Thursday, August 17, 2017

School district threatens to sue Legislature failing to educate children

In Oklahoma the state Legislature not being able to fund education or
even know what they are doing is being sued!
"Lawmakers don't have a clue how to fund education."

Keeping the same system without thinking ahead is fail!
Albert Einstein -  Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and
expecting different results.

Expecting different results... In Oklahoma? They where back with the
cigarette tax, a Poverty Tax. Things for the poor to spend most of their money
on giving less money everywhere else, less sales all over. Where it would be better
to tax chardonnay wine being it would be from a better revenue source being
it won't be keeping the most poor from doing without being it took most of their 
food money for the cigarettes.

So really education in Oklahoma with the budget cuts that are cuts they 
can go to zero! "Reductionist go to zero!" I see like a form of consumer based 
pricing for education giving the kids lower education as you get what you pay
for. Noting why parents want their kid to go to a Harvard and not a JR college.
Higher education higher income. And better labor force!

It's time for action. I said this relating for healthcare that the government 
should of sued the states for not supporting it's people making a burden
for the healthcare system. Saying that the many poor people hurt ObamaCare
being all the sick people on it. Why did they get that way in the first place?
It's the same as funding education why are we here from a long time
of not having funding?

Anyway it's good and correct for school districts to sue! 
It's time, about time!!!!!

~~~~~Oklahoma City school district threatens to sue Legislature
Oklahoma City Public Schools is threatening legal action against the state Legislature for failing its "constitutional" and "moral" responsibilities to educate children, district leaders said Thursday.

The school board is expected to decide Monday night whether to begin interviewing law firms for the purpose of suing the Legislature, specifically, the speaker of the house and the senate president pro tem.

"Oklahoma's legislative leadership has failed at their constitutional responsibility to provide textbooks for every child and their moral responsibility to put Oklahoma's children and their education first," board member Mark Mann told reporters outside Sequoyah Elementary School.

"While doing so, they have obstructed the Oklahoma City Board of Education from performing our constitutional role as intended. This is unacceptable."

Mann, flanked by Superintendent Aurora Lora and several board members, said the district is "prepared to exhaust all efforts, including litigation, in our fight to provide a quality education for the children of Oklahoma City Public Schools."

In a resolution members will consider Monday, the school board alleges that legislative leadership "has continued to ignore the voices of individual legislators of both parties, the governor and the state superintendent of schools as they call for adequate funding."

The resolution also states that legislative leadership has "ignored their constitutional responsibility to provide textbooks for every child by eliminating the instructional materials line item budget."

Additionally, the document states that legislative leadership has cut funding to pay for "requirements established by the Legislature — thereby leaving huge underfunded liabilities for Oklahoma City Public Schools."