Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sekhmet and Ptah, strange as it is

I knew something was up, when in summer school sometime in the 80's.
I made a pyramid and landscape out of colored paper in art class.
I was just working on it, like a "Go with the flow let the power be yours"
kind of thing. I made the pyramid white, not sand color like most did.
This was back when the kids in school didin't really know it
was white looking in the days and I made mine white
when others went with sand color.

I felt like there is something of value about me relating to the
times of the pyramid. Sort of a past life thing, something,
strangely relating. I mean Ptah kind of fits me being inventive,
making things better, better way of doing things.

"Ptah is the patron of craftsmanship, metalworking, carpenters,
shipbuilders, and sculpture. From the Middle Kingdom onwards,
he was one of five major Egyptian gods with Ra, Isis, Osiris and Amun."

Also strangely it kind of relates to my past life memory sort of, but not of!

"In Egyptian mythology, Ptah is the demiurge of Memphis, god of craftsmen
and architects. In the triad of Memphis, he is the spouse of Sekhmet and the
father of Nefertum. He was also regarded as the father of the sage Imhotep."

"Ptah is the Creator god par excellence:
He is considered the demiurge who existed before all things, and by his willfulness,  
thought the world. It was first conceived by Thought, and realized by the Word:  
Ptah conceives the world by the thought of his heart and gives life through 
the magic of his Word. That which Ptah commanded was created,
with which the constituents of nature, fauna, and flora, are contained."

"He also plays a role in the preservation of the world and the permanence of
the royal function. In the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty, the Nubian pharaoh Shabaka
would transcribe on a stela known as the Shabaka Stone, an old theological
document found in the archives of the library of the temple of the god at
Memphis. This document has been known as the Memphite Theology,
and shows the god Ptah, the god responsible for the creation of the
universe by thought and by the Word."

Don't know but the part of being a builder making things work better.
Give it redneck innovation relating to income but still it's there!

And the part about Sekhmet? I had a past girlfriend that was sort of like
that and she did like beer and tomato juice. Not putting anyone down,
but that had of been a past life connection or a red string of fate kind of thing.
It was strangle past connected. Strange things happen!

Things do get strange! I met her before I met her! That said a lot!

"In a myth about the end of Ra's rule on the earth, Ra sends Hathor or Sekhmet
to destroy mortals who conspired against him. In the myth, Sekhmet's blood-lust
was not quelled at the end of battle and led to her destroying almost all of humanity,
so Ra poured out beer dyed with red ochre or hematite so that it resembled blood.
Mistaking the beer for blood, she became so drunk that she gave up the slaughter
and returned peacefully to Ra."

"Sekhmet is another daughter of Ra. Sekhmet was depicted as a lioness or large cat,
and was an "eye of Ra", or an instrument of the sun god's vengeance.
In one myth, Sekhmet was so filled with rage that Ra was forced to turn her
into a cow so that she would not cause unnecessary harm.
In another myth, Ra fears that mankind is plotting against him and sends Hathor
(another daughter of Ra) to exterminate the human race.
In the morning Sekhmet goes to finish the job and drinks what appears to be blood.
It turns out to be red beer, and she is too intoxicated to finish the slaughter."

So really this story is about having sort of a past life experience.
Past lovers in another time, connected? 
Im not saying the ex was drunk on purpose or over aggressive.
It's just something about it all strangle relating, can't say it's not.
I accept her as she is a keeper!

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