Monday, December 29, 2014

Hanging up on a bomb threat 4 times.

Yes I did in the 1990's hung up on a bomb threat four times
when I worked at the Marriott Hotel as a banquet server.

Thinking about it the guy was an American that called in the threat
and at that time the only one doing those things American was
the Unabomber! So I don't know, it fits my life experiences.
I'm the only man in history that hung up on the Unabomber? Would be funny!

The view of that back then was not to cater to some pervert that is probably
on the phone jacking off as he is telling me there is a bomb there.
What am I going to hold his $#%& for him. NO! Hang up on the bastard,
and I did. Four times! I am not going to cater to his every fantasy, that would
be like me holding his $#%& for him! It would make me bad as him!

He first called me in the morning, a busy time. I picked up the work phone,
and he told me there is a bomb there.
The first thing I thought of is a sick guy jacking off calling in a threat.
So I think I said "You sick bastard" and hung up on him.

He called back and started to yell at me, so I yelled back "Stop yelling at me"
and I hung up again.

Then a bit later he called back and calmly told me there is a bomb there
and I said "Ya I left a bomb in the bathroom and it didn't do me any good!"
and I hung up on him again. I was trying to put him off so he don't call back.

By then this guy working with me had been hearing what I have been saying
on the phone. "You sick bastard!" "Stop yelling at me!"
"Ya I left a bomb in the bathroom and it didn't do me any good!"
So that was really funny to hear so he asked me
"Dude who's calling you? LOL!" And I said "Ah just some bomb threat."
"WTF" and he took off back into the room we where working knowing
what I said on my end of the phone. AKA he got out of dodge!
He didn't know to take me serious or not but he figured it was BS,
it was funny to him that someone was bugging me
because it makes good gossip later.

The guy called again by then I was sick of his crap so I hung up
and put the phone off the hook.

All of that to me it was BS so it was out of my mind.
So when I took out the trash later that night after working
most of the day, I put the trash in compactor, hit it and
went back in as it was running. Going down the hall a bit there was
a loud boom sound and the swinging doors swung back and forth.
I just stood there looking at them "Like ok? What ever!"
There are booms a lot there being people put balloons in the
trash compactor a lot to get rid of them being the hotel
is in a fight path of the airport.

So after the doors swung I went back to work being we where
busy at the time. I really did not connect the bomb threat
and the boom at the trash compactor.
All we knew oh great the trash compactor is broke now.

And when they sent the guy over later in the week to fix it.
He only said we shouldn't over stuff it so much!

Life goes on! Rule of thumb always hang up on bomb threats
don't hold his $#%& for him! I really think people need to do that more
don't fall into their BS! Hang up!!!! It takes care of it's self in the end!

Or... You could sadly...

p.s. Many people hang up on people im not the only one!

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