Friday, March 31, 2017

Don't keep it to yourself - Same as a hit and run

"We know something you don't know and if we don't share then we don't grow
unabomber will set the whole world on fire!"

In life with your experiences, time spent in, school, college at your workplaces,
hearing others personal experiences and seeing it in action in others, pointing what
they said as true.

You tend to see much in your life to the point you know you can not keep your
knowledge a secret because that is like you seeing a hit and run and you walk
away also. It makes you bad as they are because we need each other!

Depending where you are in life you might tend to know it all and be called
a know it all, or called a braggart. But when like me you have some relating
experence to something or anything you know I can't pretend to be stupid I
won't start being like that people rely on me as others rely on others.

Otherwise it's like the dark ages or secret knowledge.
Like seeing a hit and run and keeping it to yourself!
Or the people that live for today can't make it to tomorrow. 
It leaves no room for growth! Gives no one help!

The point is to give knowledge on something that would give someone a light.
To get them to look into it themselves. Empowerment!

~~~~There’s no point in knowledge if you don’t share it: collaboration and generosity
in the social age What’s the point in knowledge if you don’t share it? Collaboration and  
generosity are what drive innovation and engagement and yet organisations are often
obsessed with hiding things away, with tucking their stories out of sight behind paywalls
and firewalls, behind layers of impersonal websites and corporate comms that lack content
and impact. We sit courses on ‘data protection‘ and ‘data security‘, but never on
generosity‘ and ‘collaboration‘. This is kind of odd because, unlike gold or silver,
we can create more knowledge easily: we can literally print money, but only by using
the knowledge that is out there already.

In the social age, knowledge itself is no longer power: your ability to synthesize meaning
out of multiple sources, your ability to add value, to reinvent yourself and effect change,
your generosity of time and expertise, these are the things that add value.
These are the things that make you influential, that give you authority around a subject.
It’s not about what you know and hide away, it’s about the conversations that
you get into and how generous you are (and how willing you are to learn).