Thursday, August 31, 2017

Trigonometry revealed in ancient Babylonian tablet

As a good point to note is what you know is not true!
Always ask how or why it is. Ask, people never ask!
Always learn because you never know where that road is talking you.
Why is it talking you somewhere? Boom that is he point!

Ask and find out because everything you know is not true!
As in the Babylonian tablet a better way was found vs today in Trigonometry!

~~~~~World's first trigonometry revealed in ancient Babylonian tablet
Aug. 25 (UPI) -- The ancient Babylonians - who lived from about 4,000 BCE in what is now Iraq - had a long forgotten understanding of right-angled triangles that was much simpler and more accurate than the conventional trigonometry we are taught in schools.

Our new research, published in Historia Mathematica, shows that the Babylonians were able to construct a trigonometric table using only the exact ratios of sides of a right-angled triangle. This is a completely different form of trigonometry that does not need the familiar modern concept of angles.

At school we are told that the shape of a right-angled triangle depends upon the other two angles. The angle is related to the circumference of a circle, which is divided into 360 parts or degrees. This angle is then used to describe the ratios of the sides of the right-angled triangle through sin, cos and tan.

But circles and right-angled triangles are very different, and the price of having simple values for the angle is borne by the ratios, which are very complicated and must be approximated.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Oklahoma and the third world lifestyle

Oklahoma always has this thing like when you drive into
the state you would notice all the trash on the side of the highway.
How did it get there? It's sort of by the high way with nothing there.
Someone dumped it off on purpose. It's common! I seen stuff like it
in my town. Like there would be a lot of trash on the side of the road
but with a lot of empty plastic milk containers, why don't know!

In small towns many people have no cars so there are many people 
that walk with no cars. I noticed all of this when I went to Tennessee
I seen no one walk with no cars anywhere! Then coming back Arkansas
had no people walking but had duct taped cars tore up etc. 
Then you got Oklahoma there was people walking everywhere.
This tells me they are not supported in Oklahoma. If you can't afford a car
and walk everywhere it's a give in about the state.

I worked in Walmart once I had a hour left to work and I noticed this
pissed off guy walking out of the store with a bunch of bags.
I didn't think much of it until I went home. Just about to my place
I saw him stumbling down the road with some bags left behind him.
He walked something like 8 miles from Walmart in town to his home.

Also there was a old lady that had her groceries in a rolling trashcan walking 
down the road. She was already to her home. But walked far, far as the 
closest store was far away.

People in Oklahoma find out it time they are on their own so they
go on their self sufficient ways... Well you know no man is a island!
There is a line of being self sufficient and quality of life.
So because of their wages they live in a third world lifestyle.
Many in my town only live on 20 percent of their income.
And like me many live with no AC because of it's cost being Oklahoma.
But it's norm to use no AC! Many in my town don't use it!

So in Oklahoma it's the point of being self sufficient and living in
a third world lifestyle is norm because people know there is no real help
for them. So in that the knowing they never needed it anyway.
Never good for businesses having people doing without! All of this points to 
the need to raise the pay. You can make it but they can't afford it. 
Raise the pay so they can afford it! Give people money to burn so 
businesses make money not have people walking by with no car!

~~~~~Oklahoma isn't working. Can anyone fix this failing American state?
Poverty, police abuse, record prison rates and education cuts that mean a four-day school week. Why are public services failing Oklahomans?

A teacher panhandles on a roadside to buy supplies for her third-grade classroom. Entire school districts resort to four-day school weeks. Nearly one in four children struggle with hunger. 

A city overpass crumbles and swarms of earthquakes shake the region – the underground disposal of oil and gas industry wastes have caused the tremors. Wildfires burn out of control: cuts to state forestry services mean that out-of-state firefighting crews must be called in.

A paralyzed and mentally ill veteran is left on the floor of a county jail. Guards watch for days until the prisoner dies. A death row inmate violently convulses on the gurney as prison officials experiment with an untested cocktail for execution.

Do these snapshots of Oklahoma show a failing state?

Added up, the facts evoke a social breakdown across the board. Not only does Oklahoma lead the country in cuts to education, it’s also number one in rates of female incarceration, places second in male incarceration, and also leads in school expulsion rates. One in twelve Oklahomans have a felony conviction.

Rosa Brooks of Georgetown University Law Center wrote in an essay that states begin to fail when the contract between citizens and public institutions breaks down. States “lose control over the means of violence, and cannot create peace or stability for their populations or control their territories. They cannot ensure economic growth or any reasonable distribution of social goods.”

It may be hard to believe, but entry-level employees with a high school diploma at the popular convenience store QuikTrip make more than teachers in Oklahoma.

For four years running, the state has led the nation in tax cuts to education, outpacing second-place Alabama by double digits. Years of tax cuts and budget shortfalls mean that Oklahoma has fallen to 49th in teacher pay. Spending per pupil has dropped by 26.9% since 2008.

Things have become so bad that the Cherokee nation, a tribe systematically cheated out of its land allotments in the creation of the modern state of Oklahoma, recently donated $5m to the state’s education fund.

Lisa Newman, a high school teacher from El Reno, for instance, recounts a history of cutbacks, increases in class sizes, and her stagnant salary. She takes in less than $1,000 a month after all her bills are paid.

Newman, who recently moved back into her parents’ house at age 39, contemplates a declining standard of living while she raises two boys and works about 50 hours a week.

Shelby Eagan, Mitchell elementary school’s 2016 teacher of the year, decided she’d had enough after a referendum to raise teacher pay through an increase in state sales tax was defeated in last November’s election.

“I would like to have kids some day,” she says. But that’s unlikely for now: her rent has gone up. She also buys her own supplies for her classroom.

Eagan is originally from Kansas City but she loves Oklahoma. She found her calling teaching in an urban elementary school. She teaches the children “how to tie their shoes, blow their nose, have superhero fights that don’t turn violent”, among other things. All of her students are on free or reduced-fee lunch programs.

After the referendum defeat of SQ 779, Eagan decided to look elsewhere for a better gig. Eagan found a job in the area that would increase her salary by $10,000 right off the bat.

Eagan’s decision to leave was mirrored in May by the 2016 Oklahoma teacher of the year, Shawn Sheehan, who wrote in an op-ed: “Teaching in Oklahoma is a dysfunctional relationship.”

