Friday, February 24, 2017

Job Growth and Education Requirements on low pay

Education is needed looking ahead to the changes and stability of the workers.
Being stupid in high school really is just putting yourself into the trailer park
down the road! You get what you put into it and more looking ahead is needed!

It's known that if you can't follow the rules the rules follow you!
Or a point of natural selection! As in college, if there are kids in the class that
act like they did in High School running in the halls and not in class the college
professor will pop out a test right after class. Right out of the blue and if you are
not in class you can't take the test! Also if you come into college from a bad
funded school not working through it to get what you need the college professor
will kick you out of class if you are holding back the whole class because of not
knowing. So you get what you put in. Like going up the mountain to the
peak and it's a long way down as it's not like in high school close to the bottom.
Also to note you pay your low taxes for your school and should note...
"What do you want?" It's a matter of what you put in, you are to learn so
you can get ahead to where you need to go! Like paying for a bus ticket
does not mean you get to drive the bus, but it get's you there if you don't
jump off the bus!

Yes it's like going up the mountain peak so you need to be
looking up. Why? These are stupid times there is a issue with
wealth inequality many walk around just letting their stores go
out of business or deal with the lack of sales as the many have no
money to buy those things. Small town inadequacy of not giving raises
to the workers and building places the many can't afford.
Wealth inequality is death for futures! Getting out from high school and
moving up is hard!

The inequality issues are looking to get bigger with Trump with his
rich friends in power as they more likely don't care about the workers
and take their raises they would of got and send them up the ladder to the
stock investors meanwhile most of the poor spends less closing down stores.
So more focus is needed in high school!

There is also the stupid out there as in cutting funding for schools
because of the states budget. Teachers low pay as a Teacher makes only
like $1000 more than a custodian a paycheck. $15 an hour vs $8!

Also stupid is schools going into a voucher program knowing that vouchers 
run out as cost / inflation goes up. Also pushing more unaffordable schooling
for the poor kids lowering the labor force and growing wealth inequality.

Also going to a charter school system also is bad as the schools would have
different standards and schools having different funding and corruption issues.
Different standards in schools is also from the schools income from the owners.
Different standards from High Schools in college holds back the whole class
as the professor has to stop teaching to bring the lower students up to speed.
Holding back the whole class!

Also is the laws as they run and are changed.

"What does this all mean for Oklahoma?"
Given that Oklahoma schools already face a deep budget crisis and teacher shortage,
tasking districts to raise new revenue to bring the funding of Title I schools up to the
average funding level of non-Title I schools may seem impossible. But it’s not.
Oklahoma actually does a fairly good job of sending more state and local funds
per student to high poverty districts. Because our school funding formula adds weight
to students who come from low-income families or who face other disadvantages,
the highest poverty districts receive about $531, or 7 percent, more per student
than the lowest poverty districts. We don’t have the large funding disparities seen in
places like Texas and Illinois.

Also "The state representative filed House Bill 1115, which would prevent the
legislature from creating new mandates unless they're funded."

This is a bad thing being Oklahoma has no funding and tends to just do without.
Anything is better than nothing! Having no funding for new mandates is no mandates!
In the long run there will be less and less mandates as the states funding is not there.

Keep in mind it's about the lack of funding. Low pay is less taxed and spent.
Small towns have way too much minimum wage retirees. That points to the
lower tax revenue and a declining funding for anything!

If the Republicans are wanting to get rid of ObamaCare just because of it's cost
to people that more likely make children wages. Why not raise the pay so people
could just write a check with no issues! Or like getting rid of NASA just
because of a few accidents. Those are like the people running things now!
But the issue is the point of not wanting growth and that makes no growth
for Schools.

Going up the mountain the kids need to look ahead at where they are going.
Yes you might have to go where the money is.
Look for a college with better funding but get out there and do something!
And stay in class!

Wealth Inequality running things!

Why go up the mountain to the peak?