a voucher program simply giving students who never intended to attend a public school or have already been enrolled in private school a taxpayer-funded discount.

Standridge said he believed his bill would have passed committee, but wanted to wait a year for more support.

Voucher supporters may be emboldened in the coming year, especially as President Donald Trump has continued to reaffirm his desire to see school choice policies expanded across the country.

In front of a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, Trump called for federal funding to help low-income students attend any school they want.

"These families should be free to choose the public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home school that is right for them," Trump said.

During his address, Trump introduced Denisha Merriweather, a Florida student who had failed third grade twice but later received funding through a tax credit scholarship program to attend a private school. She eventually became the first in her family to graduate high school.

Standridge said the opportunity granted to Merriweather was one he wanted to offer in Oklahoma. "She was an example of students in northeast Oklahoma City and she would never have made it to college without a scholarship program," Standridge said. "Because of the education establishment, we have doomed another round of kids here."

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Chick-fil-A Tortures Chickens Taste like hate!

Being Chick‑fil‑A is in my town I have to note the obvious bad. Confederate conservatives celebrating their own slavery are against gays but still take it up the @$$ by those rich guys everyday, that makes life bad for them, they vote for those people and like it as why else would they suffer for such a long time without the slightest bit of doing better You can't say it's from being stupid without brain damage showing by now from the deprivation. Yes you can get brain damage from deprivation it trains the brain to be static from nothing! Or to say running out in the world learning what you see vs having a sheltered life thus the term "Raised in a corn field your mind is only mushed as the core field you live in." a term my 90's college professor said in class.

So here comes the Rednecks, Holy Rollers wanting their S&M values and expecting everyone to be in the dark just like them. And so why be in the dark? Just because they like it bad doesn't mean you are to suffer with them that would be disabling yourself where people need you because "No man is a island!" That is bad because they vote for people like them so that ends in something like the dark ages. What grows in the dark? You don't see Conservative polices in nature. It would fall into natural selection, as the animals would have reductionist values being against their own ending up starving and wiping out the species. Well how are you to respect the Holy Rollers when they can't even follow their rules? Render unto Caesar but have a tax exemption? Well Matthew 22:21 why? Because you have to Romans 13!

So pretend they didn't know liking their S&M so there they all go
to the Chick‑fil‑A so they can go get their...

It's more to the fact stupidity is not a point of view and supporting a corporation
that worked at making life bad for people should not be tolerated.
I won't be going to Chick‑fil‑A in my town!
Chick-fil-YOUR-@$$ WITH A CHICKEN!

Think for yourself and walkaway!

~~~~~"Every Chick‑fil‑A sandwich is filled with horrific animal abuse.
A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation at multiple Chick‑fil‑A
suppliers reveals baby birds being violently slammed into transport crates and
having their legs and wings broken before being electrocuted and then scalded alive."

 ~~~~~Remember Chick-fil-a Being Homophobic? Still True.
Well, actually no. Cathy and company continue to support and fund anti-gay
organizations. Now to be honest, I have nothing against Dan Cathy.
His grandson was my Citadel classmate and friend and he has shown me nothing
but support and friendship. However, when you back anti-gay laws with actual cash flow
into the campaign that results in gay people being beaten and killed,
I have to say something. Mr. Cathy, along with his millionaire and billionaire cohorts at
“The Gathering,” have consistently voted to help push anti-gay legislation and to back
anti-gay organizations.

I honestly thought he had taken another look after his bad publicity tour in 2012.
He didn’t, he just made it less public and what’s worse is he has ramped up his
anti-gay support. His group, the National Christian Foundation is all but Christian.
They use similar tactics to Westborough Baptist Church by sending their pawns to
picket rather than have the guts to show their faces.
This is still the reason I don’t eat at Chick-fil-a and probably never will again.

This is something the far right does far better than the progressive left
they put their money where their chicken sandwich goes.
They support like-minded businesses with fierce loyalty and withhold their dollars
from those of differing views and politics. So if you want to make a difference,
buy union-made products, support pro-equality businesses and put your money
squarely where your values are. Our friends over at HRC have provided a buyer’s
guide if you’re wondering who’s good on our issues and who’s not.

Well what corporation does this in the first place? Why would you support the place?
~~~~~What Chick-fil-A was attempting to highlight by showing Windmeyer the tax 
documents from 2011 is that it had stopped giving to what it considers more 
activist groups such as Exodus International, which had practiced so-called 
"conversion therapy," and the Family Research Council, which is labeled by the 
Southern Poverty Law Center as a "hate group."

And why would you buy their stuff? Taste like hate!
~~~~~Local artist Manny Castro has stepped forward to claim responsibility for the
"Tastes Like Hate" message painted on the side of a Chick-fil-A restaurant Friday
morning in Torrance, Calif.

In an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post, Castro, who is gay,
explained that he felt he had to step out and make a statement against Chick-fil-A
president Dan Cathy's comments against gay marriage rights.
"Everybody is entitled to free speech, but it seems like for the gay tribe, this is more
of an issue of equal rights human rights," explained Castro.
"I'm against what these people stand for, what this company stands for.
They're trying to take away what little rights we already have."

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