Friday, April 21, 2017

Oklahoma in budget hell need Kale for Flux

As many know the Republican run states are the worse on life
and budget. It shows by the lack of! Just look at what is missing!
How the people are living, their education etc. 
There is nothing hated more by college professors than unprepared
kids for college because of a low education budget.
They hold back the whole class as the professor has to stop class to 
bring the kid up to speed. Not fair to the kids that paid money for 
the class and have to see their time go for the unprepared kid!

All of this points at what the labor pool will be like for America.
There are many corporations and small oil, big oil worried about
the labor force coming out of Oklahoma from more cuts and cuts!

To such a point small oil wants the taxes to go up on oil being it is too low.
And if it's a concern of that they take action to do something big oil does 
see the red flag also! What are they going to have from not doing so!
People doing without, that makes no one money! "Trailer park job candidates"
because of the lack of everything not able to get a better life, too low!
Poverty makes everything BAD for EVERYONE! 

"A group of small oil and natural gas producers in Oklahoma have formed an 
alliance and are asking the Legislature to increase the gross production tax 
back to 7 percent, saying the industry is committed to helping solve 
the state's budget crisis."

Action has to be made because of all of this. Not doing so effects the labor force!
Cutting taxes does what it does and here we are! Low taxes = No money!
Even the poor takes in more tax dollars than they pay out in taxes!
Less money to be taxed is not much of tax for them. They would lose more help
than they would get with a tax return! So raising taxes being the poor will pay less
taxes as they don't have a $1,000,000 house or a $30,000 truck to pay higher
takes on. If it cost too much the poor will just not buy it buying something cheaper
and pay less taxes with it!

"TOPEKA, Kan. Kansas’ Republican-led Legislature voted Friday to roll back
a deep tax cut championed by Republican Gov. Sam Brownback, conceding it helped
put the state in dire financial straits and setting up a possible showdown with him."

But I would not like a poverty tax! A cigarette tax is just taking money away from
the poor so it's less money to be spent elsewhere this is hard on local towns!
It would better to tax a better stable tax resource. Tax Chardonnay being the cost
of it anyway vs the poor buying Pabst Blue Ribbon depending what you 
have to buy what with!

So it's time for the states to eat Kale for Flux!
10. Kale is a great detox food.

You can help by calling your state senator to let them know you are
concerned about your kids future, will they be prepared for college
after high school? What kind of job do they think my kid would get
with less of a high school education?