Sunday, March 12, 2017

Time to drop Insurance for a bigger pay check

What is GOP Care / Trump Care going to be like? Giving power back to the states
that have no funding. "No man is an island." So expect less!

It's sad to kill healthcare just because people make children wages
and to say "Obama Care hurt so many people!" Pushing to kill it, why?
"They have insurance can't afford to use it!" LOW PAY... SO RAISE THE PAY!!!
Or having Obamacare enrollees sick but should point why did their states
not provide healthcare / higher wages to these people so healthcare 
would not of cost so much? The Government should of had a lawsuit on the 
states for damages to healthcare!

"Australia has the highest minimum wage of all developed nations: $9.54 an hour
after taxes. That’s $15.96 an hour before taxes. Compare that to the United State’s
$7.25 before taxes, with a typical $6.26 after taxes." Problems with the cost of
healthcare? No problem I will just write a check for it! VS the US well lets get rid of it
because it cost too much!

The GOP released a bill replacing the Obama Care overhaul.
And yes they are getting rid of the mandate. And as I see a flood of
people dropping their insurance for a bigger paycheck.
All of that lost funding with no other funding to replace the losses
to cover the cost of running Obama Care is no care at all for all!

There is no mandate but if the insurance laps a 30% surcharge will be on
their premium for the year. But if they could not afford it in the first place...
After the 30% surcharge? Well yes if they plan to not have insurance for 10 years.
That is just how it is in the world of low pay just start using more homemade
healthcare! AKA Superglue and get your full paycheck so you can afford it!

"It would replace income-based premium subsidies in the law 
with age-based ones that may not provide as much assistance to people with 
low incomes. The payments would phase out for higher-earning people." 

Well if you make nothing you pay nothing in taxes so the Tax credits or 
income-based premium subsidies won't help the poor!
The poor would be better off dropping their insurance for a bigger paycheck!

So really I expect healthcare to collapse as the insurance companies to go out
because of the loss of paid consumers paying in! Really in view there are around
60 million children waged adults that will drop insurance out of 180 million working 
class people with insurance.

Also Indian healthcare is tied into Obama Care as it seems.
They will also be effected as there is just no funding to run it without
Obama Care!

~~~~~Replacement healthcare plan would cost poor and older people the most

Older Americans would likely pay more
The proposal introduced by Republicans would allow insurance companies to charge older adults five times what they charge the young. Analysts call this an “age band”. At the same time, the bill would reduce subsidies to all Americans, giving them out by age to everyone who earns less than $75,000 per year individually or $150,000 for a couple.

That may sound like a philosophical difference, until you get into the arithmetic. Young Americans would be eligible for up to $2,000 in tax credits, and older Americans would get double, topping out at $4,000. But with just twice the tax credit, and five times the charges from insurance companies, older adults could be left to foot the bill.

So would the poor
Republicans have long sought to upend Medicaid. This bill would accomplish just that. Proposals in the bill would give less incentive to states to cover people by limiting the federal contribution.

The law would transform the current system from an open ended entitlement to a per capita block grant (stick with me here!). Medicaid relies on the federal government and states splitting the bill. Currently, the federal government pays a percentage of the Medicaid tab, no matter how big or small. This allows the program to be flexible in times of economic turmoil, when more people come onto the rolls.

But Republican changes to the ACA would transform Medicaid into a system that pays states based on the number of people in the system in 2016, even if more people become eligible for Medicaid in subsequent years. Critics say that would leave states with the bill if a wave of people become newly eligible for Medicaid, such as during a recession. That could lead states to cut services, enrollment or both.

It would also roll back the Medicaid expansion by 2020. The ACA paid states to expand Medicaid, with the federal government picking up 90% of the bill. That led to 15 million more Americans gaining insurance, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Thirty-two states, including 16 with Republican governors, expanded Medicaid.

In fact, House speaker Paul Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin pioneered a partial Medicaid expansion in 2008 before the ACA was in place. If you live in Wisconsin, you can get “Badgercare”, which the state pays for.

One last Medicaid provision – if you win the lottery, you can’t have it. A provision in the Republican bill bars jackpot winners from getting the public insurance program. We’re not sure how many people this applies to, but call us if you are one of them (seriously).

For people who don’t qualify for Medicaid, and don’t get insurance through their employer, individual subsidies will be smaller. One analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation estimated that a 27-year-old earning $20,000 per year in Mobile, Alabama would receive $4,522 in subsidies under the ACA. But the same individual would only receive $2,000 under the current Republican proposal, leaving that person to make up a $2,522 shortfall.

Will it pass into law?
Although Republicans control both the House and narrowly the Senate, there is a significant minority of Republicans who have voiced their opposition to the plan. Some think it goes too far. Four Republican senators have publicly stated that they cannot support eliminating the expansion of Medicaid. Other Republicans think the bill doesn’t goes far enough, such as Senator Rand Paul, who described the plans as "Obamacare-lite" and Representative Justin Amash, who called it "Obamacare 2.0". Just three Republican defections in the Senate would be enough to defeat the bill, assuming all Democrats vote against it.

~~~~~Trump supporters in the heartland fear being left behind by GOP health plan

For Medicaid to say, ‘We’re going to spend X amount of dollars on you, and that’s all
we’re going to spend’ we’re supposed to just roll over and die because we can’t pay it
ourselves?” she said. "X-rays, and MRIs, and CT scans, surgeries and stuff we have no
control over how much that is ... I would not be able to pay that out of my pocket,
and I have to pay that to live ... to put a cap on it is uncalled for."

Things just don't happen for no reason at all! Obama Care was set up to have
a mandate to keep people in healthcare so the cost would be down.
Like crashing your car with no insurance someone has to pay the bill.
So a bill means more money spent!

One part of Obama Care would pay for another. You can't just come in
and make something nonlinear to a linear system! Things rely on others things!
It's like having backward thinkers working on healthcare!
Going back to the western days!

It's sad the life of low pay is to that point you have to kill your healthcare over
getting more money. When asked "What about the people that need healthcare?"
Response "They don't put food on my table!" 
Just a victim of low wages...