Sunday, March 11, 2018

A GEO METRO Burnout to not be burned out in life!

To me, my view is if you can't afford it make it into one.
Yes this is something I would do! 

What is wrong with me? Love sick over a married Gypsy I met
in the Vinita McDonald's in 1996 wanting happy landings for her in her life... 
Like a GEO BURNOUT! She is a smoking! She needs to do a burnout!

And so about the GEO? I tend to meet people before I meet them. 
My ex girlfriend at Walmart had a white Geo Metro. I realized it was her 
that I passed under the Vinita McDonald's in 1989. Only to met her along 
with others from Vinita in the town I live in now. The Gypsy lady and my Ex wife!
My Ex wife worked at the Vinita mental hospital in 1985!

When I first worked at Walmart before I met my ex girlfriend I noticed the white 
Geo in the parking lot. I always wanted one and it turned out to be hers.
I mean the Geo was always in the background with me. Me and my Ex wife
was looking for another vehicle she wanted a truck, I wanted a white Geo,
like the white Subaru I had at the time. We ended up with a white truck, that
I worked on a bit to go faster. But it was no Geo Metro!

So anyway here is the stuff for a better Geo!



Exhaust, DTM tips, wompaa!!!!

Clutch, Needed for Geo!