Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Put Your Motor In

I say this a lot about living and not living, being in the dark ages with
life going around you! All you do is miss out on everything!
To me I point of being supportive of a Married lady wanting that talk.
It's ok dating a Married lady if all involved knows. Who is, who to who!
The Married lady would have a better life or what she can be, not
in her boxed in world! What are you missing out on? Think about it!
Being undecided or choosing the worst for you for no extra support?
What life is that... For how long!

And like voting it's clear, you ether vote for the backward thinker and
watch people loose their gay rights again, women also loosing might
be the right to vote again? Let racism grow again!
Or even getting to the times it's ok for a married lady to have a
significant other, other and it's ok being it's about her needs!
Then just to have a holy roller do the same with no one knowing.
A real point of insanity, locked up in a box!

Open the box, it's just a matter of having a open garage door to bring
the motor in! Accepting the good in life, good intentions as it hast to be
good for all or not at all!

The point is with my pain is to vote for the better of the all!
To make life better for all! To make better!

And to the point, as voting independent is taking a vote away from those
that need it as always in a close race all votes are needed!

So go vote to win not loose! Vote Hillary and let's grow together!