Tuesday, May 10, 2016


One might ask where did that Tomato go!!!
Well the point is there is something sort of not thought of,
a good use for those "Bad Tomatoes" to make power! 
And that is the best part the innovation really who would of came up 
with that? Wow!

~~~~~Your next alternative power source: Tomatoes

Every year, the state of Florida throws out nearly 400,000 tons of tomato waste.
The sludge is a mixture of damaged or worm-eaten tomatoes as well as unwanted
skin and seeds from processed products like ketchup. It goes into landfills where it
can produce dangerous methane gas, or ends up in waste water.

A group of researchers at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology has found a
way to treat the problematic waste and turn it into something useful: electricity.

How does a tomato become power? The researchers have developed a special
microbial fuel cell to process the waste and turn it into electricity. It uses bacteria to
break down the organic material in the tomato waste, oxidizing it and generating an
electrical charge. The process also neutralizes the waste so that it no longer emits
greenhouse gases.

As a waste water treatment or a renewable energy source, the concept wouldn't have
much appeal. But accomplishing both things at once could make tomato power a viable
option for agricultural communities like Immokalee, the tomato farming community in
Florida that produces the bulk of the state's tomato waste.