Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Obamacare subsidies lawsuit

There is a lot of stupid going on. And a lot of learning. You can't
run things from a small towns view. You can't cater to these small town people!
If you do then America will have nothing like they have nothing!

~~~~~Republicans postpone settling Obamacare subsidies lawsuit

The House GOP and the Trump administration said they need another three months to come to a resolution, according to a motion filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals on Tuesday.

The payments reduce the deductibles and co-pays for more than half of enrollees on the Obamacare exchanges.

It's widely expected that Republicans will agree to pay the subsidies, which are expected to cost $9 billion this year and $11 billion next year. Killing them would wreak havoc in the individual market. Many insurers depend on these payments -- without them, they might abandon Obamacare, which could lead to fewer choices and higher premiums for consumers. Such a move would be at odds with the "orderly transition" that Republicans have promised. 

***But I need to note that lowering the subsidies will force many poor out of the
insurance market. More will drop for a bigger paycheck anyway.
Out of a 180 million working class people 60 million is a good norm number
of children waged adults / People what walk with no cars / non raised pay noted
by the amount of minimum wage retirement filling small towns. They will drop
for the extra $190, $500 a paycheck! Yes they will!

So to me I see them as keeping the mandate for insurance.
If they do kill it they will bring it back fast.
They will not let healthcare be killed over more food money!

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