Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Def Leppard and about growth letting it out

Many these days may not know about the Def Leppard story.
The point to know is the growth on how they got there.

The point of Joe Elliott letting out his voice. (Youtube video 25:33)
Rick Allen's pushing to learn to play the drums again. (Youtube video 1:04:23)
And others. The point here is about the growth to the end giving you the
way to the future.

Letting it out? There is nothing more that hit's you than seeing the innermost self
come out jumping up and down mocking someone that is acting stupid.
Boom it hits you! It's venting yes but it's about letting that out, out of the way
so you can move on to where you want to be. That is the growth!
I see the beauty in people!

In my life I seen the tipping point of life! When I was a dish washer at
a Hotel my co-worker met a lady staying there, ran off with her to her room.
He came back like 6 hours later told me what happened. He was in love and
the next day he quit and a year later him and her stopped in to see me at work
they where going to get married.

Me? I met a lady at a banquet I worked at in a Hotel once. She was from
out in the boons of Oklahoma and she was by herself at the banquet I liked
her so I talked to her a bit someone asked someone to dance and I danced
with her off and on most of the night. I could of hooked up with her and I
should of but at the time I couldn't. I guess it's not my destiny to be with her.

Now? I'm froze waiting on a married gypsy to make up her mind!
Like a fork in the road stuck...  Actions speak louder than words.

And the point of all this... Growth and letting it out for something better
down the road.

But this story is about the growth of Def Leppard pointing to your own life.

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