At Oklahoma Policy Institute, a progressive thinktank, the policy analyst Carly Putnam says education is only one part of the state’s dysfunction. Putnam cites the example of a popular support program for developmental disabilities which gave families of limited means resources to take care of their loved ones. It takes roughly 10 years just to get on a waiting list to be considered for the support waiver to help a disabled person, meaning applications filed in 2006 are just now being considered. Many of the disabled patients have died by the time their files are being considered.

One student with a bipolar disorder was nearly arrested and expelled, Eagan says. “No one had the training to deal with his manic or depressive days. One day, another student kicked him in the head during a manic day.”

This triggered Eagan’s student, who punched the offending student. Administrators decided to expel theEagan’s student and charge him with assault. Eagan eventually talked them out of pressing criminal charges, but the experience left her withwas a visceral encounter with the school-to-prison pipeline.

The case of Elliot Williams is a stark example of how Oklamhoma’s public institutions is failing its citizens. Williams, who had been honorably discharged from the army, had a diagnosed bipolar condition. After he experienced a few nights of insomnia at his parents’ house in Owasso, relatives brought him to a hotel.

Williams threw a soda can in the lobby and walked into a door. Hotel staff called police. An officer who arrived at the scene found Williams “rambling on about God and eating dirt”. The officer and the staff concluded that Williams was suffering from “some kind of mental breakdown”.

They escorted him out of the hotel and called his parents. At some point, while outside the hotel, Williams threatened to kill himself. A cop ordered him to stay seated on a curb. Williams got up and moved towards a police officer, who pepper-sprayed him.

Police arrested Williams, charging him with obstruction. The small town jail of Owasso wasn’t equipped to deal with a case like Williams’s. Instead of a suitable mental health facility, Williams wound up Tulsa County Jail.

It was Williams’s bad luck to be transferred to a jail that only weeks earlier, federal agents had faulted for “a prevailing attitude of indifference”.

The jail was run by Sheriff Stanley Glanz, who would become infamous as the man who assigned his friend, Robert Bates, an insurance agent with no police training, to a violent crimes task force.

Tulsa County jail was certainly no place for a man with a bipolar condition. And yet, with Williams in the midst a breakdown, he was tackled and body-slammed to the ground by an officer. Williams had difficulty walking. He was transferred to a holding cell, where he rammed his head against a wall.

Seeing Williams unable to move, the head nurse allegedly told him to “quit fucking faking”. He defecated on himself and officers dragged him to a shower. He still didn’t move. To prove that it was an act, an officer put a small cup of water just outside Williams’s grasp. He never reached it.

For three days, jail officials – guards and medical staff – expressed “concern” about Williams but never called 911 or requested a hospital transfer. He was left in a medical cell, where a video camera recorded him lying there, unable to eat or drink. Five days after he was put in the Tulsa County jail, Williams had died of complications from a broken neck and serious dehydration.

Audits and inspections of the Tulsa County jail revealed decades of indifference to sexual abuse, overcrowding and overt racism. From one angle, the Tulsa County jail is par for the course of the American criminal justice system. But from another – and in the opinion of the jury that ultimately sided with Williams by awarding his estate $10.25m – Tulsa had seriously failed.

hane Matson is a geologist whose family has been in the Oklahoma oil business for three generations. For Matson, the discovery of new reserves in Oklahoma is a good thing. The “dark outlook about the future of energy” is gone, he says. Cheap oil and gas are now abundant.

Matson fought Obama-era regulations in Osage County, where he was exploring for oil. But his industry’s political influence has now reached untoward extremes, he thinks. Chesapeake Energy, Devon Energy and Continental Resources have lobbied to lower the state’s gross production tax, citing competition from other states. They’ve gotten their way, with Oklahoma’s oil and gas production taxes now significantly below those of its rival Texas.

One of the state’s richest men and its most renowned philanthropist, George Kaiser, has been urging an increase in the gross production tax for years. And there’s reason to believe it’s not necessarily a partisan issue. Until recently, North Dakota had been able to expand its education system with a 6.5% gross production tax.

And despite the tax cuts, the Tulsa-based Newfield Exploration moved most of its staff to Houston.

Industry leaders, not surprisingly, see the issue through an entirely different lens.

Chad Warmington, the president of the Oklahoma Oil & Gas Association, says that about a quarter of the state’s tax revenue comes from oil and gas while the industry employs about 13% of the state’s workforce. Dependence on taxes from oil and gas “has left the state unprepared for inevitable price downturns of a cyclical industry”, Warmington says. The current downturn, then, “has led many to question the state’s management of the tax dollar”.

The Oklahoma Policy Institute calculates that the current regime of tax breaks and refunds costs around half a billion dollars in decreased revenue ever year. That figure, if correct, would cover the current $220 million budget gap in education but would still not be enough to make up for the state’s entire budget shortfall.

Of course, many would not recognize their state in this description. One of the most respected bloggers in Tulsa, Michael Bates, said the whole idea of Oklahoma as a failing state was “hysterical and overwrought”.

After all, downtown Tulsa and Oklahoma City are thriving. The cities have been rated by Kiplinger among the “best cities in America to start a business”. Tulsa has rolling hills, parks and delicious barbecue: Tulsa People enumerates the city’s private schools. Affordable housing prices are the envy of the nation and suburban school districts boast gleaming new facilities. And yes, some conservatives think the four-day week is good for “traditional” families, allowing for more time with the kids. For affluent families, the extra day can be spent on college prep or sports. But for middle- and working- class parents, it means lost wages or added expenses for childcare.

And for poor families, like those of Eagan’s students, who rely on the free lunch program, it means hunger. Local food banks have to pick up the slack and deliver meals when the kids aren’t in school.

Nearly everyone I talked to for this story – regardless of political affiliation – was startled by the downward spiral of basic social services.

There is something deeply ingrained and unyielding in the state’s conservatism.

When I was in elementary school, I remember seeing my mother struggle with hundreds of thousands of dollars of unpaid medical bills after my dad died of heart disease. She was suddenly a single mother with an incomplete college education, no professional training, and a mountain of debt. We depended on the generosity of friends and family to get by.

