Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My College years 1990s and College stuff

As the sayings goes, "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."
"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge."
Bertrand Russell.

"From poetry and ballet to mathematics and being clever, life is laden with 
frivolous pursuits that hold no bearing on our ability to survive. 
However, Dawkins explains that the ability to perform such actions 
comes as a byproduct of the evolution of the human brain, perhaps 
because being clever is sexy."

Well it's true as you are in the now, but you note that useless knowledge
is knowledge down the road when you really need to use it!
I didn't really know what the hell I was doing in College!
That's why you go to a College to know what you are doing after College!
***I had a college friend that went out with a lady and she was the Wicca
type, as it went she gave him some DMT and they where going to have
sex together under DMT to "Bond together better." 
Well he kind of had a psychosis for a few days and he ended up driving 
his car down the streets downtown Tulsa bouncing off cars looking at the
tall buildings as he was going because he was being chased by a 
green lizard thing that was stocking him. He was heading for the college
to take his classes regardless! The lady he was with asked us if we seen him
and she told us what happened, when he ended up coming in the college 
cafeteria. He started to yell at a wall at the whatever it was
that was trying to get him. So I ended up getting a cherry slushy and 
I challenged the monster throwing the slushy at the wall like I killed the monster. 
Him seeing the red on the wall was like it's blood and it snapped him out of it
we talked him into that I killed it's ass! 

After that we took him home being that he was awake for days.
He told us to get his car and bring it back to his home.
But when we got to where it was we couldn't find it. 
We found it by hearing the exhaust of the V8. 
His car was deep in the bushes still running. We figured he went into the 
bushes and ran to the college to get away from the green lizard! 
Funny as hell we thought!

***Another funny part in my college years is the time my college instructor
was having a strange time in class. He was acting strange sometime pausing etc.
When he suddenly stopped and said he had to confess that he had a unappropriate
relationship with a student. It was a freshmen girl right out of high school she had
a mediocre smile on her face and was red in the face. At the time it was funny as hell
being of her age and the college instructors age. But we all said it didn't bug us as we all
paid money for the class and we where ok if we all get something out of it.
But to me it was worth the $100 for the class at the time. And for me a kind of note
as I could relate as at the time I was leaning for a lady instructor in my nutrition class.
But never came to be! So the class with the instructor confessing I felt like damn
why didn't something like that happening to me? Felt deprived!
***I sat in a human sexuality class once because of the fun it was going to have.
Well it was the funniest class to take, talking about medical terminology, graphs etc 
and warnings about the 10 to 30 minutes of a female not being able to stop 
after a threesome because of the over stimulation of the G-spot etc.
It might cause a female to have a panic attack not being able to stop. 
That was the issue talked about. Needed information to save the embarrassment 
of having to call a crisis hot-line on the end of both parties.
Needed info in the Psychology / Medical industry to get prepared for the 
phone call. "Help I can't stop cumming!" 

p.s. A Female has a prostate! Go look up "Skene's gland" 
This is not gay but to me it pointed to be about relating to dominant
females. Something uh, many kids in college liked!
I guess it relates to something like Maslow were
Physiological, Safety/Security, Belonging/Social Affiliation,
Self-Esteem, and Self-Actualization is. The belonging part making the
young college male a complete person lowering his insecurities understood
by her having a prostate being dominant because of that in view.
It's a place in the galaxy I guess you could say!
TMI?, Not really it's just a fascinating humanistic behavior more
likely to be studied at some point and time reflecting college kids
for the time.

The fun was seeing the other students reaction at the time. 
Freshmen students had their jaws open the whole time in shock!
The guys where looking for girls that where not blushing to ask them out later.
It was all funny, the talking about a threesome in college in the 90's.
Welcome to real life!

***After our college Halloween party I took all the cobweb stuff they had,
and made a big ball with it. I then grabbed all the black Balloons and
tied them all to the big fluffy ball. And we all went outside where the house
was close to a highway. I put a bit of alcohol on the ball lit it up and let it go.
We all watched the fireball fly over the house and head for the highway.
We could not see anything after it flew up but we heard a semi truck
put the air breaks on, blah, ah, ah.... When all of a sudden we heard a 
god awful screech! I guess the truck driver was watching the fireball
fly over the highway and it must of dropped in front or on his truck like 
it attacked him. We all ran in the house!  

