Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tapped out, Target down, Stores going down

In my town I noticed closing stores, bad business models like Denny's going
high dollar almost like pushing appetizers in their stores with pot holes in 
the parking lot and the building falling over almost. Old as hell!

The point is the stores don't need to lower their prices as that would bring
down their stores. Much better is to raise the pay! If not then those places
will go away! Stores are going down noted in small and big towns.
Are the consumers tapped out? Well yes when you have policies being
pushed out or stopped by Republicans you will have suffering consumers!

The clock is ticking on the wages educated business know the pay
needs to go up as their sales go down. It's a clear it's a wall we are hitting!

So it's clear to me to make store owners more money the pay 
has to go up! If the pay does not go up then it's the same as burning
down the weeds making room for better places. In my town the places
that are coming to town are all high dollar stuff that many can't afford and
to me they won't stay open more than 3 years as it's norm in my town.

So the point you get what you pay for. As in the labor force,
do they really care at work being they make $7 after taxes? 
The lack of funding going into high schools with kids smoking weed all over
the country thinking they run the school until they go to college or at home
find the DEA etc kicking down their door! Those kids will be the labor force!

So the road is low! The issues are wages to push growth not everyone
doing without! People need to ask more store owners how are they doing
so people will get grip about what is going on!

~~~~~Target misses the mark
Target's latest results and outlook for the second quarter did not meet
Wall Street's bull's eye. And that's leading to more worries about whether consumers
are tapped out.

Target (TGT) stock fell nearly 10% in early trading Wednesday after the retailer
reported sales that missed forecasts. Target also warned that its sales and
earnings for the second quarter would be lower than what analysts were expecting.

Overall sales were down 5% in the quarter, but that was largely due to
Target's sale of its in-store pharmacies to CVS.

Investors won't have to wait long for yet another reading on the health of consumers.
Walmart (WMT) will report its first quarter results on Thursday morning.
The numbers may not be pretty. Analysts are expecting a drop in revenue and
profits from a year ago.

***Keep in mind the income of the people going to Target vs Walmart also
Walmart is adapting to the situation. In poverty people only shop where they
can afford. It is a give in other stores will go down as shoppers start to go to