I recently asked her why she never went on welfare or food stamps while she worked as a daycare teacher and raised me.

“Welfare is for poor people,” she said. “We weren’t them.”

If you rely on the progressive account, it’s easy to think Red America is dominated by a majority of angry racists lighting a match to liberal democracy. And people in the hipper areas of Tulsa seem to want the city to divorce the state.

But there are signals that some Oklahomans want a change of direction. David Blatt, the executive director of Oklahoma Policy Institute, and someone who’s happy to work with “reasonable” Republicans, points to three referenda widely expected to be voted down that actually won.

Oklahomans voted to reclassify certain drug possession crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, bucking the “law and order” line of the Trump campaign. They also voted to deny public funds to return a Ten Commandments monument to the state capitol, and against a bill to rewrite the state’s constitution that would have made it harder to regulate big agribusiness. All this in a state that gave Trump the third-widest margin of victory in America.

Meanwhile, facing another budget meltdown and a teacher exodus, the state raised cigarette taxes to cover the shortfall only to have the supreme court rule the law unconstitutional.

Oklahoma declared a revenue failure the second year in a row.

“Our situation is dire,” Oklahoma finance director Preston Doerflinger said. “To use a pretty harsh word, our revenues are difficult at best. Maybe they fall into the category of somewhat pathetic.”

Governor Mary Fallin had an answer: prayer. The governor issued an official proclamation making 13 October Oilfield Prayer Day. Christians were to gather in churches and hope for a little divine intervention targeting falling worldwide oil prices. Fallin quickly back-pedalled when it was pointed out that her proclamation only included Christians. “Prayer is good for everyone,” she reasoned.

Prayer Day came and went. The price of oil has barely budged since. Three weeks after Prayer Day, however, the earth shook. A 5.0 magnitude earthquake hit the town of Cushing, a place whose claim to fame is the “Oil Pipeline Crossroads of the World”.

Maybe God had something to say about Oklahoma after all.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Short Life and the Hostess with the Mostess

There is that point in life to not act stupid because life is short.
I don't know if it's ether unrecognized seen as a June bug hitting
them in the head or false fears holding them back. 
Running around in the streets? What does that do to your time? 
All of this stupidity is in form with something like natural selection in that 
being stupid you just burn yourself out over stupid things. 
Lovers of life, no time for that! Your lovers a wait with no life
as the time is gone, you are now 70. How long do you think life is really?
Life is short with people wondering where you are, where is your talk.
Where is that talk?

The hostess with the mostess with a neurosis. Erotic, neurotic.
electronic supersonic something about a spark plug in a socket?!
The question needs to be asked what is your value to life.
It's about that pain of life of what are you missing?
If you found it go to it. It's like just standing there in a corn field.
Live in a corn field your mind is only mushed as the corn field you live in!
It's ok to be the hostess with the mostess but not to stand in the corn field!

Life is short why waste it at work. I say this a lot. "If you are 55 you will
be 70 in 15 years." How long are we to waste away are far apart over
nothing in the end as all of those certificate and degrees you earned
are just papers on a wall in the end! It's much better to have photos
of your lovers also there. Such a value to life as they are for you!

Also in work there needs to be more of a life!
More of the "In Praise of Idleness."

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Popcorn Dog or the Dogman - Not that Ive been gay but im using Bengay

What is a Popcorn Dog or a Dogman? It's a prison term for "the bitch or the top."
A Popcorn Dog was stated as the sound when you pulled it out violently along with
the corn that might fly out, during prison sex, thus the Popcorn Dog term!

The Dogman is a term for the top. The top of the dogs not the bitch!
To be the Dogman means the Boss!

TMI? Well not really. These terms where on the internet back in the 90's.
My co worker in the 90's was a Black Panther in the 60's. He heard of the term,
so it is for real!

I told a co worker lately about the term Popcorn Dog but they could not find it.
So this it a reflection the 90's popcorn dog term I will post here for the benefit
of the world!

It's not just as a prison sex term. Could be as a woman pegging the male,
arggggggggggg "Popcorn Dog" ( ( ( POW!!! ) ) )

Or any relating and funny as hell at the term Popcorn Dog can be a invitingly 
fucked up term, as it's use could also be said as being fucked at work 
by what ever is going on! Pop out along with all the corn!

So what are you? A Popcorn Dog of the Dogman?

Back in the 90's I worked at the Marriot hotel. My back was sore so I got
some Bengay and I was in the locker room. I had my shirt off in that is sort
of improper for a hotel. A co worker came in before I was
going to put it on. So as I am with no shirt on I said
"Not that I've been gay before, i'm using Bengay!"
And I squished a hand full and slapped it on my back, splat!

Forward something like 10 years later I ended up working with him and
his girlfriend at another hotel when I remembered I did that 
so I told them it again. They said they where waiting 10 years 
for me to say that again!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Phone Issues