The guys gave me an award for the best college prank ever for that.
But the strange part is that was the last time we seen one of the guys
in our group. A few days later at college the Dean and someone we never
seen before told us the sad news he died in a car crash.

The strange part is that one of the girls in our group was going to fly to see her
parents and at the airport she saw him walking into his flight.
She yelled at him when she saw him and she said he kind of ran into the
walkway going into the airplane. She couldn't get in his plane but she said
it was going to New Mexico. He was like the quantum physics major,
like my other half. Area 51? Don't know! I looked for him on the Internet
for a while but found nothing about all. You will always find something!
It got me thinking I better quit looking!

Also relating when I was looking for my old school mates one of my 
High School friends disappeared. I looked for him everywhere even checked 
if he died in any of the wars lately... Nothing!
I remembered him telling me it would be cool to work at Area 51.
I am guessing he does!

***In the 90's me and my friend noticed that the North Tulsa 
Walmart parking lot was full of oil spots but in South Tulsa at the 
Walmart Market store had none at all so being we thought is was
economically correct that we got my friends grandmas boyfriends 
straw hat and old pump sprayer filling up with used motor oil.
We went to the South store at 3 am and knowing there is a security
camera I pulled up my sweats like to my nipples and tucked in my
shirt put on the straw hat and walked around the parking lot spraying
oil like I was spraying weeds on a farm so it looked like it got invaded
by north Tulsa as my friend sat in the car watching me LOL!

A few days later we drove by it only to see a street scrubber and
people using brushes hitting the parking lot. The city scrubber had
foam around the brushes LOL! This brought up a good point of
non acceptance of deficiency. Not taking care of ones car as a
reflection of their personal lives with me on video with a straw hat
sweats up high and me spraying oil in their lot! Funny!!

***Fitting of my life! Back in 1997 me and my college friends went to Dallas
to look at the Kennedy museum. Heading back to our hotel being Dallas
and me tired from doing all the driving I kept missing a turn so we ended up
going over a bridge over and over. Partly because of the skyline of Dallas
it looked cool and it was lets do that again kind of thing.
Well we did it again but this black helicopter with something that looked
liked a big laser thing sticking out the door was next to us.
My friend is very paranoid and he grabbed my steering wheel
and was going to turn me into the side of the bridge to get away.
I was fighting him over the steering wheel!
I knew what it was it was a filming camera! I told him what it was and
we all thought they must be filming an ad for Dallas.

We went over one more time over the bridge and heading for the bridge
there goes the helicopter again he beat us before we made our turn.
We all found out later the deal was it was a film shoot for the X-Files movie!
We are on the film, on the part where Fox Mulder in the movie was looking out
the window of the helicopter to look at the Dallas skyline, you will see the
headlights of my car turn right toward the bridge, then the film looks like it
kind of speeds up like getting ahead of our car!

My car at the time was a black 1990 Nissan 240sx! Fitting for the X-Files movie!

I think we where on the film because of the short filming schedule.
"The tighter schedule, with only eight weeks of pre-production and 45 days of
principal photography, still caused the production to have less location shooting
than planned."

***And about my cars! I had a cursed car for a short time during college.
And a Red-String of fate college love I kept running into over and over 
in High school.

At High school, I was going to talk to her to let her know I was interested
in her after graduation practice, but she had to leave during it.
Everyone looked at her go up the stairs as they where all in place where
they are supposed to be, all but her! I was in love!

So I ended up after graduation looking for her and found her.
We talked a bit and I found out she was going to Chicago for College.
So really to me at the time this was the last time I would see her, it hurt!

And to the fact that I got booted off going to a big college and I ended
up at a JR college. Most of that time my heart was thinking about her.
It was one of those things like the "Red string of fate" heart wise to me!

I was depressed about it. So there I was sitting in class at the JR college, thinking
about things depressed, I really was thinking about her at the time when she came
walking in and sat down in a class I was in.

She was going to the same college I was and we had the same class together!
All I knew she was in Chicago at a college because she told me at our high school
graduation when I talked to her. She told me her plans.

So we sort of dated for a bit. I was teaching her how to drive in my cursed car. 
And we ended up in a field. 

