Saturday, April 1, 2017

Free Yourself

In this time many are the victim of others indecision. Can't turn right can't turn left.
There is that time to be fair, open with each other. Love has no boundares and if
you are stuck in a box, life is crap!

Free yourself in your life, love. It's good these days to have a lover who supports you,
makes you free... Married or Not it's a matter of the value of living in hell and
wanting ice! What is gold the growth of taking your lover home for that talk!
Growing up and accepting someone to make all better! Accept that new day
as everyone is still there seeing the new day together!

Really it's ok to be open with each other life is short be in the dark.
You can hit the reset button you know. Because being each others best option
is being free! To say save me is gold because love goes both ways, saves each other!
Being fair because love has no fire in the kitchen. Love has no fear, it sets you free!

Free to see who you can be. Free to be free  it's up to you!
Freedom comes in all things, you can't be free hiding not being real
about you or who! Be Real!
Long to hear you say "On my way!"