Saturday, March 25, 2017

The good from the bad let it roll

In psychology it's said... The idea that the "bad is stronger than the good" 
comes from research showing that: it is only through negative life events that 
people develop the capacity for goodness and achieve health and happiness.

Being the Republicans seem to be in power wanting to take
America backward to a small town view, not good for life
as it would be a de-evolution. We all can not make it if
we are against our own species. So we roll on and live our lives,
in a new growing world. GLBT, Polyamory, Monogamish,
and in the future, threesomes in line with psychotherapy view points!
Or what ever it is that puts you into the light, not a de-evolution
into the dark ages!

The point is that I am pointing to the fact Trump and folk wanting
to push with the small towns ethics. Small towns have nothing.
Make nothing you have nothing and that is a flat nothing for all!

There are issues with not wanting people to be educated by the
Republicans. Like in human evolution making you wonder
why they seem to want to kill it by killing education?
When it can't really be stopped pointing to Chaos theory as in
dynamical systems that in the big picture corrects itself and moves on!
Well the Republicans sure don't like education! I believe all the educational 
TV channels, cable, satellite etc should be free to any TV for the people! 
It will kill the dark ages! Sort of like saying "How do you know 
if you don't know? Because they didn't tell you!"
So I need to point to the not falling for the fear mongering!
Fear is a way to control people and all I see is a over push to control!

Whatever it is with all the bad Trump and the Republicans wanting to make
life stupid does not work as people see all they are loosing and stand up
to keep what they need! All the things that is good for you as I see it is
getting it's head to light more than ever there are more GLBT things popping up
more in TV, movies and life. I hope the others will push ahead also!

To push forward to where people get treated fair, be fair!
It's ok for a married lady to have another or both just be open about it.
Or hook up with who is good for you, go find a Nissan mechanic if you drive
a Nissan, just make the effort because the effort comes back in both
because "No man is an island. No one is self-sufficient; everyone
relies on others." The two makes a whole. Life is short so do 
what is good for you and don't stay in the dark!
Live, Love, regardless of the stupid going on! Let it roll!