Thursday, February 16, 2017

Half Hawk and a love of life under a Blacklight

I will say it... One of the things that turns me on is women with half hawks!
Second... Making love under a black light... with a half hawk?!?!

OMG, TMI? Not really! I am a lover of life and I know love has no boundaries!
I have feelings for a married lady. I am still on my knees begging her to comeback,
like begging a stray cat, come here kitty, kitty!! We would be good together and
I know happy landings means happy takeoffs. Lose nothing and gain everything,
for all of us! But that point is I am a lover of life! And that is the point of it all!

~~~~~Lover of life
A person who lives life to the fullest investing their whole heart holding nothing back
and who isn't afraid to feel pain, realizing that a hardening of the heart is death before
death, numbing both pain and joy. Someone who gives everything, emotionally,
spiritually and physically. And maybe most importantly isn't afraid to love
and be loved.

Half Hawk? Go get one! But note shampoo is needed. Take care of it!
I dated a lady hairdresser that barfed on the first date then took me to
a gay bar. We are not gay it was just her security to go there.
She had a death threat from a biker gang she testified against.
As a hairdresser she liked to smoke weed and use Bed Head TIGI!
Along with loving life always changing her hair color and learning new

Also I worked at Hotels for 12 years and you had to look good to
work in Hotels. Once at work I was fixing my hair in the back,
in the mirror and I was sort of doing the Doug E. Fresh in the mirror 
because the DJ was playing Doug E. Fresh on the dance floor.
My boss saw me and LOL being it was the 90's!
So my boss called me Doug E Fresh from that time on.

But the point is being from the 90's in the Hotel days I see beauty
as people that go to Hotels dress up for show! Have to note about the
married lady I met her in 1996 in another town faraway and couldn't keep 
my eyes off her as she put all that I had seen come in the hotel 
dressed for show to shame! I told her that when she told me to stop 
stop staring at her! Damn I'm still love sick!

So for me being from the Hotels from the 90's I would use Garnier!
Also Infusium 23 leave in treatment.

If you have a half hawk don't have dry hair it looks bad! 
Anyway, go love life!