Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sexually Transmitted Food Allergens

If you love someone you care about your partner and if there is issues then
the heart of the matter is the willingness to adapt for your partner.
The willingness to adapt without disabling but supporting each other is a 
beautiful thing! It's about love and responsibility and a better life together!

~~~~~Sexually Transmitted Food Allergens
The abstract sort of says it all: woman has known allergy, boyfriend eats allergen, 
they have sex and girl has allergic reaction. For the uninitiated, the skin-prick testing 
thing might seem a bit weird – they got samples from the boyfriend before and after 
he ate brazil nuts (masturbation for science!) and injected them under the girlfriend’s skin
but this is a standard allergy test. Allergists already do this with bread mold and ground up 
dust mites, so I guess semen should be any stranger, but I still raised an eyebrow. 
If there’s an allergic reaction, after thirty minutes or so, the area around the skin prick 
will develop a characteristic “wheal and flare,” which is a raised lump at the site of the prick 
(the wheal) and a reddish circle of inflammation surrounding it (the flare).

If you have an allergy, but you don’t know the cause, allergists will draw a grid on your
back and inject a standard battery of allergens. I know from experience that this is an
unpleasant procedure, especially when they don’t find anything and decide that the shallow
pricks on the back weren’t enough, so they opt to inject a few other allergens deeper in
your shoulder… but I digress. These doctors found that the woman responded to her
boyfriends semen after he had eaten brazil nuts.