Also I was going to her place in December 1989, when I was driving up this hill
and from my right going left a green fireball went across the sky. 
The time it took me to say to myself, what the hell is that Kryptonite, 
because I was really expecting to see superman there also. 
The windshield started to crackle and pop and it started to get really hot
in the car. Then a glowing round mass the size of a basketball started to appear
on the windshield . Then it got really hot in the car and the mass turned white. 
I was thinking what ever was doing that could get in the car to me, 
so I reached over and turned the AC on the defrost and started to blow
on the windshield to keep it from melting

What saved me was a 70's Chevy has lead in the glass and I ended up not having the
AC on the heat was on so it was better at cooling through the radiator.
As the fireball got farther away things cooled off. It was gone and it was still hot so 
I put my hand outside and the air was hot, like summer 100 deg and as I drove along
I hit the cool 25 deg December air. So I was thinking the fireball aimed at my car!
People seen the green fireball, other than me in 1989!


***In the early 90's I was driving to college and on the highway I saw lady walking
down the side of the highway with a guy a ways behind her, they where fighting, yelling.
As I was coming up to them in my car she took off her ring and threw it in the grass.
Some asshole in front of me slammed on the breaks, pulling to the side of the road.
He open his passenger door and she jumped in. I thought about doing that also but
I hesitated, I was in college so I was broke with no money and could not take care
of her if I did! So it was ok. I hope the guy that picked her up took care of her!

***Flophouses? In my times in college in the 90's I had a friend that lived
in a downtown apartment. Roach infested, a smoke house, people fighting,
till the point the manager walked down the hallway honking a air horn yelling,
"Can't we all get along!" (She did not want the police to be called again.)

The porno playing away in the friends apartment the whole time that was going on.
Sort of fitting atmosphere for college friends looking at porno!
For those that don't know, the porno is on but guys talk about other things.
Like about the Discovery website, Quantum Theory, History etc.
Guys don't look at it the whole time! I guess just the funny parts of the porno
if at all. Call it a 90's kind of thing!

"I was never really into porn. But anybody born after 1990 grew up with
pornography, whether they want to or not."

Other than that place was where I spent my new years in 1993 I think.
Me and my friend was walking downtown Tulsa at the time it was new years
and we had no money to go to a hotel party or any of the high dollar sorts!
We where talking about how life was different in the 80's in downtown Tulsa
vs the times at the time. When he sees one of his ex students.
(My friend at the time worked as a English tutor, later a ESL instructor at a
Korean Hagwon.) His ex student had beer and was having a small party
with some of his friends at the Towerview Apartments! So we went with him.
At his party there was a meth lab in the fridge where the beer was. 
Yes we got some beers, just go carefully around the meth. Hay, free beer is free beer!

If you don't know what that place was, lets just say that in the 90's when
I worked in a Hotel they had a banquet for the local housing authority / landlords
etc. And as I was working there a coworker was talking to another worker asking 
about a place that is affordable. I heard him and quickly told him about
Towerview Apartments being funny! You would of thought I just farted, 
everyone in the banquet heard me tell him that!  


Also at the Towerview, I have to note the place had no AC. And in the Oklahoma
summers it's hell. Me and my friend drove by it once leaving college and we saw a 
dog on the top floor hanging out the window like it was thinking about committing
suicide, jumping out the window. We stopped for a time to watch it but noting happened,
my friend was overly curious to see if the dog will jump or not, he wanted me to stop.
It's that bad at the place!

Also bad, but funny... sort of when I found out!
I dated this girl once in college and it didn't work out. She lived in a bad place
downtown also and after I dated her with many knowing I did, she told our group
in college, about the time she had sex with a guy that lived down the hall from her.
He had sex with her then he would stop then run back to his apartment, then run back 
to hers and so on. Each time his thing was getting bigger and bigger she said. 
(He was using a pump.)
Well he took off again then he never came back she said. I don't remember what she 
said but we, all knew, he popped! We all figured he was dead for a while in his 
apartment. The girl had some bad issues!

Anyway that is my alertness of flophouses! Keep in mind at the time I was a 
Psychology major so the 90's in action was the reality pointing toward growth,
as I looked around. Things can only get better after seeing that stuff!