Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Refugees crossing into Canada from US on foot

There is more than the small towns view in America of banning Muslims.
There are issues clogging the global workforce. Innovation growth, markets.
No man is a island! The world has connections in many ways!

"Steve Jobs's biological father, Abdulfattah 'John' Jandali (b. 1931), was born into
a Muslim household and grew up in Homs, Syria."

Also America is a land of immigrants.

"Throughout American history, millions of people around the world have left their
homelands for a chance to start a new life in this country and they continue to
come here to this day. People who come to live in a new country are called immigrants.
Over the past 400 years, immigrants have had different reasons to come to America.
Some came to escape war, others for the freedom to practice the religion of their choice.
Still others came for the opportunity to own land or simply for a chance to work and
escape poverty."

So having immigrants leaving America is a clear sign of the view of why they left
their country in the first place. Running from a dictator from their country only to run
from another!

This is not America and is not we are about. We are not Americans with this ban!!!!!
Sort of crappy I think!

~~~~~Refugees crossing into Canada from US on foot despite freezing temperaturs 
A growing number of asylum seekers are braving freezing cold temperatures to walk into
Canada from the US, driven by fears of what Donald Trump’s presidency will mean for
refugees, advocates say.

Last week, amid the chaos and uncertainty triggered by Trump’s travel ban, one agency
dedicated to resettling refugees and immigrants opened an unprecedented 10 refugee
claims in one day. Eight of the claimants had walked into Canada in order to avoid
detection by border officials.

On Tuesday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said another 22 people had walked
across the border and into Canada over the weekend; 19 of them on Saturday and
three on Sunday.

“They’re not crossing at the actual point where there’s an immigration and customs
offices,” said Rita Chahal of the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council.
“They’re walking through prairie fields with lots and lots of deep snow.
In Europe we’re seeing people in boats; now just imagine a prairie flatland and snow for
miles and miles.”