Saturday, April 4, 2015

In the world of low pay Bugaroo

There are cost worthy ways of living for getting away from it.
It's something from the 70's a Bugaroo!
It's like a dolphin with hat on and when you see one you will shit bricks.

It is a better option than a full price camper. I would say it would be better
for part time living on the side to get away from it!
It's does not have to be a Bugaroo I can see something like a Gypsy wagon on it,
or other relating things from way back then!

Not to necessarily make it backfire with a loud stereo playing
with a Gypsy type house on the back but for me would be a option when
driving by the Red-Lobster just to the fact it would be funny as hell!

It's just too far to say what to do the options are open.
So what are you going to do about your part time living?