Sunday, March 5, 2017

Why I got into Psychology - Defense Mechanisms

This story is needed for others to know they are needed in life!
If you are on drugs, drunk or whatever turns it off, it helps to know why
so you can ask do you really need to do it because people really depend on you!

Well... I am talking about the bad drugs that take you away not the ones
that help you to grow!

But anyway it depends on why you use the drugs!
And why do you want to turn off. People need you!
So all of the bad that might be dragging you down
has no value to where you need to be pushing ahead!

This story has TMI, with no names said, but is needed to point to others that
might think they have no value!

So why did I get into Psychology when I was in college?
My girlfriend in the 90's had some problems. She was paranoid that
I wanted to have sex with her mom! Why?
Before she was my girlfriend her mom was smoking a lot of hash at the
time and her younger sister was getting into it also.

My girlfriend back then was in High School at the time and had a boyfriend.
Well one day he did not pick her up after school. So she walked home.
When she got home she heard a bang, bang noise so she thought it
was the washer out of balance but when she got there, it was not running.
The sound was coming from her moms bedroom. So she thought it might be
some water pipes loose in the wall banging on the wall. So she opened the door.
What she saw was so horrifying it caused her to have a blackout.

Her mom was on the bed with her boyfriend going at her in a bad place.
She saw her mom naked and her boyfriend's thing in the bad place and
it looked like a plunger, ok!

That was the last thing my girlfriend remembered because she blacked out!
Her defense mechanism turned off her brain so she could black it out!
She ended up walking all the way to her sisters middle school to get her

Her sister told me she walked all the way from home crying and by the time
she got to the school she had black eyeliner down her face she got in the gym
and was standing in the doorway breathing hard and looking bad.
She said it looked like the Carrie movie the prom part of the movie with the  
bucket of pig's blood. It was freaking out the kids in the gym.

My girlfriend I believe said out loud what she saw then collapsed on the floor 
in a fetal position. Her sister all of a sudden realized her older sister needed her 
so she had to take care of her. 

That is what knocked the drugs out of her knowing that she 
was needed for her older sister.

My girlfriend snapped back not knowing how she got there.
That was why I got into Psychology because of the brains defense mechanism.
So to say down the road it effected me also so I also needed her!

Her mom said she was smoking too much at the time and all she remembered
was her boyfriend asking her if he could have a piece of her hash!
And she said ok, then turned around and bent over to get the hash out
of the bottom drawer. And...

Also my girlfriend was paranoid I wanted her mom so I had to deal 
with that even though I was not ready for such a relationship with my girlfriend.
You go to college to learn things! I didn't know! It pushed me into
Psychology so I would know!

But the point of this is to know that you are needed and what you do effects others! And my past girlfriend can say she had a blackout! Cool, she earned it, never doubt it!