Tuesday, August 1, 2017

SpiritHoods, Kill The Narcissistic Love Script and Overcome Your Own Neurosis.

For me I look at people in the innermost self not on the outside.
For people in time they will learn to bring what is in them out
and "join the pack!" Partly it's to be yourself and also good for
no status in how people see you.

Also it might help to break that "The Narcissistic Love Script" people have!
As in not letting the wife be who she is. Or even a married lady not dating
because it does not fit the script! Damn you scripted marriages! 

~~~~~"The Narcissistic Love Script" is the term that I recently invented to describe the very detailed and highly specific fantasy that many Narcissistic men construct about their perfect romantic relationship. Instead of expecting to co-create a relationship with their new lover, they expect her to seamlessly fit into their pre-existing relationship script. Her role is to embody all of his fantasies about his ideal woman, including how she should look, dress, and behave in public.

There is a time to break the mold and step out of your norm, as you will find out
your norm was not norm in the first place!

~~~~~We must learn to accept our own darkness if we want to overcome our own 
neurosis. Whenever we refuse to accept our feelings and thoughts, however disturbing they might be, we experience psychological dissonance. Dissonance happens when our behavior does not match our self-image, or the image we think others might have of us. When we project our shadow onto others, we refuse ownership of ourselves, distancing ourselves from ourselves, losing ourselves in the process. This, according to Jung, is how neurosis finds a way to take over the psyche.

Accept your innermost self and joint the pack of who you are, let it out, let it out!

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