Monday, August 28, 2017

Short Life and the Hostess with the Mostess

There is that point in life to not act stupid because life is short.
I don't know if it's ether unrecognized seen as a June bug hitting
them in the head or false fears holding them back. 
Running around in the streets? What does that do to your time? 
All of this stupidity is in form with something like natural selection in that 
being stupid you just burn yourself out over stupid things. 
Lovers of life, no time for that! Your lovers a wait with no life
as the time is gone, you are now 70. How long do you think life is really?
Life is short with people wondering where you are, where is your talk.
Where is that talk?

The hostess with the mostess with a neurosis. Erotic, neurotic.
electronic supersonic something about a spark plug in a socket?!
The question needs to be asked what is your value to life.
It's about that pain of life of what are you missing?
If you found it go to it. It's like just standing there in a corn field.
Live in a corn field your mind is only mushed as the corn field you live in!
It's ok to be the hostess with the mostess but not to stand in the corn field!

Life is short why waste it at work. I say this a lot. "If you are 55 you will
be 70 in 15 years." How long are we to waste away are far apart over
nothing in the end as all of those certificate and degrees you earned
are just papers on a wall in the end! It's much better to have photos
of your lovers also there. Such a value to life as they are for you!

Also in work there needs to be more of a life!
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