Thursday, March 16, 2017

Minimum Wage Around the World vs Walking with no Car

Well in America here there is a push to kill healthcare to those that can't afford it.
"The cost is too high!" So lets kill it but if they made more they could just pay for it,
not the kill Obama Care because they can't afford it. And watch them drop their
insurance for a bigger paycheck! They don't want to raise minimum wage because
Obama Care would not be a problem with the higher wages.
They want it to fail, so the pay won't go up!

There are 180 million working class people with insurance but out of that
I see 60 million children waged adults. And with the people all over that
walk with no cars, or drive the bad cars with no bumpers. Just hang an extra
$190 + money in front of them. They have insurance but can't afford to use it anyway.
They will drop their insurance for a bigger paycheck. Why have it if you can't use it?!
The labor force is looking to be uninsured. A liability a lone having workers that might
get hurt at work with no insurance! Working easy to not get hurt. Down in productivity!
Well if the insurance places where failing at 45.7 million what is 60 million going to do?

ObamaCare it was the point around 45.7 million uninsured and
without setting a mandate to have insurance and the lack of subsidies
to help people afford their healthcare they will drop their insurance for a bigger
paycheck and drop because they just can't afford anything at all.

"From the moment President Obama and the Democrats began pushing for healthcare
reform, they repeatedly emphasized the notion that approximately 45.7
million Americans—roughly 15% of the country's population—lacked insurance."

"The implication was that the existing system, based on private insurance companies,
was failing, and that the government could do a much better job of regulating and
administering healthcare."

So the issue is the children wages in the US!
Make children wages = live like a child. Kids don't pay rent, car payments, healthcare.
And with Trump cutting the funding for the poor, food stamps, help paying the rent etc
and not making enough money to live on, things are looking bad!

But it's ok it takes care of itself in the lack of income for sales.
They have to raise the pay sometime you can't have people living in their 90 degree
apartments in the summer because they can't afford to use the AC all the time!

Walking with no car all over town. Cut back your cost because of the wages!
In America small towns they make nothing that's why there is nothing there!
They can't afford it anyway so you can make if but we can't afford it!
You would think the better option is to raise the pay to get more people
in town with money to burn... No, even if they did there would be businesses
that would lay off all but one cashier to cover the cost but end up with crowds
of people waiting in line to cash out! They would rather have people with no cars
doing without all the high dollar shit in town! Killing off Applebee's because
"There's no value there!" would be better off at a all you can eat buffet!

Making $3.75 after garnishment with kids. That also is a big issue in America
It's not from not paying the bill it's the fees, fees, fees then the fees that is after
adding up to like $100,000 bill in the end being paid off by the other half of the
paycheck $3.75 at a time! Added to the fact of the amount of minimum wage
retirees in town points to the many working hard and making the same wages for
most of their life only to retire on it. Added to the garnished wages with retirement
at $3.75 an hour?

"Up to 50% of your disposable earnings may be garnished to pay child support if
you are currently supporting a spouse or a child who isn't the subject of the order.
If you aren't supporting a spouse or child, up to 60% of your earnings may be taken.
An additional 5% may be taken if you are more than 12 weeks in arrears."


~~~~~Minimum Wage Around the World
The after-tax wage takes into account the difference in the cost of living in Australia and the United States, according to CNN Money. For a full-time worker, that’s the difference of $366.40 a month, or $4,396.80 a year.

Perhaps this is what makes Australia a hot post-graduate destination for young people looking for a gap year to make money while traveling. Not only is Australia a great place to make money because of the high and livable minimum wage, it also has many opportunities to work in its growing economy, according to GoStudy.

"You Might Be Surprised How Long It Takes to Earn a Big Mac in ...
You might be surprised how long it takes to earn a Big Mac in different countries."

There is a caveat in these comparisons. “Other countries have set higher hourly rates, but they also tax minimum wage workers more, leaving them with less in their pockets,” CNN Money reported.

The United States ranks 11th on the OECD's list. But some states have minimum wages that exceed the federal level; the highest is Washington, whose before-tax minimum wage is $9.32 per hour.

Instead of requiring a higher minimum wage, the U.S. government spends $152.8 billion annually in aid to support working families in need, Myles Udland reported in Business Insider.

Wages in general have not increased much for the average American. “Real hourly wages of the median American worker were just 5 percent higher in 2013 than they were in 1979, while the wages of the bottom decile of earners were 5 percent lower in 2013 than in 1979," Udland reported, based on a study by the University of California, Berkeley. "Inflation-adjusted wage growth from 2003 to 2013 was either flat or negative for the entire bottom 70 percent of the wage distribution.”

While it’s difficult to compare wages among different countries, it’s clear that the United States does not take the gold medal for “kindest minimum wage.” That award can be shipped Down Under.