Saturday, January 3, 2015

In the world of low pay build gypsy wagon

There are tiny homes and then there are Gypsy Wagons.
What a funner way of living making you smile every time
you walkout of the house. Living in a world of low pay in your
small town knowing not to be down, let it go and live with resilience,
in your Gypsy home! Don't make your own hardships. Make life easy!

There are people with food in the sink issues making their life bad.
So scared there will be one piece of corn in there.
Really, what kind of life is that?
"If course there is food in the sink that's where you put your dishes."
"There was plenty of food in the sink in the days before a dishwasher you
never see them freak out back then cleaning the dishes by hand.
(That is a big issue in small towns for some reason, other than peeing in the sink.
Or even worse a waffle stomp! Go ask the city water guys if people do that,
I don't!)

Or you could put it as non technology making life better for you!

Or even in Zen!
If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do
something about it, then there is no need to worry.
If it's not fixable, then there is no help in worrying.
There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever. (Dalai Lama)

The ultimate way is without difficulty; those who
seek it make their own hardship. The true mind is originally
pure; those who exercise it make their own defilment. (Hui-K'ung)

All things are free-flowing, untrammeled, what bondage is there,
what entanglement? You create your own difficulty and ease therein.
The mind source pervades the ten directions with one continuity; those
of the most excellent faculties understand naturally. (Tzu-hu)

So really the point is to get a Gypsy home and put food in
the sink like they did back in the old days! Turn off your phone and
Zen out! Life is good!
Don't make your own hardship be happy and that is the point!
Like the "Sign of the Gypsy Queen." Make a house pack your things and leave!

Need a bigger one, make a bigger one.
Need a smaller one, turn your car into one, sort of like a Bugaroo!

~~~~Build a Gypsy Wagon in the Woods
Tiny homes are popping up all over the place these days, and this particular
micro home-on-wheels, fashioned to look like a classic gypsy wagon, is set in
the middle of the forest. While it measures a tiny 160 sq.ft., the compact space
provides almost everything a person needs for a comfortable life in the woods.
Read on to find out all the intriguing details about this magical place,
which we're sure the likes of Frodo would be delighted to call home!

~~~~Building a Gypsy Wagon
For many years I have been interested in Gypsy Wagons or "vardos" and
western sheepherder wagons. As it isn't practical for me to have an authentic,
horse-drawn lifestyle I decided to make a version towable at highway speeds.
After reading just about every book I could find on wagons, caravans, old-school RV
construction and trailers, a model began to take shape in my head.
For me, it needed to be short and maneuverable, sleep two to three people,
and still have the air of old world craftsmanship. This meant not looking like a
modern RV. My secondary goal was that it should cost as little as possible without
sacrificing sturdiness or basic comfort. Finally, I decided on wood as the primary
building material as that is what I am familiar with and is definitely a very cozy and
comfortable medium for a living space.

Most of the actual work was performed with a table saw, band saw, drill,
and a slew of hand tools as I found time around my day job.
Although I don't really consider it "done", it is complete enough to use
and is currently on the road.

This page is dedicated to a needed significant other in my life!