Thursday, April 27, 2017

Messing with NAFTA and the Sadomasochist

It's known that a fetish is a fulfillment, a keystone of life, it's ok but...
My friend in college always wondered why people like to make things bad
for themselves. Want low taxes when they need the food stamps or need
the help paying their rent etc. Being the poor takes in more tax help than they
pay out in taxes. Or the just do without shown by they car they drive from the
80's with no bumper, or they walk down the road with no car like a
third world country. Looks like they are being taken care of to me!
Not a tax burden to the state as there is no taxes for their help anyway
and they do without!

"Why take things away that you need???? Sadomasochism!!!! They like it!!!!"
Well it's true! Overall in Oklahoma people here eat less fruit etc.
But noted is the cost as the low pay makes it not a staple for the household!
No NAFTA is higher prices and as I seen less on the shelf at Walmart!
Most of fruit and veggies are from Mexico so... No loss for people in
Oklahoma here, but for others well... But they will go for it even if it gives
them less food! And they expect you to suffer just like they do then get
confused why you don't want to suffer. Like you are to be their best friend even
though their voting habits makes it bad for everyone, like thank you for making
life bad for me whip again thank you! Thus the sadomasochism part!!!!
Just be their friend so you can suffer along with them! Not!!!

"1. Oklahoma ranks dead last among the 50 states in fruit consumption."

Anyway you see it Walmart is looking to be a bit costly and bare.
The Dollar tree would be like the $5 Dollar tree or totality gone!
Cars go higher, Jobs tank as why make those things, they are not buying
because it cost too much?

But oh well live around it get out of the way and let them have their
sadomasochism! Don't let it be your hell, just go around them have some
adaptation and let them enjoy their misery! Well you can't make them not!!!!
A fetish is a fulfillment, Sadomasochist voters are not! A lover, is to love,
hate is just hate it is best to go for the gold not the crap in life as it effects
everyone else also!

~~~~~Messing with NAFTA: 14 million American jobs are on the line
If those avocados, cars and bacon become more expensive, American shoppers will have less money to spend on other items, risking millions of retail jobs.

In other words, the ripple effects on jobs from terminating NAFTA would likely be widespread.