Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Female Prostate and a Quantum Threesome

Not that I am a sick man. I am desperate, yes but not sick, well...
I guess I know too much, sorry but... I need to note that everything has a 
reason and as all life we all look to go higher, not lower.
It's like an evolution, it's revealing and healing, a force of the galaxy, it's a threesome!

But I also put it in a spiritual view, sort of a Quantum Activism format or 
something like it. http://www.amitgoswami.org

In view many women say men think with their privates.
Well a woman's privates also effects her emotions making the
mind a slave to her privates. It's a matter of hormone balance and condition.
Like it would be for a male with sore privates. Makes a bad day!--( Warning )

Men = Mind to privates!
Women = Privates to mind!

It is a Yin and Yang noted males have a prostate,
and so do women small or big but they do!

So what is the quantum entanglement and the female prostate relate too?
The point of quantum entanglement, hormones and pheromones or
what unknown that drives people. It is in the same manner the
Yin and Yang the concept of duality forming a whole.

"Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or
groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state
of each particle cannot be described independently instead, a quantum state
may be given for the system as a whole."

It is all in the same manner men and women as the entanglement
of how we all are making the whole. Or something like it!
Becoming the one as one yet not the same. The meaning of life?! 
Not only about having sex but connecting as the same!

If you ever took a sex therapist or human sexuality courses in college,
you will know about the Sexual Bonding Practice. 
Take away the sex and talk about the result, bonding, becoming one.
The higher things that have higher values than sex by itself.

Love does not care about the past or the bad. Love is love, going higher!

Higher values like a non sexual threesome. It would be in the class
of bonding therapy. And that is where there is a high level of emotional
content for the purpose of healing or breaking the shell of the person that is
abused, rejected and all the bad is replaced by being desired, adored,
accepted and pampered usually by all being naked with the lady laying on
top of her two lovers. There is no sex just the aim of emotional healing,
as she would be the queen bee and life would be good for her on the top! 
It is a threesome but no sex just support and love for the queen bee!
"Or have a threesome where you exchange lots of erotic touch but choose not to
have intercourse. Sex without penetration is safer both physically and emotionally." 

Another higher value is what relates to a sexual threesome.
DP! One of the rules of having a threesome is for everyone to be
involved and that would imply DP, aka a Sex Sandwich! 
Now it's not about the act of it, the value and the heart of the matter
is the teamwork between the guys as the point of DP is to focus on
the female's G-spot! Both guys have to find the spot in both ends
and as a team they focus with timing and etc. The G-spot will twist 
around a lot if the males work as a team. And the Female appreciates
the act but more in knowing they are both teaming up on her is the
highest value knowing they are for her happiness!

Sex therapy is not only sex! The point is therapy to heal, bond to
your partners. All for the one and the same for the others as she
is happy they are happy also! Quantum entanglement!

Yes I related a threesome with Quantum physics!

Anyway, the stuff you learn in college! TMI? Really it is important to 
bring up this kind of stuff. For the most part being real about life 
as we all are. And for women there are issues that not even they seem 
to know. And know gold is the emotional content of such, that is the
heart of the matter! 

It's for health reasons women need to know this stuff and more...  

~~~~~Female urethral syndrome. A female prostatitis?
"They stain histologically for prostate-specific antigen and, like the prostate, are
subject to both infection and cancer. The most important aspect of recognizing this
microscopic "female prostate" as an anatomic feature is that its infections may
completely explain many cases of the urethral syndrome."

~~~~~Decreased beta-carotene levels in exfoliated vaginal epithelial cells in 
women with vaginal candidiasis.
Decreased beta-carotene levels, and possibly other antioxidants, may alter the
local immune response resulting in disturbances in the vaginal flora, overgrowth
of candida, and the development of vaginal candidiasis.

Middle age women do need Beta-carotene along with an Omega-3 type with
vitamin D3 / calcium. The Beta-carotene and Omega-3 is needed for the fatty tissues
in the light of the lack of hormone therapy relating to old age and risk.

~~~~Hormone Therapy
 What are the benefits of taking HT?
HT is prescribed to relieve:
  • Hot flashes
  • Vaginal dryness that can result in painful intercourse
  • Other problematic symptoms of menopause, such as night sweats and dry, itchy skin
Other benefits of taking HT include:
  • Reduced risk of developing osteoporosis and reduced risk of bone breakage
  • Improvement of mood and overall sense of mental well-being in some women
  • Decreased tooth loss
  • Lowered risk of colon cancer
  • Lowered risk of diabetes
  • Modest improvement in joint pains
  • Lower death rate for women who take hormone therapy in their 50s.
What are the risks of taking HT?

While HT helps many women get through menopause, the treatment (like any prescription or even non-prescription medicines) is not risk-free. Known health risks include:
  • An increased risk of endometrial cancer (only if a woman still has her uterus and is not taking a progestin along with estrogen).
  • Increased risk of blood clots and stroke. However, in women within 5 years of menopause there was no statistically significant increase in stroke risk. Also, studies suggest that using estrogen delivered from the skin via a patch/cream might further lessen the risk of blood clots.
  • Increased chance of gallbladder/gallstone problems.
  • Increased risk of dementia if hormone therapy is started after a woman has been in menopause for 10 years. It is not yet known if it might be beneficial for women who start HT in their 50s.
Most of our understanding about the benefits and risks of hormone therapy on the heart and breast come from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study (one of the largest studies done on hormone therapy):

HT and the heart

Recent analysis of WHI actually shows that the risk of heart disease may be related more to the advanced age of the participants as opposed to the HT. The study also found that HT given to younger women, at the onset of menopause, appeared to decrease the risk of heart disease. More specifically:
An increased risk of heart disease is only seen in women taking long-term estrogen-progestin combination therapy (EPT) if they start HT in their mid-60s. There does not seem to be an increased risk of heart disease when women in their 50s start EPT. Estrogen alone (ET) has not been shown to increase the risk of heart disease. Analysis of the age since menopause actually shows a decrease in the risk of heart disease when ET was started in younger women (those just beginning menopause).
Currently, it is not recommended to use hormone therapy solely for the purpose of preventing heart disease. However these studies give us reassurance that when women just newly approaching menopause need HT for a short time, it is safe to do so in terms of long term heart disease risk.

HT and breast cancer

Diagnosis of breast cancer increases when combination EPT is used beyond 3-5 years. This means that out of 10,000 women who use estrogen progestin therapy for more than 5 years, there will be 8 additional breast cancers diagnosed. In contrast, the WHI study showed women who use estrogen alone had no increase in risk of breast cancer even after 11 years of use. In fact, fewer breast cancers were seen in the group taking estrogen alone, though this was not statistically significant. When a woman comes off of hormone therapy, any potential increase in her risk of breast cancer quickly goes back to her baseline norm. This is why hormone therapy can be a safe option when women in their 50s (who are generally at lower risk for breast cancer compared to older women).

But really this is only to pass on useful knowledge. Or to point at something
I now about relating from something I learned in college relating it to the now.
And also as relating to my writings something like this would be expected from me! 

And to say isn't it about time we all grow up?
"I want women all over the world to know they can and should be able to 
talk about matters of sex and love without fear and without shame."
- Christiane Amanpour