Sunday, November 13, 2016

Small towns are like Prisons

Why did trump win? Well it's the votes in small towns. Hillary won the popular-vote
but it's about those small towns.

Yes there is less education vs bigger towns. Bigger towns have more income for
education. And you get what you pay for... Your education is only valued on the paper
it's printed on. Or like when I was in school my dad put me in a school that had better
funding because it had more resources for learning. It's like wanting your kid to goto
Berkeley college and not a JR college because the better college gives you better income.

In life there is a pursuit of happiness as in getting out Middle School moving up to
High School and College ending to going where the money is, noted bigger towns
that have more resources, jobs, etc.

And people in smaller towns make lower income so in that is less money for education.
It's not that the people are lazy, no they will work themselves right into the hospital
over $7 after taxes. If you make children wages you live like a child.
Kids don't pay for insurance, car payment, rent food money yet alone
go to college to move ahead and is why there is the need to do better,
but they are not paid to do better so there is no better just low pay no growth
or time to go to college. So the small town is small and has nothing!

Without bigger towns there would lower and lower no growth in smaller towns,
just their personal hell the rest of their life! So it's best for small towns to grow
like bigger towns do. Small towns need to listen to make life better
not a living hell for themselves. If you haven't been out of your town in 10 years
you know something is not right! No evolution there!

If they can't have a evolution then there is a reasion they live in small towns.
Small towns are like prisons. And should be recognized as such!
If you can't get better and get out then well no parole!

The income needs to go up! So people can afford their education,
healthcare, buy something to help businesses not do without! 
Small towns are always small towns from the beginning of time.
Slow , no growth homes with no paint on them for 10 years.
People walking with no cars, or cars driving with no bumpers.

So you can't run a government like a small town because it would have nothing!
This is a good point that needs to be noted! Small towns need to get up to speed!
Because bigger towns are not going down to the level of small towns!
You do better not worse!