Sunday, August 13, 2017

Family Budget on Children Wages, Panhandle

There are issues with adults making children wages.
Not being able to live normally as in not being able to get
a car with the banks under writer saying "Sorry your income is too low!
Yet alone have money for the tag. Noted a concern when I look for
a car the $400+ tag fee. So there are many cars with no bumpers in the
400,000 miles still on the road!

Other points is the unavailability to put in for retirement as there is really no
401K's in those low paying jobs and ending in not able to put in for retirement.
Small towns have many minimum wage retires making what they where
making 20 years ago. Worked hard made the same pay still living on it!

Walking without a car. I see that a lot everywhere in Oklahoma.
Voluntary repossession for food money. Cutting down your food cost.
In bad times I can cut my food cost to around $16 a week so to me
inflation is not a issue as I just won't buy the high dollar stuff.
Like when milk jumped to $4 a gallon I didn't drink milk for years.
No sales! "If they wanted me to buy that then they would of paid me better!"
Walk away!

So that is the main point here the lack of sales! "You can make it but they
can't afford it." Like how small towns bring in things the many can't afford.
So they don't go there. Or the rich people from other towns go there only to meet
the people in town driving cars with no bumpers. Or walk with no cars.
In that is a good thing needing more poverty crusades. As more poor people are
needed to just get some tea in those places dressed homeless!
To bring up the point of higher wages needed. And to show how lazy
the whole town is because of the masses of poor!
To show the town is not brought up yet!
It's like a protest over your pay but not at work!!!!

Anyway low pay these days is just a lot of people doing without living
a third world life style! No AC because you can't afford to use it.
You never needed it anyway there are many people elsewhere that
don't use it! Do you need it... NO!

"In many parts of the world, a lack in economic development might be to blame for a widespread absence of air-conditioning at the moment. However, that doesn't explain why even most Europeans ridicule Americans for their love of cooling and lack of heat tolerance."

But many in Europe and else where can't use AC as there would be no resources
to support it.

"The bottom line is that America's a big, rich, hot country," Cox told The Post. "But if the second, fourth, and fifth most populous nations -- India, Indonesia, and Brazil, all hot and humid were to use as much energy per capita for air-conditioning as does the U.S., it would require 100 percent of those countries' electricity supplies, plus all of the electricity generated by Mexico, the U.K., Italy, and the entire continent of Africa," he added.

"Obama: ‘Planet Will Boil Over’ If Everyone Has A Car, A/C, And Big House."
Is true!

So in America the poor is really poor in that many live like Europeans but
in America in the lack of sales is a no growth as the many poor do without
knowing they never needed it anyway.
Like with me I haven't seen a movie since 2003 because of the cost but noticing
I don't need it's view. "We have to create culture." - Terence McKenna

Where is this going? Low pay is not good for growth. Noted as why small towns
have nothing because they make nothing. High prices goes away to consumer based
pricing of low pay the many in small towns get. They can't grow if the people don't
grow because they make Children wages.

Makes Children wages, lives like a Child! Pay peanuts get monkey's!
Noted issues in Oklahoma and why I think it's ok to panhandle for what you
want. Many construction workers work in the heat for beer in reality and so
should a panhandlers as they are out in the heat also.
They need to be real about it, it's about the beer ok! So with that with the
low wages does it have the value? is it worth being suck at work for 8 hours
a day making $7 after taxes? Would a panhandler be willing for that?
With the low pay you get monkeys so to me with issues of the labor force on
who will pass the background checks for work there are many panhandlers
that could work for the low pay. Always good for the workplace!

It's ok to panhandle for what you want! It's a job also,
being the poor just gets what they need as they are not paid to consume!

So what do you need to live on? To me it's funny as I make nothing.
I know they have to raise the pay sometime they can't have all the
poor bring it down to their level because of consumer based pricing
over the poor that does without! 

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