"Anarchy is the best environment for personal growth."
But is your phone causing you havoc? If it is disabling you with no growth.

~~~~~Alexa, shut up: Raging against the new machines
Amy Ingram was trying to schedule a meeting earlier this month when she received a sharp response.

One of the meeting participants called her a "nag" for sending "PERSISTENT emails."

The exchange might raise eyebrows in any office, but this one was notable for a different reason. Amy Ingram is not actually a person. It is a personal assistant powered by artificial intelligence. The product, from a startup called, has only one purpose: scheduling meetings by email.

Apple (AAPL, Tech30), Google (GOOGL, Tech30), Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) and Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) have all invested in voice assistants connected to smartphones and smart speakers. More than 35 million Americans are expected to use a voice-activated assistant at least once a month this year, according to an estimate from research firm eMarketer. And that doesn't even take into account chatbots and products like Amy Ingram.

But as tech companies introduce more advanced assistants and chatbots, some of these conversations inevitably turn hostile.

Maybe Apple's Siri mistakenly calls your boss at night instead of your girlfriend. Or you're upset that your meeting is being rescheduled and decide to shoot the automated messenger.

Call it version 2.0 of banging on your keyboard or throwing a mouse at the wall. And now, the machine talks back.

"Many of the interactions are you and the machine," Dennis Mortensen, founder and CEO of, says about most of the assistant products on the market. "In that setting, people tend to feel comfortable applying their frustration."

This creates a new challenge for tech companies: how seriously should the products respond to the hostility?

Sherry Turkle, director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, says there's more at stake here than just the customer experience. Venting at machines could lead to a "coarsening of how people treat each other."

Related: Apple unveils an Amazon Echo competitor
"You yell at Alexa... you know Alexa is a machine," Turkle told CNN Tech by email. "We treat machines as though they were people. And then, we are drawn into treating people as though they were machines."

There is little data on the frequency of people raging against the new machines. Tech companies mostly stay vague on the details. Amazon declined to comment and Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

Cortana, the personal assistant product offered by Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30), is hit by curses and offensive language on a daily basis. It falls to Cortana's in-house editorial staff to craft the right response.

"While Cortana is always ready and eager to have a productive and positive conversation, the goal is to shut down offensive behavior immediately," says Deborah Harrison, a writer on the Cortana editorial team.

When someone calls Cortana a b****, for example, Cortana's responds by saying, "Well, that's not going to get us anywhere." Try hurling the same insult again and you'll get the same response, potentially limiting the incentive to repeat it.

Siri offers a similar mix of cute responses to foul language, but the same curse can elicit a number of replies. Tell Siri to "go f*** yourself," and it might respond with, "I'd blush if I could," or "I'll pretend I didn't hear that."

It's not just curses that elicit these types of responses. Complain to Siri that "you're not helping" and she might reply with "If you say so."

However, this approach may not be enough to curb our worst behavior or address the user's underlying grievances. What's needed, according to Cynthia Breazeal, is something more than "a system that fails and gives you a cute response."

"This is a hard problem to solve," says Breazeal, founder and chief scientist at Jibo, a startup developing a robot for the home. She expects the "next big thing" will be a deeper understanding of the user's frustration and what can be done to fix it.

IBM attempts to do some of this now. Its Watson AI platform powers customer service chatbots and "virtual agents" for clients. IBM's team relies on tone and emotion analysis to detect and deal with angry customers, according to Rob High, CTO of IBM Watson.

The first time Watson detects a user getting angry, it tries to "interpret and respond to their intention," High says. The second time, Watson may apologize and say it doesn't understand. If the incident continues beyond that, Watson goes to the last resort: actual people.

"We will offer to turn it over to a live agent," High says.

Of course, anger may only be one of possible explanations. Some users may simply want to vent, or test the limits of what they can and can't get away with.

Mortensen of says he would like to see a "penalty" imposed on users who are hostile to personal assistants "just like in real life." One idea he tosses out: the assistant's response time could drop precipitously.

"Amy's response speed [could go] from being almost instant to, 'I'll just let you cool off for a little bit' so you'll get a response in two hours."

"You'd know immediately that you lost," he says.

Then again the startup might lose customers, too.

What top employers look for in new college grads

It is said your education is only worth the paper it's printed on.
That will always be true... In the high up Innovating and Pioneering
jobs... The ones that if they didn't exist the other jobs might not
exist also!

But I see this as a bad sign in America for the Innovating and Pioneering
push as there will be less education from the less spending for education.
Will there be less people going for the high up jobs?

You get what you pay for!
How do you know if you don't know, because it was not there
for you to know! Anyway you see the point.
And the point to ask where is this going!

In that I say never stop learning. For the young grads if you can't get there
go get what they are looking for to a higher level, Starpilot!

~~~~~What top employers look for in new college grads
Only 1% of recruiters say those are top factors when hiring new college grads, according to a new survey from Korn Ferry Futurestep that asked 1,500 professionals about their companies' hiring plans.

"There are still some organizations that want to focus on elite schools and GPAs, but that's trending away," said Troy Steece, a college recruiting expert at Korn Ferry Futurestep.

He said those recruiting for technical jobs like engineering miging. ht be more likely to restrict their search to candidates with high GPAs from specific schools.
College major was a top factor for just 3% of respondents.
So what will recruiters be looking at?
About 61% said that "drive" and "passion" were top factors.

Here's how to show you've got what it takes:

Don't miss the career fair
At career fairs, you'll get a chance to meet with recruiters face-to-face without having to leave campus. Making a good impression in a few minutes could be tough, but there's a good chance it will lead to an interview.

"Companies are making first round interview decisions right there," Steece said.
But find out what companies will be there and research them before showing up. Know what they do, as well as what internship and entry level jobs they have open.
Prepare a 30-second elevator pitch about who you are, what your major is, and why you're interested in working for the company.

Calling all Class of 2017 grads! Have you landed your first job? We want to hear about it.
"Tell us why you want to work here. It shows us you're being deliberate and calling your own shots. That itself will differentiate you," said Adam Blumberg, vice president, Key Accounts at Korn Ferry Futurestep.

Companies will be on campus this fall to recruit seniors for jobs and juniors for internships. But showing up as a sophomore and getting your feet wet is a good idea, Steece said.

Tell a story
Once you land an interview, you need to show -- rather than tell -- a recruiter that you have passion, drive and leaderships skills.

To do that, tell a story about a specific time you overcame adversity or faced a challenge. Draw on your experiences from clubs, volunteering and work experience.
Related: 5 interview hacks to crush it and land the job of your dreams
Keep the story concise, but be prepared for follow-up questions, Steece said. For example, the recruiter might want to know about how you made a decision, how people reacted to bad news when you had to tell them, and how you responded if someone else in the group got upset.

Ask questions
At the end of the interview, the recruiter will likely ask you if you have any questions. You answer should always be yes.

For Steece, this is a deal breaker no matter how well the interview has gone up until this point.

"You should have so many questions that we don't have time for all of them," he said.
Ask for examples of the kind of work you would be doing, or examples of projects current employees are already working on. Ask the recruiter what they like about their job, or what they find most challenging, Steece said.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Moon Eclipse or Attack

Way back in 2016 during the super moon I was on my PC
And I noticed on searches relating to it there was search phrases
all over for people turning into zombies from it.
It's just there where so many all over the place makes me wonder!

Noted about the Eclipse on August 21... Makes me wonder.
It's said there is a base on the moon.

So will there be a attack on earth from the moon being there is some strange
things going on? I don't know! This was too funny and unknown to not
say anything about!

