Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Popcorn Dog or the Dogman - Not that Ive been gay but im using Bengay

What is a Popcorn Dog or a Dogman? It's a prison term for "the bitch or the top."
A Popcorn Dog was stated as the sound when you pulled it out violently along with
the corn that might fly out, during prison sex, thus the Popcorn Dog term!

The Dogman is a term for the top. The top of the dogs not the bitch!
To be the Dogman means the Boss!

TMI? Well not really. These terms where on the internet back in the 90's.
My co worker in the 90's was a Black Panther in the 60's. He heard of the term,
so it is for real!

I told a co worker lately about the term Popcorn Dog but they could not find it.
So this it a reflection the 90's popcorn dog term I will post here for the benefit
of the world!

It's not just as a prison sex term. Could be as a woman pegging the male,
arggggggggggg "Popcorn Dog" ( ( ( POW!!! ) ) )

Or any relating and funny as hell at the term Popcorn Dog can be a invitingly 
fucked up term, as it's use could also be said as being fucked at work 
by what ever is going on! Pop out along with all the corn!

So what are you? A Popcorn Dog of the Dogman?

Back in the 90's I worked at the Marriot hotel. My back was sore so I got
some Bengay and I was in the locker room. I had my shirt off in that is sort
of improper for a hotel. A co worker came in before I was
going to put it on. So as I am with no shirt on I said
"Not that I've been gay before, i'm using Bengay!"
And I squished a hand full and slapped it on my back, splat!

Forward something like 10 years later I ended up working with him and
his girlfriend at another hotel when I remembered I did that 
so I told them it again. They said they where waiting 10 years 
for me to say that again!