Sunday, April 5, 2015

In the world of low pay Dandelion, Edible Plants

If you are having a hard time with your pay getting food or healthy foods
there are options, wild plants in your backyard or anywhere.
Yes many are edible. If you are broke just go driving around and pick up the food!

It's natures garden out there! Who needs those high priced foods just get
them yourself! This will be more needed than ever with the drought working
it's way around this year like they are talking about.
I am sure you see the need to get what food you can,
many plants take heat better than others.
This is something I would really think about!

Dandelion? Not sure if this is totally Gypsy or what but you can make
dandelion wine! The plant is the most useful of the bunch so next time
you mow leave them alone, you will need them down the road!

"What to look for: Stemless green leaves with single yellow flower
Where to find: Meadows, fields and grasslands throughout Canada
When to look: Before the flowers open, pick the leaves; in late fall,
harvest the roots Eating tips: Rinse leaves for use in salads or as wraps;
flowers can be used to make wine or jam; use roots to make tea
Goes well with: Other wild edibles, such as onion, garlic and leek."

"If you have ever eaten dandelions, then you know that the roots and leaves
are quite bitter. That flavor stems from the flavonoids that give the dandelion
such effective purifying and cleansing properties. Bitter flavor aside, the dandelion
may be one of the world’s most nutritious green vegetables.
It ranks among the best natural kidney and urinary tract cleansers and it is a
detox powerhouse. In fact, if you check the labels, you’ll see that most detox
formulas on the market use the dandelions toxin eliminating properties
in their products. It’s time to rethink our relationship with the lowly dandelion.
in an age where many are beginning to put forth the notion of lawns for food.
most of us already have an awesome ally and easy salad growing
whether we have a vegetable garden or not!"

Dandelion Lemon Tea
1 cup boiling water
1 teaspoon dried dandelion leaves
 lemon wedges for juice
1 teaspoon dried dandelion root
 raw honey to taste (optional)

Pour boiling water over herbs. Cover and let steep 3 minutes.
Stir and let steep another minute.

Dandelion Wine?

Cattail Typha latifolia? It's sort of like corn!

"Known as cattails or punks in North America and bullrush and reedmace in England,
the typha genus of plants is usually found near the edges of freshwater wetlands.
Cattails were a staple in the diet of many Native American tribes.
Most of a cattail is edible. You can boil or eat raw the rootstock, or rhizomes,
of the plant. The rootstock is usually found underground.
Make sure to wash off all the mud. The best part of the stem is near the bottom
where the plant is mainly white.
Either boil or eat the stem raw. Boil the leaves like you would spinach.
The corn dog-looking female flower spike can be broken off and eaten like
corn on the cob in the early summer when the plant is first developing.
It actually has a corn-like taste to it."

Wild Edible Plants in your Backyard!

Other is more info on what you might need to help what you might have!

Healing foods is better than Ramen!

What Happens Inside Your Stomach When You Eat Instant Noodles?

It's better to fix yourself with nature!

***But if like 7 billion people on earth all starts to go looking for food at the same time
it will be ok the world is bigger than 7 billion people!