Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Love Don't Lie, Anytime

In polyamory love don't lie. I know I don't have to hide it. I know my
love for a married lady is real as for me I am better because of her.
I am not going to hide it. I'm not like that anyway. In hiding I know
it will come up on it's own and bite. Why do it? If you like a personal hell
then hide if not let it out! This is the way I am!

Love is for the better of all. I just want to be loved and that is from
me making her viverent, supported, norm! In that I get the same as
she is supported!

Why married? I dated a lady that barfed on the first date and
took me to a gay bar. Dated in high school a ex-runaway / teen prostitute.
Had a soulmate in the 90's that I was too stupid to know to keep.
She is now gay! My old lady / EX wife I am with now is a old lady, 25
years older than me. And health wise not good as she has a few
years to her life. So any past issues is past issues with her.
For me it's best to date a married lady not because of the pain of the
past... Not pain it's just more like it's not in the same plane!
As if it was there we all would still be there. 

I love everyone but with me I found my plane a married lady.
I met her before I met her in 1996 in another town, ran in to her in the town I am
in now she almost ran me over once but I got on my knees to begged her to comeback.
She smiled and made a right turn. Ended up working with her, in the same building
and in the same room but she ended up quitting. So I am still here begging in a way!
There is a lot of love to beg a women that almost hit you with a car to come back!
I do love her and still beg to be taken home for that talk as I am for her best interest
for the better of her, she looses nothing... She's not crazy! Anytime!

This is a part of me pointing of my road pointing to being Poly to stop
the madness and love!

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