Polyamory - Going open into the 21st century

The point of the story is note a light starting up going to the 21st century
a social change going on or a new world of psychology.
Being real about each other having a normality without the deviancy.
To respect or care about, equally, support as a extended family.
A perfect foundation for all realistically!

It's time to grow up and in polygamous terms open the box and let it out.

Like climbing up a cliff, it's worth it in the end knowing you have many people

there supporting you. Knowing climbing a cliff takes work from all.
Something to think about! Knowing your wife is on top of the cliff and she is
supported by all is worth a lot! Like her significant others and husband are her
safety-net so she able to go farther and higher with no worry!

She can't make it there if someone drops out!

As the point is about her as a person on how the support makes her
a better person making all better loosing nothing but gaining more before
she turns 70! Life is short, getting older is no fun!

"Elisabeth Sheff, a sociologist who interviewed 40 polyamorous people over the course

of several years for her recent book, The Polyamorists Next Door, says that
polyamorous configurations with more than three people tend to be rarer and have
more turnover. “Polys” are more likely to be liberal and educated, she said, and in the
rare cases that they do practice religion, it’s usually paganism or Unitarian Universalism."

"It actually adds value to our lives to be in a relationship with other people,"

Sheila explains. "I've seen positive outcomes from my husband being with
someone who makes him happy. For me it's a win-win.

The view is like group therapy in a way and there is gold at the end!

When you love someone it's there and they are worth it!
"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

Reflecting from the 1970's the movie, "Collective Marriage."
The light to respecting the wife's needs. And points to the need to
understand and to be open talk about being jealous. It's ok!
"A married couple is having sexual difficulties. The husband acquiesces in his wife's having a lover who visits her every Friday. The lover participates in a collective living arrangement, where sex as well as household chores are shared. Thinking that they will benefit from a similar scheme, the couple starts their own collective. However, the wife dislikes it when her husband begins to spend time with a younger woman in the collective, and the collective frowns on her having an outside relationship (her Friday lover)."

People do have needs to balance their life and in these days times are changing
and times are getting balanced. In the western days in some women had hysteria.
Now is seems women have hysteria and do nothing about it they make it
their lifestyle. Even it's noted even cave women had lovers being it gave her
protection, more food and all around better life vs the times.
It's wired into their nature. They had to reproduce or die of extinction.

This is also reflecting of the ALPHA female today in trait. The cavewoman acted 
upon and took care of her needs.  An ALPHA would require more than one person,
as she is ALPHA and in view a taller woman being it would be needed for two males
to stand on shoulders to get up to her level. More than one by trait and is ok!
It is best to team up on a ALPHA being the higher level of being one. 
More support is needed and should be understood because of the trait. 
 "A study has found evidence of ‘alpha cave women’ 
roaming the plains and calling the shots while the menfolk slobbed at home."

Also a three is good for the female being the support but also in the decision
making of the family relating to the cavewoman calling the shots in the past.
"In fact if the wife gets a lover and grooms him into her 
second husband she would be the boss as the two husbands decision making 
in the family would be canceled out as one husband might decide on ( - ) as 
the other goes ( + ) this ( = 0 ) so the wife decides for progress and no pain!"

But the point is what people think or know about the past can
be like a coloring book when looking at what really was going on.
Like finding out Hoover wore a dress and about the Coolidge effect etc...
And the 60's the push for rights with "Free Love!" People having many wives
in the Bible times give women where property and came with the house back then,
if you had many houses you had many wives.

Humans behave badly. Well if we did not we all would not of been here today!

We would of been eaten by a saber tooth tiger because there would of been
more of them than us. It was a race back then to populate! We won!

Then you look into Havelock Ellis and his marriage.

"In November 1891, at the age of 32, and reportedly still a virgin, Ellis married the
English writer and proponent of women's rights, Edith Lees. From the beginning, their
marriage was unconventional, as Edith Lees was openly lesbian.
At the end of the honeymoon, Ellis went back to his bachelor rooms in Paddington.
She lived at Fellowship House. Their "open marriage" was the central subject in Ellis's
autobiography, My Life."

"According to Ellis in My Life, his friends were much amused at his being considered an

expert on sex. Some knew that he suffered from impotence until the age of 60.
He then discovered that he could become aroused by the sight of a woman urinating.
Ellis named this "undinism". After his wife, Edith Lees, died, Ellis formed a relationship
with a French woman called Françoise Lafitte."

Bertrand Russell also had connections with Lady Ottoline Morrell,

the actress Lady Constance Malleson and Vivienne Haigh-wood.
"He soon fell in love with the puritanical, high-minded Alys, who was a graduate
of Bryn Mawr College near Philadelphia, and, contrary to his grandmother's wishes,
married her on 13 December 1894. Their marriage began to fall apart in 1901
when it occurred to Russell, while he was cycling, that he no longer loved her.
She asked him if he loved her and he replied that he didn't.

Russell also disliked Alys's mother, finding her controlling and cruel.
It was to be a hollow shell of a marriage and they finally divorced in 1921,
after a lengthy period of separation.
During this period, Russell had passionate (and often simultaneous) affairs with
a number of women, including Lady Ottoline Morrell and the actress
Lady Constance Malleson. Some have suggested that at this point he had an affair 
with Vivienne Haigh-Wood, the English governess and writer, and first wife of 
T. S. Eliot.

"In all affairs it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the 

things you have long taken for granted."

"The secret of happiness is this: let your interests be as wide as possible,
and let your reactions to the things and persons that interest you be as far
as possible friendly rather than hostile."

Also noted, the life changing read of the Chapters.
The Conquest of Happiness (1930) is a book by Bertrand Russell.

Lady Ottoline Morrell:

"In February 1902, she married the MP Philip Morrell, with whom she shared a
passion for art and a strong interest in Liberal politics. They shared what would
now be known as an open marriage for the rest of their lives."

Lady Constance Malleson:

"During the First World War, her pacifist opinions brought her into contact with
Bertrand Russell, whose mistress she soon became
(having agreed with her husband on an "open marriage").
In 1923, she was divorced from Malleson. Her interest in social reform led her
to travel abroad, and she carried out lecture tours in Scandinavia in the
1930s and 1940s."

