Monday, April 17, 2017

Low taxes at work and In praise of idleness

Is this inflammatory that people and government in red states are
against it's own not even thinking about the being all connected thinking?
If you are in denial and just go with it, it's still there it's like putting on
a blindfold and walking across the highway pretending there are no
cars there. Isolationist, Reductionist thinking is prone to natural selection.
If you make nothing you have nothing. "Make children wages, live like a child."
And so we all go down a victim of low wages! Like in the more people that crash
their cars and still drive them there is a cost as the insurance companies pass
the cost to the consumers as they are in a business to make money not loose it!

Being against your own, makes all against all. You can't go forward if you are
going backward. The low life is not a life and should not be respected as
it makes all lives lower! As in not being able to afford life and without life
things get bad. "Live in a cornfield, your mind is only mushed as the cornfield
that you live in!" You do get what you pay for!

A child can't pay a DR bill, rent, car payment, car insurance etc.
So adults making children wages must work two children waged jobs.
That is like working one normal job but being stuck at work for 16 hours
in that doesn't help the family and others.
I stand by Bertrand Russell in praise of idleness in the jobs and wages part.
"What people who say such things forget is that what a man earns he usually
spends, and in spending he gives employment." But making children wages?
Make nothing you got nothing! And helps no one else and makes things mushy!

The issue is the low pay making the inability to grow out of it
With a kid you know you want the kid to go to a good college
like Yale being it has more resources than a JR college.
People that go to Yale make more than people that went to a JR college!
"Your education is only worth the paper it's printed on! If you think not then
you might be standing in a cornfield with a college degree!" Think about it!

So the point is everything being low making it low for everyone
because they all can't afford it! In that also points to the lack of
education in it's not because they are lazy it's just a matter of who
will pay for it everyone makes children wages!

Wage growth does not happen in red states. That is why there is so much
minimum wage retirees in red states. There are a lot of elderly people
that say they are on a fixed income but fail to say it's at $5.35 type pay.

So the whole thing is just a mess of low everything and who pays for that?
Normally that would make a tax burden and a need to fix it by raising the pay.
But people in red states do without! "Oklahoma is a low tax burden state.
Yes, but look around there, it looks like they are being taken care of with their
car with no bumpers, walking down the road with no car. Living at home with
no AC / Heat! And that effects as the power company has to lower it's spending
like the consumer does because they can't afford it because of less money coming in!

Also when you look at healthcare and the issue with the ACA having many sick
people getting on it, because they are not a tax burden doing without.
I believe Obama should of sued the states for making a burden to healthcare
for red states not supporting the people. But the doing without part I guess stops that!

So really the people in red states make it bad for themselves pushing others views
of red states being sadomasochist voters, because they like their misery.

"Can't make them not!" That is true, as a whole but is not the point as those things
do take care itself as the doing without life makes everyone do without.
You can make it but they can't afford it! Making businesses come to town only for
them to close because even the workers can't afford the prices along with others.
Like making a stake house come to town that the workers couldn't even afford with
their pay thus having a employee discount but not at the other high dollar places
so it all goes down being most make low pay!

But that is ok. It's like burning down the weeds to make room for grass to grow.
They have to raise the pay sometime so everyone in town would have money to burn
not just a few people! Noting the "In praise of idleness" part!
True and something to think about!

It's not fair for store owners to lower their prices to match the poverty wages
of the town. Consumer based pricing, that is death! As a store that has no money
coming in has less money to give to the workers, unless you have a money tree
in the back of the store that you shake to get money for your workers paycheck.