Saturday, October 29, 2016

Republicans / Trumps stupid and in the Now

As people might of noticed things are not good for many
but they never tended to ask the Republicans, why they where obstructing
the growth! Minimum wage growth. If things where going down then something
is needed to go up, to pull people up instead of letting them take everyone down
with them a tax burden to all lack of sales! Letting those stores close because of
those consumers that live with no AC because it cost too much. Cost to much?
Then everything else cost too much also, no sales!

With stagnant wages and people that need food stamps and help here and there,
because they don't make the money to buy their own food so they have no choice
but to be a tax burden. Why? Well people keep pushing for less government overreach
with more than normal amount of people needing government help.
It's like people needing more food stamps so they can live and with people wanting less
government help doing without expecting you to suffer just like they do with less food stamps!

Crying about Obama Care but not asking where is the Medicaid expansion to help
people with it? Also it's not a issue if you make a living wage just write a check for it!
The issue mostly is why are there still adults making children wages?
Children don't pay for healthcare, pay the rent etc... 

There is a sacrifice between quality of life and self sufficiency. The Cave man in a cave
with no power because he can't afford it was self sufficient vs someone that can just
pay their bills! Also to note people pay taxes anyway so that government overreach
is really just your tax dollars at work! You paid for it!

Really red states are the most impoverished shown by reality, their cars with no bumpers
houses falling apart noted by a mass amount of minimum wage retirees in town.
Can't afford the cost to repair their home! People working hard making the same pay.
The same wage for over 10 years is not good for your retirement!
You need to think ahead there, but the no, it's mostly the be in the now thinking.
It kills all growth. Shown by the town being the same town for over 50 years!

 Trump wanting to build a wall against Mexico when most coming into the US
just fly in a plane then overstay their visa!

All of Republican / Trump living is tiring, it gets old! I mean really why live in a
house with no power with others living well driving cars with bumpers!
Well I would advise to not make it bad for yourself
stop being a "Sadomasochist Voter!" and move forward not in the now!

In the now?! That is such a bad thing in reality it is against any adaptation points
in Paleontology! In nature the squirrel knowing it's time to hide his nuts for winter.
If the squirrel was in the now it would be too late for winter, it wouldn't know!

Cliff climbing you have to look ahead! "You do have to look ahead and plan your
next move, but you don't want to be looking to the top."
When I climbed I knew and was told to look ahead to your next footing so you
will know what to do before you get there! Looking ahead!

Looking ahead like I do at work as in working at Walmart I work one aisle
and before I am done there I am already thinking ahead what I need to do
at the next aisle so I will know if I need to cut corners on the first aisle to
get more time on the second aisle!

And I also should point that there are so many people that don't know everything
is connected. "What it is, is what it is!" So that is all they are, as they are!
Connected like me looking ahead to know what time I would have to do it
so I know to cut short on where I am now so I can get to the future place sooner!

So don't be in the now, because there is no evolution there! Just the same!