Vivienne Haigh-Wood:
Haigh-Wood met Eliot in Oxford in March 1915, while he was studying philosophy at Merton College and she was working as a governess in Cambridge. They were married in Hampstead Register Office three months later. They remained married until her death in 1947, but Haigh-Wood's poor physical and mental health, and Eliot's apparent intolerance of it, produced a stormy relationship, made worse by her apparently having an affair with the philosopher Bertrand Russell.
Eliot arranged for a formal separation in February 1933, and thereafter shunned her entirely, hiding from her and instructing his friends – including members of the Bloomsbury Group and the publisher Faber & Faber, where he was a director – not to tell her where he was. Her brother had her committed to an asylum in 1938, after she was found wandering the streets of London at five o'clock in the morning, apparently asking whether Eliot had been beheaded. Apart from one escape attempt, she remained there until she died nine years later at the age of 58; she was said to have suffered a heart attack, although there is a suspicion that she took an overdose. Eliot won the Nobel Prize for Literature the following year.
Carole Seymour-Jones writes that it was out of the turmoil of the marriage that Eliot produced The Waste Land, one of the 20th century's finest poems. Eliot's sister-in-law, Theresa, said of the relationship: "Vivienne ruined Tom as a man, but she made him as a poet."
*Note Russell in view was her therapist keeping her together.

Einstein admitted he spent time with six other women while married. Poly 6 times!

And Catherine The Great having 22 male lovers during her long life.

She was partial to handsome young men. She died in her bed, after a stroke.
It's just a matter what part of reality offends people, or knowing how short life is,
or that others are needed for others!
What part of the 22 male lovers supporting her, making her "The Great"
is not understood?

Bob Marley had a open marriage.

Sexuality of Abraham Lincoln?

The respected push and effort for the times, showing the need to push on and proceed!

Oscar Wilde! "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

George Borrow? "Borrow depicts an old man (Taylor) and a young man (Borrow)

discussing the merits of German literature, including Goethe's  
The Sorrows of Young Werther. Taylor confesses himself to be no admirer of either  
The Sorrows of Young Werther or its author but nevertheless states.
It is good to be a German (for) the Germans are the most
philosophical people in the world."

Hoover wore a dress! "Quoted Susan L. Rosenstiel, a former wife of Lewis S. Rosenstiel,

chairman of Schenley Industries Inc., as saying that in 1958, she was at a party at the
Plaza Hotel where Hoover engaged in cross-dressing in front of her then-husband and
Roy Cohn, former counsel to Senator Joe McCarthy."

Also "For example, on June 13, 1958, the head of the Washington field office informed

Hoover that, prior to marrying a member of Congress, the member’s wife had been
“having an affair with a Negro [and] also at one time carried on an affair with a
House Post Office employee.” More recently, the report said, the congressman’s wife
“endeavored to have an affair with [an] Indonesian, who declined.”

Calvin Coolidge, (The Coolidge Effect?)

Behavioral endocrinologist Frank A. Beach first mentioned the term
"Coolidge effect" in publication in 1955, crediting one of his students with
suggesting the term at a psychology conference. He attributed the neologism to:
an old joke about Calvin Coolidge when he was President The President and
Mrs. Coolidge were being shown [separately] around an experimental
government farm. When [Mrs. Coolidge] came to the chicken yard she noticed
that a rooster was mating very frequently. She asked the attendant how often that
happened and was told, "Dozens of times each day." Mrs. Coolidge said,
"Tell that to the President when he comes by." Upon being told, the President 
asked, "Same hen every time?" The reply was, "Oh, no, Mr. President, 
a different hen every time." President: "Tell that to Mrs. Coolidge."

It's all nothing new from the past, we grew up about it and now we are moving ahead.
Facts are facts times are changing. Like women getting the right to vote and now.

Also it's like growing up, like the life changing times of picking up your date on a

riding lawn mower and her understanding because she is broke herself.
So there is no stress of a first date!

Being Polyamory is overall the best for kids in a Poly family.

There is more income coming into the family, support more watching
eyes for the kids no abuse as one or the other would stop it.
A safety shell for kids being the more than one in the household.
Over time the trust the kid has to talk about issues depending on one
parent or another of issue the kid has.

And in all that the kid when he grows up and learns / wakes up about what

was going on more likely will see how he was raised supported more than many
other kids where.

And from my time I spent in hotels I have a few stories or heard a few from others,
shows life from the 90's! It's a funny hidden world.

Also noted now like some stories that where on CNN.
Smart people have a grip probably more than they did in the 90's.
"For the monthly Bronze Party" Oklahoma had their "Concord Club"
in the 90's I found out about in when I worked in hotels, it was just too
funny for the time. Everyone was going nuts like that in 1999 into 2000,
hotels where the playground for the rich at that time.

I thought about looking to see what was going on at the "Concord Club"
but really what if you see someone you know? Well what would you do?
That was in the 90's and now for the CNN story running shows the times
are getting out of the dark!

Even Korea legalized adultery! I'm not surprised my college friend
had a hagwon job there in the 90's he told me some stories
about life in Korea. Koreans tend to not suppress themselves.
I guess they hear about what it is like in the North and for the South
their freedom from being told what to do is more valued than being
locked up.

Also noted by a art park called "Sex Land" Human behavior accepted.

And the Khajuraho Temples!

"It is believed that the erotic sculptures, amongst them nymphs, with their
sensuous poses and pouting expressions are a way of giving importance to
wellbeing and love of life."

If you are in a long term marriage or relationship in term it's like fixing a inbreeding

issue. The longer it is the less diverse it is and more of the same, same it is
like inbreeding but as others are added to the chromosome mix it makes
all less sickly and stronger as a whole!

Some people are right and some are not for an open marriage, Polyamory.
If one is driven by the sex of it and not being emotionally supportive,
long term lover in view for all involved, the trust would fail.

Being like a lack of maturity about it. It's about her balance in view.

If she is happy then the others involved are happy also. 

Being open in the light you have nothing to hide, so in that there is less stress,
as all would be open and communicate about it for positive growth.

Also communication is needed, you are this to her and she is this to you etc.
Who is who to who. But the point is to be supportive without, negativity!
No hedonism! What kind of life do you want in the dark unknown?

Well be true about it, ask do you have a secret affair?????????????????? (Warning!)

Or do you go Polyamory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Focus on the growth for each other, and talk about it to each other.

