Sunday, March 25, 2018

Drug Addiction, About Going Dark

About going dark? What depths of hell do you want to go?
"More than 200,000 people worldwide die every year from drug overdoses
and drug-related illnesses, such as HIV, according to the United Nations Office
on Drugs and Crime, and far more die from smoking and drinking.
More than a billion people smoke, and tobacco is implicated in the top five
causes of death: heart disease, stroke, respiratory infections, chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung cancer. Nearly one of every 20 adults
worldwide is addicted to alcohol. No one has yet counted people hooked
on gambling and other compulsive activities gaining recognition as addictions."

There are many deaths with drugs in small town America and so where this
story is aimed at. Where the town is not brought up yet. No support, no real
drug rehab programs available. So addiction is worst in those small places!
Small towns are hell! Know that! To show towns need to be brought up!

Addictions also hits more than you would think!
"Kellyanne Conway touts ice cream, french fry diet to help avoid fentanyl addiction"

So you see addictions are issues to many!

Me on drugs? I never seen them as a need for a way to cope.
My life has been like a drug so you can say I don't need them.
Where else can I sit and think about if Kellyanne Conway and Trump
are fucking?! Well Conway took off from her kids to help Trumps election.
What Republican does that? Melania Trump would not move into the
Whitehouse for a long time. Now Trumps past fucking is now in the light!
Yep, Yep... But I am just talking fictional you know right!?!?

If you where zonked on the bad drugs you would of missed that!
Just a clueless pecker-head wondering the streets not knowing.
I mean if you can't think for yourself high then someone will think
for you!

Not to even to talk about the Vaping Douchebag, but that is a
different story!

But addictions are addictions the point is to make the point to get
out of it! Out from the bad the Phoenix will rise in your life!