Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Toys 'R' Us to close all of its UK stores and molesting a Elmo with my ex girlfriend!

My memory of Toys 'R' Us was back in 1987 I believe.
Keep in mind that there was no internet or smart phones back then.
So at the time there where 15 year olds that still had coloring books.
My girlfriend back then was a ex teen prostitute a victim of human trafficking
so if it was a regression to the past with her or not she wanted a coloring book.
And with me being 17, 18 I took her to the Toys 'R' Us to get her one.
It bugged me a lot! I took my girlfriend to a Toys 'R' Us for a coloring book!

We had fun with the talking Elmo a few times. If you kept poking it in the 
crouch it would say "Don't touch me there!" and if you did it more times 
it would yell out loud for the whole store to hear 
"DON"T TOUCH ME THERE!" So me and my girlfriend in high school 
being there to to get her a coloring book molested a Elmo!

My dad also worked there on night shift once he said a co-worker put
a Iron maiden cassette tape in a talking moving kind of doll that ran off a tape.
He said the thing acted like it was possessed then smoke came out of it.
I think it motivated him to get back to looking for another better job!

It will be sad that Toys 'R' Us will totally go out. It was fun for the times!