What is the positive factor for each person.

It's like a 90's type group therapy where you sit around and talk

on the positive and negative so you know what needs to be fixed.
Who, needs who to who or what! The growth of that is the fun part!
Changing, adapting is a beautiful thing toward the ones you love!
For everyone to say we all love you as a group is very supportive to all!

And there is real Psychotherapy for Polyamorous relationships.

And this is a growing change in psychotherapy!

Just remember no matter where you go there you are!

(And here we are for you to support you!)

I have to note "Research by Geneviève Beaulieu-Pelletier, who studies relationships

and infidelity at the University of Montreal, estimates that the chances of someone
cheating while in a committed relationship range from 46% to 76%."

And the heat is on. Under pressure that lid will blow! And I worry about that,

as the rate goes up to 80% or is at 80% in Oklahoma? It's a red-state, in the dark!

Dealing with jealousy is the building factor in the relationship.

That is the thing that all sits and talks about. Fixing and healing makes better.
It's like taking a test you can't take the test if you don't have the test!
And if it's there it needs to be talked about no matter of past issues
or whatever it was. Everyone needs to look at this in the light of a new day!








Why have her blow her lid? Growth and support is needed!
A wife blowing her lid like that more likely won't happen if her two partners 
are hugging her now don't you think! Also stops any kind of abuse as the two 
are for her needs, and one or the other would put a stop to any abuse!

Inflammatory or not I have to say it being not only to the fact Oklahoma is 

against it's own people but Oklahoma puts pressure on people so being 
unsupported in Oklahoma is norm "mental illness" is norm in Oklahoma. 
If you are not from Oklahoma and you meet the locals you will see it!
But the point is to ask if the lady that drove her car into people at the  
Oklahoma State University’s homecoming parade had been supported. 
Don't you think this would of never happened as her partners would be 
supporting her. She would of drove her car into the garage door to have 
threesome with her partners not drive into people killing them! 
I am talking about Oklahoma with unsupported people. Bad as it sounds you
need to look at how life is in Oklahoma for women to see what I am saying!
It's like a make love not war sort of thing I am saying! What is the cost of war?!  

You see the good in meeting the Healer in your life!

Growth and support as in accepting where the relationship is in your life

and how to fix the bad. Being married for a long time, can be like the saying
people in hell want want ice water and how long is the waiting going to be?
"Partners in these relationships need to look at all the things they've wanted 
to do in life but haven't, because it didn't fit their stereotypes about themselves 
and their expectations about their partners. They need to learn to communicate 
at an emotional level, to disclose their feelings and listen to those of their partner. 
They may need to learn to work less and play more."

There is nothing more beautiful than supporting building trust in all

in a married women. To be taken home for that talk to build
a Tiny Gypsy house for her together. Building a relationship
together as all would be building it for her as all is for her, so
she can have her woman cave! It's the acceptance of everyone
together working it out for her best interest! Accepting the wife for
who she is so she can be herself!

Also a wife has the right to put on the pants on in the family to get her happiness!

A wife taking over and saying "I'm getting a boyfriend dammit" is gold!
"There's something burning in the air!" Unhappy Woman! 

And that is a good point growth! "We're not trying to say that monogamy is bad,"

said Billy Holder, a 36-year-old carpenter who works at a university in Atlanta.
"We're trying to promote the fact that everyone has a right to develop a relationship
structure that works for them."

There is the time in your youth where you are the hunter looking for love.

But then there is the point where you grow up and take responsibility in love.

Being a player / hunter does not build trust in your partners.
The lack of openness is a trust killer. So it's about being open to each other.

Like being married but dating there will be a openness to each other

otherwise as shown in history the whole circle burns up.
Or the other partner dating the married knows the partner is
obligated to their partner as the dater is more likely also
obligated to their partner so the circle is strong.
There is a reason for those relationships it's not out of deviancy!

That is one of the healthy types of relationships because of the openness

and trust building it's a strong circle! When you are in a relationship like that.

The point is to support, care, normalize the partners.

Vs being a player where no one knows what is going on with the lack
of trust about it.

Significant others are called that because they are significant!
Or (y) makes (x) the other significant! Vice versa.

To be good for the other person and that is what matters, the balance!
You get a lot back in support. 

Also the openness stops the dark unknown of saying is my wife falling for the boss?
It would be unknown, so all in evolved would be going crazy in the dark.
Openness would stop that and make room for growth.

Also there is less of a fear of losing your wife if the other partner is a stable
lower income bracket, he would not be able to support her if they try to elope.
Less of a incentive to leave.

Or much like Quantum Entanglement!

"A physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated
or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described
independently instead, a quantum state may be given for the system as a whole."

It's worth a try being open these days! This is just like the basis of Maslow,
in a changing time! Mostly like in the hierarchy of needs. If your needs are not met
like if your house is falling down, lack of food then your not able to get to the
self-actualization part of life so an open marriage would be not on your list.
So an open marriage is best when you are stable! Or being in a open marriage
makes you stable. Otherwise with no stable you would get user people and people
that are low as low is, trying to survive and would more likely not follow the rules etc.

There are too many broken wings! Why? People don't need to hurt!

You can love everyone, and I'm not talking about only sex!
A lovers connection emotionally, timing, supportive for all!
That is what is worth the most!

It's all about support and learning you don't have to turn your back on people.

As in me I support me EX, I pay some of her bills, mow the grass help out,
to keep her from being a bag lady! But I also live elsewhere with a life
of my own. And it's ok in fact my EX wants me to find someone else.
And that shows there is a openness to point she wants the best for me.
And I want the best for her. So in a way there is support, in a poly format.

Yes I pay some of my EX wife's bills! I learned from relationship after

relationship there is really no reason to dump someone and walkaway!
If it does not work then you both know it does not work and you say
it's not working, and move the relationship to something like friends!
It's just a view point of not hating people letting go of the bad in your
past relationships and being fair to each other!

I had a past lady love that barfed on the first date and took me to a gay bar.

In high school I had a girlfriend that was a EX teen prostitute. Etc, Etc...
So you know, I know it's time to let it go and be fair to each other!

Another issue is if you have a soul-mate that is gay! Polyamory!

All could be together supporting each other!
Again it's a matter to be open about it!
*If there is no growth for all happening then the party involved should all call it quits!
Balance is the point for all to benefit!

