Sunday, July 26, 2015

In a world of low pay, Insulation, Alcohol Stoves.

When living a home there are options to heat your house when living
with no power or not using power to save money. 
Like making a homemade wood stove, or fireplace. 

Even in a mobile home I see it as possible to make a fireplace.
They have them in wood log cabins why not on the side of your
mobile home? It's made out of wood also like a cabin! But that is my view!

But for apartments there has been no options... Well there is a few I came up with.
Like tacking building insulation to your cold walls, covered with floor plastic
then covered with old blankets etc to look a bit better.
Really anything to keep the insulation from getting on you and without being too flammable.
There are better types that won't make you itchy, you just have to look! 
It is only tacked on to the walls etc so it can easily be removed.
Like a padded room in a way but with insulation. Still cool I think!
The point is to keep warm not the looks. That was my plan I never got to do!

The point of this story was if I did that to my apartment it would not take 
much to heat the place up saving you massive money.

So what about the alcohol stove? The point that, fire and apartments don't mix.
You are better off using insulation being it's flame retardant.
And when it happens you burn the place down, it's a bad day to say 
sorry about all your stuff dudes! 

So keep the fire away from your apartment but in your car a wood stove might help!