I heard from a few that found out that their parents had an open marriage.
As in when they did their family history and found oops, the tree breaks off
and goes to another tree! That is nothing new!

Also even in the country club there is a little black book in the banquet department
in the back of the file cabinet. "Rules of Engagement" It is there in case a worker
gets hooks up with a married rich lady etc there. I know I read it when I worked at
a country club. I was shagged by no one there I guess the boss saw me as prime and
got nervous letting me read the book just in case . It is just rules like don't have sex in
the closet, not on the *golf cart. (*Heard a funny story can't say here!). etc.

In other words if it happens keep it there don't take it to work with you.
Why? When you add up all the income the people have that goes to a country club
it would be well over a billion dollars and you would have to protect that.

The rules would be to keep the couple from rocking the boat making the other
rich people jump ship. Where I worked they did not frown about a worker 
hooking up if it wasn't going to blow up bad, if it was a fire they would put it out!
They would let you know what not to do!

With the time I spent in the hotel working

I know about married rich people as in the wife going to Hedonism II
with the husband knowing and glad because the wife is stabilized after.
Really it's true go secretly ask them!

I knew a worker there that went to Hedonism II with a lady every year.
I guess it was viewed as him being like her therapist, once a year, month, etc.
It's called a "vacation buddy" I think. The lover would get a airplane ticket in the mail
to meet up with his lover at her vacation time.

That was how it worked in that case where I worked. In the Hotel world it's not
surprising, we live in America and there is a pursuit of happiness here!
If you would ask any worker they would agree!

In 2012 a "Brazilian public notary Claudia do Nascimento Domingues set off a
firestorm by granting Brazil's first civil union to a trio, an act so unprecedented
that there isn't a word for it in Portuguese."

Also in 2005 the same a trio! "in the Netherlands polygamy has been 
legalized in all but name. Last Friday the first civil union of three partners 
was registered. Victor de Bruijn (46) from Roosendaal “married” 
both Bianca (31) and Mirjam (35) in a ceremony before a notary who 
duly registered their civil union."

And in a new age (old age it's been around a while) the bizarre things like
reincarnation etc. The red string of fate, that I see as real noted in my life.
Strange connections are out there can't say their not!

So really suppression in the past is like staying in the dark ages,
sinking in the pit of your misery. People get tired of that!
I guess it's like people wake up and realize they don't need to be in hell.
Give it like better education to be like adults about it.

It is long over due to come out of the dark! The days of  hedonism is ending!

You need to look at it with the light on Humanistic psychology.
Humanist Approach, Self-Actualization, McKenna!

More pointed to Maslow in relating to peak experiences in everyone's life as shared.

When looking at the lack of it, you see the need as we all are human.
Like climbing up a cliff, it's a peak experience.

As a group together sharing the peak experience long term would be valuable

as all, for all, projecting into a open marriage or polyamory for a better life.
And it is the same but long term, it's like hiking up a mountain
and it's worth it in the end!

Peak experiences describe moments accompanied by a euphoric mental state

often achieved by self-actualizing individuals. The concept was originally developed by
Abraham Maslow in 1964, who describes peak experiences as rare, exciting, oceanic,
deeply moving, exhilarating, elevating experiences that generate an advanced form of
perceiving reality, and are even mystic and magical in their effect upon the experimenter."

All of those actions in that light have a purpose, like gong for the pursuit of happiness
not the pursuit of unhappiness! And not accepting others keeping you there in your
unhappiness. Having normality without the deviancy and growing up!

Both parties need to communicate and they need to be real! If someone loves a 
married woman and she loves him back as she keeps checking out his package
like she works at the post office then they do need to communicate.
Actions are the real words, blah, blah is just blah but if she keeps looking at him
and he keeps looking at her, then all need to get it over with and talk,
actions is the heart of the matter. Both need to communicate their actions!
Every guy had a few that checked them out at work. (Thank you!)

It's human nature like going back to the cave woman! 
Sometime those words "Walk with me" will have to pop up. 
And again you will have to be real communicate be honest and let 
them know your long term / stable to the end of time.
Grab him by the hand and take him home if you have to. 
Men tend to be clueless!

Also who ever loves who, that is the normality and worth it's weight, Valued!
"Both parties in a successful marriage are able to give and receive communication 
from their spouse on any subject."

"Life is miserable if you have no one to openly communicate with. Friendships are based 
on communication. The lack of friends or a spouse to communicate with often leads to 
mental problems." Don't keep it buried it's not worth it!

No communication sinks your ship. Anyone not on your ship does not care,

they might talk bad about you but it's a fad it will go away and all you have 
is your sunk ship! What is your happiness worth unhappiness?


What from the magnitude of the shock might have been a column of water
upright in the dark butted against the ship, broke short and fell on her 
bridge crushingly, from on high, with a dead burying weight. 
A flying fragment of that collapse, a mere splash,
enveloped them in one swirl from their feet over their heads, 
filling violently their ears, mouths, and nostrils with salt water. 
It knocked out their legs, wrenched in haste at their arms, seethed away 
swiftly under their chins; and opening their eyes they saw the
piled up masses of foam dashing to and fro amongst what looked like 
the fragments of a ship.

If it's a no go at least she knows you love her and you are there always to pick up 
the pieces of the ship and that is worth a lot also! And that's ok! You love who
you love regardless! She is loved regardless, she's loved!!!!

Many women are poly by nature in getting what they require emotionally!
It takes more men vs a woman to get balance, it's human nature.
And when you see her happy and her smile you will shit bricks!

So whats the point? It's about a changing time. This story is like a bouncing ball
I have been chasing, catching up with the stuff going on and doing the story about it.
There are just too many things going on these days that are
just not being covered. In the light of a new Psychology about it and new
social changes surely coming the story is needed!

This story is to point to a mind blowing time for growth and humanity!
To be honest and true with each other! A start of a new day!

And when everyone connects, you will know in an instant! It's a change of life!
A change of life will do everyone good!

Life is too short to not be open. I am open so in my life I accept people
for who they are and expect them to be open to me. It's ok to talk about
things. I don't break up with my loves, they will have to break up with me.
I see relationships as long term. Yes I am Polyamorous!